August 5, 2022

FTC Richard | Effective Communication

From Employee To Employer And Leader: Harnessing Effective Communication With Richard Blank

Communication is key in every business, especially when done over the phone. If you are looking for ways to improve your communication skills and lock in those pitches, this is the podcast for you. In this episode, Richard Blank, CEO of Costa Rica’s Call Center, runs through the process of prospecting and how you can build your vocabulary, actively listen, use the right tone of voice, and match the pitch and mood of your client. And their importance in making sure that you don’t just have a productive and meaningful interaction but that your client walks away satisfied with your service and the company as a whole. He also shares insights on creating a culture that allows your team to build relationships, empowerment and drive ownership. Tune and learn how to identify telesigns that tell you the right time to ask your confirmation question and lock in that sale for the first 1000 clients and beyond.

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FTC Dave | Stress

Achieving Work-Life Balance As Entrepreneurs In A Stressful World With Dave Valentine

As an entrepreneur, you are no stranger to stress, anxiety, and burnout. From managing a business to dealing with personal issues, you constantly juggle multiple balls in the air. That said, finding a way to balance your life in a stressful world is important. And that is what Dave Valentine, Chief Executive Officer at Avadel Agency, shares with Mitch Russo today.

When Dave first established his company, he was also working an 8 to 5 as a business consultant, raising his first child with his lovely wife, and working into ungodly hours of the night to keep up. Through tenacity, sheer will, and the mental awakening that consistent sleep deprivation brings, Avadel grew into a 7-figure agency, and his well-being turned to garbage. This catalyzed the shift in his approach to life and business. Join Dave as he talks about how he freed himself from the stress of running multiple businesses. He is now helping hundreds of brands grow their business and bottom line by gaining massive returns from their marketing.

So here’s the deal. Dave will book three meetings for any listeners. All you need to do is to drop an email and mention this podcast in the email headline. You can email [email protected], and he will get you those three free meetings.

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