February 8, 2019

FTC 132 | Limiting Beliefs

132: Conquering Limiting Beliefs: The Journey To IRONMAN with Karen Brown

Having been a child of the late ‘60s and growing up with two alcoholic parents, IRONMAN athlete Karen Brown was driven from a very early age. She had a real drive and will to succeed, the ability to never give up. For 28 years, it was her secret dream of competing in the IRONMAN World Championship. However, deep down, Karen had the underlying thought in the deep recesses of her unconscious mind that she was never enough. It was only after she discovered a mind hack, a powerful lever to access the unconscious mind, that she was able to conquer her own limiting beliefs and self-defeating action and finally went all in and pursued the IRONMAN, achieving her lifelong dream in just two years. She shares with us what she did, what those discoveries are, and how we, too, can apply them in our own life to achieve anything we want.

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