January 10, 2020

FTC 175| Keynote Speaking

175: Changing People And The World For The Better Through Keynote Speaking With James Malinchak

Your speaking skills can be an avenue for changing the hearts and minds of those who listen to your message and follow your advice. In today’s episode, Mitch Russo interviews motivational keynote speaker and business marketing consultant James Malinchak about his desire to help others in becoming successful in the real world through keynote speaking. James became a stockbroker after college but while doing so, he wrote his first book, From College To The Real World, which became a hit because he taught college kids to interview successfully for jobs. Today, he shares his TOMA or Top of Mind Awareness and 10-10-10 philosophy. Don’t miss today’s episode as James shares some marketing tips for speakers and salespersons and his dream to change the world one speaking engagement at a time.

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