July 12, 2019

FTC 150 | Understanding PR

150: Elevating To New Heights Through PR with Heather Burgett

Behind a great person is an even greater one who has the power to bring others to new heights. PR expert Heather Burgett of PR Stars is someone who has worked with and touched so many people that we all seem to know – from Steven Spielberg and Ed McMahon to Madonna and Federico Fellini. She has mastered the art of elevation, and in this episode, Mitch Russo brings her in to speak about her stories and how she takes others to new heights through PR. Diving deeper into the parts of PR, Heather gives a little master class on what a press tour and a press kit are and when you will need them. Join Heather in this discussion and learn not only the ins and outs of PR but the important lessons she got along the way.

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