3D Book Cover TemplateAs of today, May 22nd, 2015, my new book: The Invisible Organization has been published and is available on Amazon.com. Click HERE to order.

Some of you know that I have spent nearly 2 years writing this book, I threw away the first draft and restarted it with a completely different angle, one year into the project. As frustrating as that was, it was important that this book met my own standards for what I expected to write, now it does.

My hope is this book will allow CEOs to open new doors for themselves that were previously shut, awaken the spirit of middle management and rank-and-file staff when a revived, excited CEO announces a complete overhaul of the company’s work environment.

My vision to change the world starts with reducing the commute hours of working people, the wasted overhead of countless offices spending money on heat. A/C, electricity, insurance and real estate, transforming the lives of millions of working people and watching CEOs generate more profits as a result.

Are these goals too lofty for one single person, sitting alone with a laptop, dreaming of a future that seems so perfect? I believe we are capable of changing the way we work to integrate the best of our people and systems to reach a new level of productivity while enjoying the journey. Never before has a single overarching strategy existed that works for both the king and their kingdom.

When this book attracts clients, I will be able to create Version 2.0 of The Invisible Organization that will examine those companies who use the techniques to change the game for themselves.


Please read and review it. That’s what I need right now, great reviews to help me achieve my goal of Best Seller status.

So if you are inclined to visit: www.InvisibleOrganization.com and click the buy button, you may be in for a treat!


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