September 16, 2022

FTC Steve Gordon | Greatest Marketing

The Greatest (And Oldest) Marketing Idea: Building Referrals Through Books With Steve Gordon

A business only thrives when they are serving more people. And a good leader recognizes this. Our guest, Steve Gordon, is all too familiar with this. When he was a newly minted CEO at 28 years old, he took on the problem of finding a way to get new clients. This led him to discover the best practices and a secret weapon businesses can use to build relationships and multiply revenue by 10x. In this episode, he reveals the greatest marketing idea—and it’s not as new as we expect it to be. In fact, it is the oldest! Steve shares their referral process and the need to be able to take your expertise and package it in a way that is easy to share: a book. He lays out the formula for writing a book and marketing it, so you can reach people who need the solutions and transformations you offer and will, in turn, refer others to you. Thousands and thousands of people and corporations around the world have adopted Steve’s system. Join this conversation and see why!

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