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191: Meant For More: The Process Of Changing Your Life With Lisa Sasevich

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Have you ever had that feeling that you are meant for more? So many people walk around without knowing their bigger purpose. In this episode, Mitch Russo’s guest, Lisa Sasevich, reminds us of how we can bring more abundance to our own lives and the lives of other people. Known by many as the Queen of Sales Conversion, Lisa has taught over 15,000 entrepreneurs how to sell without being pushy or salesy. She is also the author of Meant for More, a book that guides people into taking advantage of their unique skills. Today, she explains the formula for turning knowledge into profits, including making peace with sales and identifying your unique value. Tune in as Lisa reveals a gift at the end of the interview!

Meant For More: The Process Of Changing Your Life With Lisa Sasevich

We are here to support you by making sure you know what’s working in business and life. This episode is sponsored by VEA, the Virtual Entrepreneurs Association. This is an organization that has never been more important to all of us. It’s here to support us as we work from home with education tools, resources, community and discounts on all the things we already buy. I highly recommend that you check this out. They’re offering a free or low-cost 30-day trial and you get a book as well. It’s worth it. Go to the VEABusiness.com/mitch and take a look at everything they’re offering. Now, onto my guest and her incredible story. Tell me if you can relate to this. It’s Christmas Eve in 2005 and you are getting ready for a wonderful holiday with family and the phone rings. It’s your boss.

The call went something like this, “This is Mary. I’m sorry to inform you that you no longer have a job.” I know how you might be feeling hearing that at the other end of the phone. My guest was feeling about the same way you might, except the problem was she had a husband in medical school, two little kids run around the house, a mortgage and a car payment. Everything else that comes with the well-designed life, “Now what?” she says to herself over and over again. Fast forward, she’s known by many as The Queen of Sales Conversion. She has taught over 15,000 entrepreneurs how to sell without being pushy or salesy, generating over $40 million in revenue. Would you like to know how she did that? More importantly, would you like to know the secret of her Meant For More Formula that she’s evolved over thousands of stage presentations? Welcome, Lisa Sasevich, to the show.

Thank you. Mitch. I appreciate it. It is good to be here. I’m loving the opportunity to share and make a difference for people.

Lisa and I are old friends. We’ve known each other for quite a while. I have been a client of hers and studied her work and found it to be incredibly valuable to me and my business as well. Lisa, why don’t you take us back to the beginning? How did this all start for you? I alluded to this story about you being fired from your dream job. Tell us what happened around that time.

There are a couple of little corrections to the story, but the essence is there. The thing that is significant to the time at which we are having this conversation where the world is in an interesting place. We are in the middle of quarantine and people’s finances are in flux and many people are taking a hit. The time that I did get that phone call, that the company had changed directions and I was no longer a fit, it was at the beginning of the last recession we had. There are some familiarities with this time. There was a lot of uncertainty. I had a newborn. I had a three-year-old and my then-husband was studying to become a transplant heart surgeon, which he now is. We did that. We were sharing a car. We had a little apartment. I didn’t have a lot of luxuries I enjoy nowadays, not a nanny and barely a babysitter.

It was like, “What am I going to do?” We were gearing up to move to a town where I didn’t know anybody. I knew inside, there was a feeling that I had since I came to find out that many people walk around with knowing that I had a bigger purpose. Knowing that I made a difference in people’s lives. I made a difference in the companies I had worked for. The thing that I’ve come to see and I now call the Meant For More feeling. If you could take a minute and feel that in yourself, occasionally, something rises. A lot of times it’s right up in your chest and it’s a knowing that you could do and offer more. Your gifts could be seen more and you could bring more abundance to your own life and the lives of other people. I had that.

For many years, it was almost like a pain because when you have that feeling, but you can’t quite tell what it is and what your gifts are. Maybe you even have a sense, but you don’t know the steps to take like, “How do I unwrap these gifts? How can I share them and make a bigger difference? How cool if I could make money with my gift?” For me, I wanted to stop that double life where I was doing something 9:00 to 5:00 for money and doing things that felt good and made a difference in and used my best skills, talents, and knowledge on nights and weekends. I wanted it to be all integrated. I decided to use that a punch in the gut, being fired. Have you ever worked for a company where you loved it so much it felt like your own?

That’s how it was where I used to work. I thought I’m going to use this as a chance to figure out my own thing. What is my gift? Why is it that every time I work for a big company, I win the sales awards? Why is it that since I was a little girl selling Girl Scout cookies, I won awards? Why is it that anytime I have a person that starts a new company or gets into a multilevel or a direct sales organization, they always come to me to ask if they could pick my brain for a little help? There’s got to be a pony in there somewhere. I went on the quest to discover what I call my unique value. I’ve come to see after helping over 15,000 people in 134 countries to discover their unique value and turn it into what I call an irresistible offer.

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How do you figure out what you are uniquely designed for and help more people with it? If you want to, how can you turn it into an offer that you could make money with as well? I’ve been doing that for quite some time. Getting fired was the hardest and most painful thing that ever happened to me aside from the death of my mom when she was 48 and I was 19. On top of that, it was the biggest blessing that ever happened because it sent me into the dark night of the soul and into my quest to figure this out for myself. Now, figuring it out for myself, I’ve been able to help many people. I’ve distilled down looking in my rearview mirror, “What were the steps I walked through and have done it in a way that other people could walk through those steps too?”

Lisa, we’re going to get to those steps. What I want to ask is this, many of us have had that feeling, the I’m Meant For More feeling, I have a gift feeling. Many of us, readers as well as me in my past, I was afraid to take that first step. I didn’t know what that first step would do to me. I didn’t know how I would survive it in a way at the time and getting fired burned the boats for you. At that point, you didn’t have a whole lot of choices. You probably could have gone and looked for another job, but you used it. You were in a position where somehow a switch flipped and said, “This is going to be the impetus for me to move my life forward.” What do we say to the people who are having this feeling and don’t quite know what to do with it?

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to go through the thousands of dollars that I spent trying to do different courses, coaches and mentorship. Those are all great things and I highly recommend courses, coaching and mentorship, but what if there’s a path? I have found this and I’ve come to believe that this is my truth, that for anything that I’m struggling with, I don’t have to figure it out myself. With all the gazillions of people on the planet, someone before me has figured it out. If I can find a path and if I pay attention to what I’ll call divine appointments, maybe it’s us right here, right now. You are reading this and Mitch brought us together.

At this time, when you need it most, there’s a woman on the line saying, “There are some steps you can take. You don’t have to figure it out by yourself.” Trial and error is not a plan, but finding someone who has walked the path and saying, “What were the steps you took? Let me walk down that path with guidance.” That is what I found along the way and what I’m offering in my new book, Meant For More, “If you’re having that feeling in your career, in that situation, try these steps.” The good news is that it’s been several years and we’ve done over $40 million of sales and service from my home. The kids are teens. He’s a heart surgeon. It all worked out. You are not my test rats.

Let’s go back a step and tell me about the moment in time when you decided to make that first presentation, where you finally had come up with what you thought of is your content and you went out there for the first time. I love the story you tell. If you wouldn’t mind telling it again and I know you know what story I’m talking about.

I have a feeling you’re talking about the story of me getting out there for the first time with my own thing. For many of us, we’ve worked for companies or other people. We can put all our heart and soul into that offer. When it’s our own thing, it’s more vulnerable. It relates perfectly to the first step in the five steps of the Meant for More Formula. I’ll tell you the step and the story and tie them together. The first step is making peace with sales. This is an important step because most of the people that go on the Meant for More journey would not consider themselves salespeople, ever had any interest in sales or anything to do with it.

A lot of the people were teachers or they were in health and wellness, or teaching spirituality or finance. You wouldn’t see themselves as needing to make peace with sales. For me, the first time I got out there, what I was starting to sniff out is my unique value. I knew I had some value around making the offer, whether I was personally excited about something that I wanted other people to check out, a product, a service or anything. I’ve never been shied to call you up and say, “Mitch, you’ve got to enroll for this course, try this product, buy this thing or join this organization.” If it can transform someone’s lives, I’m not shy about offering it up.

FTC 196 | Meant For More
Meant for More: The Proven Formula to Turn Your Knowledge into Profits

The first time I got out there with something that was my offer on how to be good at making offers, I decided to go out. I was invited to speak to a small women’s group when we were in Tucson, Arizona. Michael was in fellowship there. We didn’t know anybody. I had to get a neighbor to watch my kids so I could run out at noon and do this thing they call lunch and learn. I went out to speak about my own thing. How do you make offers that are irresistible? That’s what I realized I was doing and all the companies I had worked for, they made me successful. I went out there with these newly discovered unique value and I had to make peace with sales.

The thing about making peace with sales, this is all right out of the first chapter of the book, is that the first person you have to sell is yourself. This isn’t even about getting to the place of making offers to others, yet. The first person I had to sell was myself. That this thing that many people would always come to me to have value, that other people would be interested. I could speak to a small group and share what I learned that they wouldn’t laugh and run away. I remember showing up to share and being in the back of the Olive Garden Restaurant in Tucson. There are a lot of little lunch and learns that happen there. It’s one of those rooms that have three real walls and an accordion door like the fourth wall that slides across.

I’m speaking to this group sharing what I know about how to make an offer that’s irresistible? I could hear the people eating in the restaurant behind me. I had spoken and done presentations for Pfizer, Hewlett-Packard, and for all the big companies I’ve worked for. The first time I got out there to talk about my own thing, my unique value, I made the mistake of wearing a silk blouse and my hands were visibly shaking. I had sweat rings down to my waist. It was not pretty. I was nervous. I realized that making an offer for our health, work, knowledge, expertise and coaching is different than selling a printer or selling a pharmaceutical. The level at which they accept or reject the information felt personal. I learned a lot and that’s what I’ve been gone on to help people with is, “How do you sell yourself and claim your value? How do you make peace with that your offer makes a difference? That it’s a disservice for you to not make your offer, to have that feeling and not unwrap your gifts.”

We call that a moral obligation. One of the things I used to tell my salespeople is, “If you believe what you are selling is going to help the people who buy it, in your heart, you truly believe that, then you have a moral obligation to close that sale.”

Jay Abraham said those words and we all agree. My version is, it’s a disservice not to make your offer. It’s a disservice in a few ways. It’s a disservice to the people who need you. If you’ve lost weight and kept it off and your friends want to know-how, it’s a disservice not to organize what you did into a system that they could follow and make them the offer to whether a kindness of your heart or an actual something where you create income. A girlfriend of mine told me she’s making $2,500 a week learning how to play options. She’s figured something out that could help other people with. It’s a disservice to people you could help, but it’s also a disservice to you because the longer you go around letting people pick your brain and giving it away for free, they don’t have much skin in the game. They don’t do anything with your help. It starts to reinforce that, “Maybe this doesn’t have that much value because I’m sharing it and no one’s doing anything with it.” It creates this detrimental cycle to your own claiming of your own value.

What happened at the Olive Garden at the end of the presentation? Did anybody buy?

I taught about how to make an offer and then I did what I taught so I could demonstrate it. I made them an offer for some coaching on how they could spend an hour with me for a few hundred dollars and we would look at their business and their irresistible offer. To my surprise, I made thousands of dollars. It was funny because I didn’t have the guidance that I give to people. I didn’t even know. I couldn’t even take a credit card. Many years ago, people had checks and cash. Nowadays, if you don’t have Apple Pay or a credit card or Venmo, you’re in trouble. I got my first clients and I fell in love with being able to make my offer to more than one person at a time.

You figured there were 30 people, 5 said yes. I realized, “This is all I want to do. I want to go out and share what I know, give some immediate teachings, make a difference for 30 people and then take the 5 or 6 with me that want for their work. It was about $300 to spend the hour phone call where I could help you with your offers. It was six people because I remember I made $1,800. My Jewish lucky number, eighteen. I went home and before I went home to the kids, I paid the rent and the overdue utility bill and went to the grocery store. I came home and the subsequent days, I did those six coaching calls. I tried to start figuring out, “What if I could do a talk like this once a week? $1,800 a week.” I couldn’t believe it when I did the math.

That was $100,000 a year speaking once a week and then serving five people. That started me on my path. We became the brand holders for a program that you are a graduate and many amazing people who make a difference in the world are graduates of called Speak-to-Sell. It’s our brand and our flagship program has gone on. In the Meant For More book, I’m reaching back and saying, “We’ve taught all these people how to get out there with their offer. Let me reach back and help you figure out what your offer is.” The tagline, “Meant For More,” is the proven formula to turn your knowledge into profits.

That’s more important than ever before. Readers, we are talking to the amazing Lisa Sasevich and she is about to go deep into the entire Meant For More process. Lisa, let’s get into the work itself. Tell us about the Meant For More process. Tell us about the book. If I had that book, how would it change my life?

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That’s one of the fun things that they’re going to see when they go to your website is they can have that book. It’ll be fun to share that with you and a little bit of how you could be listening to the entire audiobook, letting me whisper in your ear the amazing stories and the amazing power and steps of the formula. The context here is that this is the proven formula to turn your knowledge into profits, to take what you know, your expertise or that thing you’ve become good at over time or something you’ve learned maybe from your punch in the gut. Maybe you had a horrible health diagnosis and you’re not a medical professional, but you figured some things out that changed your life and you want to help other people with that.

Maybe you took a financial hit. I know many people that through their financial hits, bankruptcy’s, short sales, learned some things that they’re teaching others how to overcome and thrive with. There are many of you that have gone through spiritual awakenings and connections and would love to show other people how to have that life of peace and freedom that you found. In the relationship space, you may have gone through it and now you’re like, “With parenting, with relationships, with leadership,” whatever it is that you become good at, there are people who would love to learn from you. That’s what the formula is for. It is like, “How can you take what you know, what you’ve learned, both from formal education and the school of hard knocks and put it together in a way that you could make a difference and make money doing it?”

There are five steps that are outlined in the Meant For More book by Lisa Sasevich. The first step we talked about, which is making peace with sales as I had to do to stand up there and do some teaching and make my offer. I think we’ve covered that one pretty well. It’s going to help you if you’re that person that’s like, “I love what I do. I want to make a difference, but the sales part.” It has some tangible exercises of taking inventory on, “Where did you get that yucked-out version of what you think sales is and what if you could transform that into realizing, ‘This is how I make the difference I want to make. This is how I walk the world with feeling fulfillment?’” The thing I want to dive into is the second step in the Meant For More Formula, which is, “What is your unique value in the first place?” If you make peace with it, you have value and you’re ready to claim it, which there’s no time better than right now.

People need your gifts more than ever. How do you go about figuring out what is your unique value? I like to call it your million-dollar value. There are some steps that you’re going to go through in the exercises in Meant For More. It’s not a passive read. There are a dozen exercises in there to help you do this, it’s more than soul-searching, it’s real tangible looking. You’re going to look at some things like, “What are some areas of your life that are easy for you but hard for others?” What are those places that Robert Allen, another bestselling author, a friend of mine, likes to call it your piece of cake? You look and you see the obvious, but other people are baffled. The reason we want to uncover these when we start to look for your million-dollar value, your unique value is that you can get paid the most for those things that come the easiest to you.

That’s a great way of putting it. The other thing I was going to mention to you is that there are times when you may in your life want to build a business and you don’t know what that gift is. The process of looking for it might be exactly what you need to find it. I think that’s what you’re saying.

I also want to speak to the two other possibilities where you could be. Some of you have a successful way of helping people in business, service and going through the Meant For More process is about taking the next cut so that you stand out among the hundreds of thousands of health professionals. How can you stand out from hundreds of thousands of financial services professionals? What is the unique piece that you bring to the table? Whether you’re new on the path or you’ve already got something and you’re rocking it, but you know that there’s a next cut you could take, the exercises will do magic for you either way.

I wanted to ask in particular, given the times that we’re in with the virus being what it is and how it’s affected many lives. Even your life because your entire original position was on stage, here you are impacted by not being able to have access to stages, all of a sudden. How would someone who’s in a similar position use the material in the book to find out what it is they need to do to pivot now that we are in this particular environment?

Jumping ahead from step two, Discover Your Unique Value, all the way to step four, which is called Invite Pursuit with an Irresistible Offer. Later in the process, we show you how to take what you discovered as your unique value and turn it into an offer that people will thank you for. In my case, I’ve been teaching people to speak-to-sell both live and virtually. I’m a pioneer in the online marketing space, taking the speak-to-sell talk so many of our clients have built and use it as your virtual talk. My clients are getting more booked than ever before because there are more people in front of their computer ready to learn and taking that Speak-To-Sell talk virtual, which is called a webinar, a video or a Facebook Live.

FTC 196 | Meant For More
Meant For More: The first person you have to sell is yourself.


Any of those ways that you could get online and open your mouth and teach and then make an offer. We’re finding our clients to be triple booked these days and that all comes from the teachings that we share in step four, which is, Invite Pursuit with an Irresistible Offer. For my pivot, as an example, the talk that I have given for many years, the same one I gave at the Olive Garden that I’ve done is called Boost Sales Using Irresistible Offers. The teaching from that talk is right in the Meant For More book under step four, under the Irresistible Offers. That talk with a slight pivot, actually using one of the exercises in the Irresistible Offer chapter called Offer Communication. I went into that exercise to look at, “How do I need to communicate my offer?

I simply saw that it was a matter of the talk being virtual. Instead of boost sales using irresistible offers, I’m booked solid talking about, “How to make your virtual offer irresistible?” It’s a lot of the same principles so it’s not even the talk has changed that much. It’s just hot because people are trying to figure out, “How do I make my offer online?” and they’re listening newly. It’s bringing me a whole new market of people I can help and I’m excited about it. We jumped a little bit ahead and that’s okay. It’s all in there and you’ll be walked through and you get the book, step-by-step in order. There are people in different places.

Some people are going to get so much value out of the next cut at their unique value and then be able to crank up their sales conversion with what we teach on the irresistible offer. Others, if the book is going to have more heavily weighted on the idea of claiming your value, making peace with sales, and then claiming your unique value. Life is not coming to us in perfect order. We can acknowledge that, but the steps in the Meant For More will. I feel like it’s important to put this in. You’re going to see and be able to get our Discover Your Unique Value Mini-Course, which is going to help me with the things I’m sharing about.

You’re also going to see a link to go ahead and get the book Meant For More. When you do that, you get about $1,000 of training with me. It’ll include the Discover Your Unique Value Mini-Course. What’s important is we are also giving the audiobook free when you buy the physical book. This is never done. The audiobook usually comes out about a month later and then you pay for it, but because my publisher, Hay House, and I were like, “They need it now.” I’m like, “I want you to be able to go from this blog to buy the book to listen to the rest of the book.” If you have the time, I don’t want anything in your way, whether Amazon’s shipping essentials or shipping everything. It doesn’t matter. All of this is at your access. If you’re here, for me, I consider it a divine appointment. If you’ve been looking for a plan, here’s the plan. This is the plan.

Lisa, we are at that point in the show where I love to pivot into a place where we get to know you a little bit better. The way we do that is with a couple of what I call interesting questions. Think about it and tell us what comes to mind. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

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I knew exactly when you started in on that question, who popped into my mind, that was my mom. Her name was Ayna. As I mentioned, she passed away at a young age of 48 years old. It’s been a trip these last few years to outlive her. If I could have a walk in the park with her, I would want to share with her all of the amazing things that are happening in my life because of her life. One of the things I shared early in the book is that when I was nineteen and I was in college in San Diego. She was a single mom living in Los Angeles. She is trying to get by with me and my younger brother working in a cubicle in a big aerospace company with no window. When I got that phone call that she had been diagnosed with lung cancer, it was the shock of my life. It was only ten months later that I was driving home from college to be the one to take her out of the hospital and bring her to our little modest home in the San Fernando Valley into her big bed where we cuddled up. I held her in my arms as she took her last breath.

A couple of days later, when family and friends came around and we had a little memorial and celebration of life in our little backyard with a little patch of grass that we had, I remember walking around from group to group feeling awkward people know what to say to me. I remember hearing what they were saying about her. It was this constant echo of the same words, “Ayna, if only she would have gone out and done her own thing. She was so great. She has such a big heart. If only she could have had the courage to get out of that cubicle, she should have used those gifts in a bigger way.” All I heard that day was woulda, coulda, shoulda. That’s where my decision got made to pursue what were my gifts so that that wasn’t was being said at the end of my days. I would love to walk in the park and share with her that in her name, and because of her work to support us that I took that gift.

I’m a mini version of her who took that gift. I feel like every single person her, me, you, everybody reading, here’s what I’ve come to know. Every single person is sitting on a gold mine. The only difference between who mines the golds and who doesn’t is, who decides? It’s a decision. You’re a decision away from taking the steps and mining the gold that is there already. You already have everything you need. You don’t need more education, certification or this or that. This is about how to turn what you already know into making a difference and making money with it if you so choose. I want to tell my mom how it turned out. I want to share how my daughter is a mini one of us and already making a book and making peace with sales and figuring out her unique value. If you’ve got a college student home, get two books, one for you, one for them. This is a great conversation to be having around the family table. I wanted to share with her how the gift of her life, her legacy has gone on.

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That’s a beautiful story. I’m sure she was an amazing woman. This is why, particularly, your work is important. It gives us a chance to take advantage of this moment in time. As you know, this is a more special moment than many others because of this virus and of what we’re going through. We have a choice. We can squander this moment and stream Netflix until our brains go dead, or we can invest a few pennies and buy a book. Let that book be the pathway to our future. That’s the book that you’ve written, Lisa, which I believe is going to be the pathway to many people’s futures.

From your mouth to God’s ears, Mitch Russo.

It’s going to happen. I promise.

We were proud to have hit number one in new releases. Now that people are listening and reading, we are seeing amazing blessings happening for people. I want that for everyone here. I hope you’ll join us. I hope to see you at our campuses.

Lisa, the last question is called the grand finale. It’s the change the world question. What is it that you were doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to change the world?

I believe that helping people to make the decision. That is what each one of us can do to change the world. That’s my work and that’s what I’m doing here. That’s what it will be happening for you throughout our Meant For More journey together is that all transformation is preceded by a decision. I want you to look at your life as you read that. Anytime you’ve had a big transformation, a big change, a big outcome somewhere, even if it was for a snap second, you made a choice. You can make the choice to start on the path of unfolding your Meant For More journey. You can also choose not to. That’s a decision that also changes the trajectory of your life. For me, bringing people to that decision, inspiring that decision and also what we teach in Meant For More is teaching you how to bring the people who need your gift to a decision. This is exponential when you know how to make an irresistible offer, then you know how to bring people to a decision, which means you become an agent of change and transformation. That’s my pebble in the pond.

I wanted to make a point here. It’s not going to change Lisa’s life whether you buy her book or not. Book sales generally don’t make money. Lisa has written this from her heart and I know her. She has written this from a place of giving back after all of the incredible value she’s given to this world. She’s been rewarded. She’s in a place in her life where she has chosen to spend her life helping others up that ladder. That’s why you’re here, reading and that’s why you are with us as we have gone through this incredible interview. Go out there and take action. As I have mentioned, Lisa would talk about the free gift. You already did mention some of what you were saying of what people will get. If you go and click on the link for the book, you will also get the audiobook for free at the same time.

When they click on the link for the book, they’re going to see all the different booksellers that you love, that you can buy the book from. You have to bring your order number to that page and enter your name, email and order number so that we can then email you access to our Online Business Academy. In there, we are giving this time the audiobook free, the complete audiobook. You can listen from your favorite audio platform. You’re going to get our $500 Discover Your Unique Value Course, which is a video and worksheet of me helping you to figure out what is your gift. If you’ve been struggling with trying to find your purpose, maybe take this other door. Consider the unique value of the side door and you may get to your purpose in this different way.

There’s also going to be a series of a 30-day of support, where we walk you through the Meant For More process. You’ll have your book as your guide and there’ll be coaching calls with me and our community. I’m here to give you what you need to take the steps to use this time to change your life forever and make a difference for yourself, your family and the people in organizations that you care about. It all starts there getting the book and then entering your order number on that page. You’ll see the link there, scroll down and see the form. You’ve got to check your email, so we can give you access to our Online Business Academy where all of those goodies live for you. You don’t have to be technical. I’m not. It’s easy to do.

FTC 196 | Meant For More
Meant For More: Your unique value is that you can get paid the most for the things that come the easiest to you.


Lisa, that is such a great offer. I’m sure that many people are going to take advantage of it. I also wanted to say thank you. Spending time with you always does make my day. Here we are, you have added so much to my life and I hope to many others as well. Thank you for being with me and for sharing your wisdom. Readers, take advantage of this incredible offer. It won’t be around forever.

Thank you for the work that you’re doing and highlighting the work of people, who care the way that you do. I appreciate it.

It is my pleasure.

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Get a copy of Mitch Russo’s new book:

Power Tribes

Learn how to build your own tribe that automatically helps you grow your business.


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