168: Neimology Science: Analyzing Your Name With Sharon Lynn Wyeth


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When you know a person’s name, then you’ll know how a person thinks and behaves. Sharon Lynn Wyeth is a name expert and the Founder and Creator of Neimology Science. In this episode, learn how Sharon analyzes the essence of who you are with your name. She talks about knowing an individual’s personality traits by utilizing the letters in their name and how it relates to building a business. She also dives into the importance of your brand name and product name to determine its influence and how it will create an impact in the marketplace.

Neimology Science: Analyzing Your Name With Sharon Lynn Wyeth

I am so glad you are here with me. We have a very special guest who has an account and ability that you probably never heard of, but they guarantee you’ve never heard of this and she is going to rock your world, so strap in, sit down, and get ready for an incredible episode. Before I introduce her to you, I want to remind you that this show is now a two-way conversation. You can talk back to me anytime you want, simply go to YourFirstThousandClients.com and click on the Speak to Mitch button which is on every show episode. This will record your voice and deliver that message directly to me. If you don’t use too many curse words and are nice, I will reply with my voice as well. Go ahead and give it a try and make them interesting questions please because I don’t want to be bored and neither do you. Now, onto the show.

Our guest is a name expert. What is a name expert you ask? It turns out that she can analyze the essence of who you are simply with your name. Does it sound ridiculous? Maybe it is. You be the judge as her amazing abilities will be revealed in this episode. She is the Founder and Creator of Neimology Science which is the ability to know an individual’s personality traits by utilizing the letters in their name. Why would I bring her on as a guest to a show about building a business? If you had some of her skills, you could avoid serious hiring mistakes, match people with small personalities to work together and even determine how the name of your products will influence how they will sell in the marketplace. She has developed the science over the past three decades and her work rings true within ten accuracies but stay right here and find out for yourself. Welcome, Sharon Lynn Wyeth, to the show.

Hello, Mitch. I love your name Mitchell because it says that you are an awesome writer and we find that in the double L. Anybody that has two L’s next to each other in their name, that means that what they write we all want to listen to, we all want to read, we all want to know however it is that they put it down because it captures our interest.

There’s a first quick intro of what Sharon is capable of. Sharon, before you get into the tech itself which I’m dying to hear more about, I’d like for you to tell me how this all got started. Where were you before all of this happened? How did this all evolve for you?

I was at the beginning of my seventh year at teaching math and I had 150 names of the students I would be teaching. I started going through it and my brain was saying, “Don’t put Joshua next to Julie because together they’re going to do fluff and be clowns, but separated, they will be okay. Stephanie is going to be stubborn, put her over on the side. Derek is going to need extra help, put him up close.” It took me until I started my fourth class that all of a sudden I went, “I don’t know these kids?” This is what I do once I get to know them. I thought, “My brain has picked up something,” and so I’m curious, so I went back and I wrote down my impression of every child based on their name because that is all I had, and I put it away to winter break.

I want to get to know the kids for who they are. When I ran that during the winter break, I went, “This is so accurate.” My brain is thoroughly trained in patterns because I was a math major in college and I have a Master’s. I thought, “The brain picked up something. How do I make the unconscious conscious?” That took me several years and it’s a boring story. It got tested when I figured out all the patterns and over 70 countries over the next few years once I was done and that’s how it all started.

You happened to notice that you had perceived qualities in kids before you knew them. That’s what led you to try to basically systematize this process in your own mind so that you could use it and maybe even for your own purposes at that time.

Yes, and I was very shy the first few years of teaching I memorized every day what I wanted to say the next day because I knew I had a gift on how I explained math, but I was so shy I didn’t want to get up in front of the kids. I wanted to share math. I look at this as if I could figure out how to know somebody before I knew them, then I would see where the trigger points were and if I was safe or not, then that would correspond to how I sat the kids in the sitting charts to make sure they were safe.

In essence, you were doing this as a safety mechanism. You didn’t want to be maybe even embarrassed by not knowing their names or not knowing their characteristics. This gave you a feeling of safety, would that be accurate?

I always felt safe with the kids and I realized that they were never going to ask me a maths question I didn’t know, however, I didn’t feel safe with other adults always because of my own childhood. It was very important to me as I started seeing the patterns that I could use to help these children that were in my classroom feel safe so that I wouldn’t sit them next to the wrong person.

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This was all intuitive, you didn’t know that information at first, but you had this intuitive sense and then later you checked to see if it was accurate. Once you realized it was accurate, take me through your thinking process of, “This is accurate. Am I psychic? Is there some science behind this?” How did you figure that part out?

I automatically went to the scientific method that we’ve been taught. There were eight David’s in my life at that time so I wrote all the David’s across the top. I made a chart and I started saying, “What have I observed about this David? What about that one?” and I made this long list of adverbs and adjectives about every David and then I said, “What do they have in common? It’s got to land in the name David. What do they not have in common? It’s got to come from the middle name or the last name.” That’s how I started.

Because I knew a tremendous amount of people and it was already the beginning of my seventh year of teaching. I had 150 kids every day every year and then I also had 180 kids in college of the year because I had two semesters of teaching three classes and 30 kids each. I had a lot of data or I knew a lot of people and so I started making these charts and looking for patterns. I became un-shy because I was so curious, I go up to everybody, “Do you know anybody that has these patterns in their name? Would you say they are like this or would you say they are like that?”

This is making a lot more sense. I think I understand what happened, but that curiosity yet coupled with your intuitiveness and your scientific approach probably gave you some hints that there might have been a system here that you could use that it wasn’t entirely intuitive.

Exactly. I started meditating when I was eighteen. When I was doing meditation, I would get these ideas like, “Have you looked at this? Have you considered that?” and then I would write it down and I would look at that also. My approach was scientific, but through meditation, my brain’s approach was more intuitive.

I’m very avid in regular meditative as well. I meditated every single day, but I’d like to hear a little bit more about that from you. Is this still something that you do every day and if so, tell me why?

The answer is yes, I rarely miss the meditation and if I do miss a day then I tell myself I had to do twice as long the next day, I had to make up for it. The reason I do it is that I feel like the way to connect with the other side of us because we are more than our physical bodies. I believe it clears out any garbage that might happen during the day before it happens. I do it every morning so that you’re starting the day with a clear head, a calm disposition, and you’re ready to go and be appreciative of life. I had some strange experiences meditating like the time I was meditating and I saw this person come into my meditation and then it was like I was flying with him over this large vast area and it was a huge celebration, like a party, and it looked like it was in India. It was strange.

I called my friend who had traveled throughout India and I said, “This is what I saw, can you make any sense of this?” and she said, “That’s Ababa’s compound and it’s his birthday today and that’s his way of inviting you.” I went and spent a month in India at the Ashram. I had some strange experiences because of my meditation and I think when you meditate on a regular basis, the universe’s way of saying if we need to drop in thought or give an idea or an invitation, you are now giving us the time. Because now you’re listening instead of always talking which is what we do when we pray.

Readers, this is my secret weapon here and the reason I wanted to hear more from Sharon about how she uses it is that it is so powerful in my life. It has become such a source of inspiration and a force of nature for me that I wanted to show you how valuable it is to so many people, Sharon, thank you for sharing that, it is very important to people to know about this. Once you’ve figured out that maybe this is a science, it’s not my intuition, what did you start to document? How many of the ideas in the process as it evolved?

FTC 169 | Analyzing Your Name
Analyzing Your Name: Your first name represents the essence of who you are. Your middle name shows how you will for a change when you’re in distress. The last name represents your environmental influence.


I was taking note of individual names because that’s what I was comparing, then I started noticing that like you would have something in your name that meant the same thing as this person over here, but you didn’t have common letters. I realized there’s got to be more than one way of saying something. We all don’t need the same letter in the same place, then I would be asking people because I am thinking, “They have this letter in this position,” and their aim are they like this and go, “No,” and I think, “How come?” because I thought that was that letter was, and so I started to realize that where the letter sits in the name makes a difference to its interpretation. In actuality, you learn the alphabet three times, first letter position, last letter position, middle letter position, then you also need to learn the first vowel position so it made a difference. As I kept asking questions and looking for the patterns, I started seeing more overlaps like your first vowel of an I might be in somebody else’s name that is totally different from yours, but also has the first vowel of an I.

I’m starting to understand that you have a very carefully planned orchestrated way of doing this. Tell me this, readers might be thinking, “This sounds a little hokey to me because names are random.” In other words, my mom chose to name me Mitch. Why? It’s because I had an M relative who she wanted to name me after. How could my name have anything to do with it? Who I am or what I am or my personality? How in fact does that even make sense?

There is a scientific answer and a religious answer. Dr. Eugene Whitworth who spoke eight ancient languages did a lot of studying. At one time in one of his books, he wrote that at the beginning there were seven major religions in the world and that they multiply and divided and everybody made up their own. When there was only seven, he said that they all had ten common ideas that they all agreed upon that they all knew, and one of those ideas was the incoming soul and presses upon the person that’s going to be naming them what they wanted to be called, so in essence for naming ourselves.

Scientifically, there are two things, there is bioacoustics and there is semantics. Semantics says that we morph and our DNA changes depending on what we most identify with. Mitch, if I say, “Who are you?” you answer with your name as if that says it all and indeed it does once you know Neimology Science. That’s what you are identifying with the most. Semantics has shown that our DNA will change to match that. On the other hand, Jerry Edwards who was the scientist of the year in 2002 discovered bioacoustics. He developed that and he says by the sounds that we hear, which are the vibrations, our DNA matches vibrations that we identify with. Every sound that we make causes vibration and therefore our body physiology is matching that vibration, we are our name.

Are we our full given name or are we the name that we go by?

I love that question. Your birth name, whatever is on your birth certificate is the blueprint for this lifetime and it literally is the timing and your personality and the first name represents the essence of who you are. If you have a middle name, it shows how you will for a change when you’re in distress and the last name represents your environmental influence. In my system, you drop the first name and the middle if they have one into the environment of the last name to see how somebody is going to react to think who they are.

Readers, I imagine that you are starting to see how this isn’t potentially a science here and the question is most entrepreneurs would ask, “How do we use this?” Let’s get deeper into my name as an example. You’ve already done this with me when we were live together at the New Media Summit and I was fascinated by your demonstration, but still it’s a bit woo-woo until this conversation. It helps me see that it’s maybe more than intuition than in one case a made-up science because that’s what I thought when I heard it and I’m from New York, I’m pretty skeptical anyway.

My dad is a physician and then he ended up naming the science which I think is ironic.

Let’s take a look at my name. Readers, you probably don’t know my full name and I prefer whoever meets me that you don’t call me by it because only my mother calls me Mitchell. Everyone else calls me Mitch. My middle name is Alan and it’s spelled differently. In fact, Alan is a name that could be spelled I think four different ways, and we spell it Alan. That’s what is on my birth certificate, so Mitchell Alan Russo. Readers, if you know me, Sharon is about to describe who I am. Sharon, are you ready?

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I’m absolutely ready. Your name basically says that you are very good at manifesting what you want, you are able to manifest those things that you desire that it is important for you to be included by others and that you include others also. That if somebody is going to buy a gift that is very nice if you have a list because you want them to get you something that you’ve said that you wanted. If I was going to buy you a gift I would say, “Mitch, what would you like? What size? What color?” because the more detailed you are and then when I get you exactly what you want, that’s how you know that you’re loved. That’s one of the ways.

You need to stay athletic and able to stay healthy. You occasionally do things the hard way because it helps your memory to remind how you did it last time so that you will remember so you can do it differently and adjust it this time. You are able to see things from other people’s points of view even when you disagree with them. You have this great writing gift. You also have gained self-confidence every year that you are older. You seem to gain more and more self-confidence as you age.

When you are in distress, you have a tendency to become a workaholic. It’s like work until you absolutely drop and then it’s like, “I don’t even want to get up. If somebody else will go to the bathroom for me, I would appreciate it.” You want to make the world a better place so that your underlying desire to get out there and do that constantly. When you were growing up, your parents want to know everything about you. They were not gossips, but they were very interested in knowing who you are going to be with, where are you going to be, what you are going to be doing because they needed to know to feel good about their kids were coming the right way. They also stress the truth and you had to learn right away that liars don’t count, we don’t do anything with them, they are not worth our time and effort because the truth is what’s important.

They also had a great sense of humor and they had some fun, so you learned to play at the same time and to develop your humor because in the rest of your name you have no sense of humor. You have a receptive letter that says, “If somebody else starts the humor, I’m able to receive it and add to it,” so you got that started with your parents. You also have in your name that people remember you. It’s like even if you talk with them for only five minutes, you will make some kind of impression on them that they will actually remember you.

The other thing is that you can learn from anybody, but you don’t have the patience to get the answer when you are learning something new, ones you don’t know something. You want the teacher right there next to you so that you can ask a question quickly and get the answer, but the minute you know the foundation, you don’t want to be micromanaged and you’ve got it and so like, “Please go away. Go help somebody else, I got it. You’re good, now you’re sitting too close.”

Readers, she is dead accurate. That is unbelievable. Sharon, I know that you do this intuitively, but if you have more to say and as you continue, take an extra second and say why you said or about to say the thing that you are going to say.

Normally, I don’t teach it as I am interpreting it and the reason for that is you got to know how the letters play with the letters next to it. For example, I gave the example of two L’s next to each other because it means you have the ability to learn how to write and write well. We all want to read it because it doesn’t matter what’s next to those two letters, that always is the same. Whereas other things shift like if you had two people sitting in a conference and they like each other, they might act one way, but if they didn’t care for each other, they probably acted a different way. You will learn all the letters and then you learn how they interchange with the letters sitting next to them.

What you are doing in your mind is you are computing all of these things at the same time.

Correct, I am. I teach this and my students. I keep my fingers crossed, so far everybody can do it as well as I can, the ones that have taken my classes.

FTC 169 | Analyzing Your Name
Analyzing Your Name: Our vowels represent our emotions and our consonants represent our attitudes.


It takes a lot of memorization it sounds like and it takes some effort to learn the modalities of how the letters go together.

It would seem like it takes a lot of memorization, only I went into math so that I wouldn’t have to memorize because you could always refigure out the program, so that’s not my favorite thing. I share all these pneumonic devices and in the book Know The Name; Know The Person who stands for personality. I have a whole chapter on this how I key it all in pneumatically for my brain.

I don’t know that we’ve talked about this, which is coming up for me is that this sounds like it can be codified and become a software program.

I did that. There is an app for the first name, but you get the generic piece of what the first name means. You don’t get it dropping into the last name because there are so many permutations it would be an incredibly long, difficult, complicated program.

This is a process then that people would have to learn it’s not a tool that someone can just pick up and use. Let’s say I’m running a company. Let’s make it a complicated company. Let’s say I have a manufacturing operation and a service operation under the same roof. Let’s pick my favorite topic, photography components. I’m making tripods and tripod heads and all the cool stuff about those photographers like and use, so I have people in the warehouse. I have people in the design shop. I have people in manufacturing. What good would it be if I had their names or was able to understand this after they are already hired? They already worked for me. Why would this be a value to me then?

Let’s say you’re doing the yearly review and I always laugh with this literally the HR departments I’m working with, sometimes they will call me and they will say, “This person is up for their yearly review, what should I tell them?” I laugh because I think you’ve been with them all year, but you’re going to ask me who has not. What I do is I say, “What are the company goals for this next year?” Looking at their name, this is how you can invite them to be at their best and help you solve those goals. These are the aspects of their name that say they’re learning this or they are good at this so that this is how they can contribute.

Another way that you would use it ones you’ve already hired somebody. Let’s say two of your employees aren’t getting along, then I’m called in and it’s like we don’t want to lose either employee, but they’re not getting along. For an example, there was a company out in Southern California that was a tech firm and they called me and then they said, “Here’s the name of the supervisor and here is the name of our key employer that he goes out and represents us with different clients, but they don’t get along at all. We don’t want to lose either one because our clients love this man and yet the supervisor is topnotch and very organized.” Looking at their names, I said, “This is an easy solution. She is a micromanager and he needs his freedom, but she needs to stay informed and he has not given her information because as long as he has got it, he thinks it’s cool, he can keep doing his job.

We created a system where the last five minutes of every day the person that was out in the field would literally talk into the computer and say, “This is who I met with. This is where our agreements and this is where we are on the job,” and then he would literally send that to her so she had a daily update. She would be able to communicate back if she needed to make a comment a similar way, remember this while you were out, then they would only talk ones a week. Because she was getting now daily updates, she felt good and could give him more freedom and he didn’t feel like he was wasting a time half-an-hour filling out all of her reports all the time.

You do this for clients. It sounds like that’s part of what your business is about. On this show, we like to teach people the skills that our guests bring us. Can we turn this into a teaching lab where you could give us maybe a couple of the high-level techniques that we could use on our own?

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How you greet somebody is so important because you have people that are feelers. They need to chitchat and talk and know that you care before they can get to work or else all they long they are not doing their best because they’re thinking, “How come that person didn’t even talk to me?” You have what I call the mental guys that coming in, they already have their list. When you say, “How are you?” they’re saying, “You’re already wasting my time, get to the point. How do you need me? I got work to do.”

We are going to look at the first vowel in the first name. It could be let’s say an A, it could be the first letter like an Alan, it could be the second letter like in Sally, it could be the third letter like in Sharon. It doesn’t matter where it is as long as it is the first vowel because our vowels represent our emotions and our consonants represent our attitudes. If you are looking at the vowels A, O or Y, these are people that feel like you’re wasting their time when you say, “How are you?” If you’re the one that is in charge of one of those, you want to come right in and say, “Our agenda is blah, blah, blah,” or, “We need to know this, get to work,” and those people want to work first and then converse and play at the end of the day.

If the first vowel is an I, E, or U, it’s the reverse, it’s, “Mitch, how are you? Did you get enough sleep last night? How is the family? Did you get to see a movie? What did you do? Are you okay?” In other words, I’m interested in who you are and how you are, then ones we do that for approximately twelve minutes, you can go on your way and you can get your job done. I will go on my way and get my job done. We want to connect first and then work. It’s very important to know that A, O and Y, they want to work first then connect, and the I, E and U, want to connect first and then work.

The other thing that’s important to know, if you’re putting people together on a committee, there are certain vowels that don’t do well together, and so you want to have a productive committee. If you put the first vowel of an E with the first vowel of U, those people are going to have a great time laughing and joking and getting things, everybody having a good time and getting ideas going, but they’re not going to be able to accomplish as much. They are having more fun than work. You want to make sure that in any committee that you don’t have too many E’s and U’s that they are not a dominant letter because you want them to accomplish something.

There are six vowels. The first three you mentioned are A, O and Y, which means let’s get right down to business. The second three were I, E or U, which is let’s connect, chitchat and get to know each other. Is that accurate so far?

Correct, and those would be the vowels you’ll find at the water cooler in the morning.

Let’s take this a little bit more personal. Let’s say me, I am Mitch and my first vowel is an I. Now I am dating somebody and let’s say her first vowel is an I. Would we get along because we like to connect and be personable with each other? I don’t exactly know.

Yes, your communication style that’s an entire third book is the communication style that sits in these vowels and that is absolutely free for your readers on my website. They can get the eBook for free, but what happens is we did huge studies on longest-lasting marriages and the easiest ones that connect with each other. When the first vowel of an O connects with the first vowel of an E, that seems to be the ideal or the highest percentage of people that make it to the long whole. The next two that are good are I’s with I’s and A’s with A’s.

Another person I know, her first vowel is an A and my first vowel is an I. How would that work in terms of a connection?

FTC 169 | Analyzing Your Name
Analyzing Your Name: If you can interpret names, there would be no strangers. You could see everybody clearly and realize that nobody is on a pedestal and nobody is below you either.


It works well because the A, I and the U, I want to say I have a diagram and it shows that they are in a triangular form to each other. The A’s, I’s and U’s all understand and communicate in a similar enough style that they have a mutual appreciation, whereas the O, E and the Y, also have a mutual appreciation for each other. The real conflict comes when you have an O with an O, and the reason for that is both O’s think that they ought to be the CEOs and the bosses and they love giving orders. It’s hard when you have an O with an O because you have two Indian chiefs and no Indians.

I totally get that and I’ve been there for that one, so we don’t want to go there. This is very interesting. Let’s go one step further. I’m in an interview and I noticed that the person who I’m interviewing, their first vowel is an A. Let’s call it David because you mentioned that word before. When I am interviewing David, I automatically think because of what you taught us that this person doesn’t want to waste any time, they want to get right down to business and potentially be very productive. Would that be enough information to make that determination?

That is only one piece of the puzzle, but that much of it is accurate.

That may not be the entire picture, but at least a hint, is that right?

Correct, and especially if you’re hiring to be a team player, you want to know that they are going to get along with the rest of the team, so that makes it important to know their communication styles. That is why I wrote a whole book on it. In the first book chapter two is on the first vowel and the first name, but people kept having questions and they kept calling me as they were learning it and they were reading the book and I said, “I need to spell this out and extend it so that people get the importance of communication and how to communicate because in that personal is how you communicate.” What kind of relationships do you do? Are you passive, aggressive, are you whatever? All of that is in there what your learning style is. For example, if it is the first vowel of an A, they are visual learners, but if they are the first vowel of an E, they are kinesthetic learners, they need to do it. Like E’s and U’s are kinesthetic, I’s and Y’s are auditory, A’s and O’s are visual, then everybody has a secondary one, but that’s their primary.

Sharon, this is for me is fascinating. Readers, I want to let you know who we were talking to here, we’re talking to Sharon Lynn Wyeth, she has invented a science called Neimology. Sharon, we’re at a point in the show where I’m going to start asking you a couple of questions. There is a whole lot more to know and there is a very special give away coming up. Sharon, we don’t know you very well. We know you are a genius at Neimology, so that’s why I’ve constructed these questions to help us figure out and get to know you a little bit better even though we now know that your absolute first vowel is an A. We want to know more about you than that, so tell me who in all of the space and time would you like to have one hour to enjoy your walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

I thought about all the great mystics throughout the ages from Moses to Jesus and Abraham and Buddha and Krishna. I thought about all of those people and then I started thinking about the great politicians like Lincoln and Washington, then the leaders like Gandhi from around the world that did so much. Because I love this question, I put so much time into it, and I came up with I would like one more hour with, my dad.

That’s not uncommon, so when we ask this question of our guest it’s very common to describe a person who has passed, a family member, a dad or a mom. I’m touched as well that you said dad and then it sounds like you and your dad are very close as my dad and I were as well. Thank you for sharing that.

He was so smart and he shared so much knowledge that I just assumed every dad share with their kids. Yet when I was teaching and an administrator for 40 years in the education system, I realized so many times I reacted because of how dad had taught me which helped the people around me, but they didn’t know. It was like how did you know to react that way and I thought, “Didn’t your dad teach you?” and so now that I am an adult I would love to have that extra hour to learn more from my dad.

Your birth name lays out that whole pattern for your life, but what you are being influenced by and who you are now listening to changes. Click To Tweet

It’s our parents that bring us into this world and they set the tone for who we are. I believe that and I look at my own life and many of the lives of the people around me who can confirm that as well, so it’s a great choice. I appreciate you taking a moment and sharing that with us. Here is the grand finale question and this is the big one. This is the change the world question so I have to check in with you first, is now a good time to ask this question? Are you ready for this question?

I’m absolutely ready.

What is that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

If I could teach everyone how to interpret names, there would be no strangers, you could see everybody clearly and you would realize that nobody is on a pedestal and nobody is below you either. That we are all here, we all have seven goals in our name that we came to learn from a soul’s perspective and we would be more inclined to judge less and help more ones we could all interpret names.

I know that you are going to say this, to some degree I knew what your answer would be and it makes sense because you’ve created something that could change the world if people use it. I want to also go back to a statement you made about your dad and I agree with you. I think a lot of the way we are is influenced by who our parents were and the way they treated us and the way they talked to us. How does that relate to Neimology Science?

Dad was very methodical and when I have three sisters that are geniuses and one that was a servant, and so I was in the middle, could get lost, and my parents are both absolutely brilliant. Don’t ask me how I got in there, but dad would take time and say, “I see you struggling in math.” I flunked two years of math so then I had this fabulous teacher, but that’s a different story. He would take his time and say, “Let’s look at this differently so that you can see it the way your brain works,” because of that and how he would help me to see things like my sisters and they saw things that were brilliant brains. I learned that I could view something from many different directions which help me when I became a math teacher because I’ve noticed how people’s brain was working and I’d say, “Let’s look at it through your eyes.” It helped me to be able to help others and dad had the patience galore and that is also important.

How does that play into your name? Does that fit into what your own name is and the way your name is structured?

If your first name matches the qualities or it’s compatible with qualities in your last name, it means that you’re going to learn that like a sponge from your parents. My last name has in it deductive logical reasoning skills. Both of my parents and my first name all have deductive logical reasoning skills, so my parents were deductive, practical, always went step-by-step and had these nice reasoning skills. My name I absorbed that like a sponge because I also have it in my name and I think it’s interesting. You can compare two names and see where they get along and where they don’t. When you drop your name into your first name into your last name, you can see those things that you absorbed immediately and accept it and those things you had to fight to keep because your parents were trying to make you different.

You have tendencies based on your name and those are influenced to some degree by the way your parents raised you.

FTC 169 | Analyzing Your Name
Know the Name Know the Person

Correct, because of that environment. In psychology you are influenced by your parents until age twelve and then you start pulling away from parents and you go toward teachers. That’s why even though I’m a math major, I love teaching middle school because you could be the most influential then, you go towards your peers and then when you get out of school you go towards the people that you work with and that becomes your environmental influence. When we change our last name in a marriage, it says how the influence around us is going to change.

When you change your last name as in a marriage, at that point does your personality change or is it your birth name?

Your birth name still lays out that whole pattern for your life, however, what you are being influenced by and who you are now listening to absolute changes.

Readers, if you like what you’ve read, if this is fascinating to you, if you think this would be a valuable tool, then Sharon has a special gift for you. Sharon, tell us what that gift is?

It is the third book, the eBook version of it absolutely free and you can go to KnowTheName.com/connect and because the name of the book is Know the Name: Know How to Connect, when you go /connect you can literally put your name in there and it will get downloaded to you the entire third book.

If I were to read this book and start taking some notes and apply it, would this allow me to do what you do? Do I have to read the first two books also?

You would only know one position and there are three positions plus the vowel, so you would know one position very well, but there is an entire name out there that all contribute.

At least that’s a start that you are telling me.

It’s the most important start because the value of our relationships depends or contributes to the value of our world and our life, and if you could learn the six letters in that position, you can improve your communication skills with everybody.

It sounds like a deal and I know I want to do that. Thank you so much for being on the show. I learned a lot. Readers, I hope you did too and I absolutely can’t wait until the next time we get a chance to talk again.

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