FTC 149 | The Amazing Kreskin

149: How The Amazing Kreskin Hits The ONE BILLION Size Audience

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With over 50 years of being in the limelight, there is probably no one who has done what this guest has done. The Amazing Kreskin graces us with his presence to bring not only a smile to our faces but insights that will make us wiser, smarter, and more productive. As a mentalist and international celebrity, The Amazing Kreskin has definitely become one of the masters of publicity and promotion. He shares his journey towards becoming one of the remarkable figures in our history, beginning from that time he picked up the legendary comic, Mandrake the Magician, by Lee Falk to impressing the world. He gives a glimpse of what it’s like being a mentalist, how much of it is natural, and whether or not we all have this ability.

How The Amazing Kreskin Hits The ONE BILLION Size Audience

My guest is different from every other guest I’ve ever brought to the show that it’s going to bring a smile to your face. It’s going to make you wiser, smarter and more productive. This will be one of the most fun shows you have ever heard. The person you’re about to meet is an international celebrity for over 50 years. He has appeared on major television networks. He’s been on the Johnny Carson Show and many others of that caliber. He has appeared in thousands of live performances all over the world and he does something that almost nobody else in the world does. He is a mentalist and I’d like to introduce you to him. His name is The Amazing Kreskin. If you’re over 50, you will know that name. If you’re not, pay attention because we’re about to speak with one of the masters of publicity, promotion and incredible talent. Amazing Kreskin, welcome to the show.

Mitch, I intend to be around a long time but if you’re standing by and giving the eulogy, that’s very nice what you had to say. I feel like I know you and we spoke only and just met. Your skill and your naturalness in communications is an art form in itself. My life has been in communications and I’ve idolized a few people that had a great impact on me. Steve Allen was a legendary person in broadcasting. You know who he was and a lot of young people don’t. Carson took his place and then Steve Allen went on his own in the Late Night Show that all the high school and college students watch.

He said to me, “Kreskin, you must do this man’s life because he’s going to be a forgotten giant.” Andy Rooney who did the closing on 60 Minutes all those years also worked for this man and said, “The tragedy of this is that he will be the forgotten giant in the history of broadcasting.” It’s almost a sin that broadcasters don’t know who he was. The most powerful single figure whoever existed was Arthur Godfrey. They want me to write a book about the stories behind that man because the President and the Vice President assassinated that period. It was quietly decided by The US government that Godfrey would take over the nation.

When the Daily News in New York heard me talk about this a few years ago, they said, “Kreskin, what is he talking about?” They found out who the guy is, they said, “Oh my God.” Had a tragedy happen during the McCarthy era where everybody was afraid of attacks, everybody in major networks had to put a disk in a machine, the plastic recordings. He said, “This is Arthur, just sit there until I come on live,” and not his last name. His voice was more recognized in the world. That kind of communication is a very powerful factor, which is great because I talk to people about how we are losing in our culture an extraordinarily seriously sociologists, and you must talk about this. We’re losing our communications with each other.

The miracle of the computer and social media has stolen our ability to develop our natural talent and our natural tendency to be with and speak with and share with other people directly and you bring up a very good point.

You show me someone who has 200 friends on the internet and I will show you a very lonely person.

It’s no problem having 200 friends on the internet but how about having five dear friends that you spend a lot of time with and get to know deeply? That to me is what life is all about.

I’ve talked to thousands of people and I’ve read over a thousand biographies. With entrepreneurs, that was part of the secrets of their success but that’s another story. I could talk to you for hours. Someday, I want to interview you.

Let’s start out from the very beginning because I told my audience that you are a mentalist and I don’t think anyone understands what that is. Could you tell us what that means?

I used the term mentalist and some very famous anthropologist through the years and communicators in past years that people would know about kept saying, “Don’t use that term. You’ve got to use the term sensitive or what have you.” Years ago, if you read past books a century and so ago, people who seem to have this unusual gift were often called sensitives. They weren’t called psychics. I’m not a psychic. My life deals with tuning on people’s thinking, but it’s not a magic act. They said, “Kreskin, you’ve got to use a different term.” I’d have to explain to every audience what sensitive is. I said, “We’re going to live with the term, mentalist.”

I don’t foretell the future, although I predicted the last four Super Bowls. I got the score exactly correct. I predicted the last four elections. Indeed, I’ve never made my Presidential predictions public ahead of time because as I’ve warned entertainers, “You get involved in politics in that way. They’re going to think you’re supporting someone and you’re going to lose half of your audience and what have you.” In the 2012 election, I was being interviewed a year before in November. Something had happened in my personal life and someone had become suddenly ill. I was only notified before I went on the air in Washington DC. I was at a night club for a week. When you look at the copy of it, which Fox News has sent me, they said, “Kreskin, people must see this,” and thank God, Dan covered it.

I was depressed because we don’t show that on camera. I’d heard the news only now before I went on. Here we’re being interviewed about my appearance and I never say who was going to win the election. That wasn’t even the election, it was a year from that time. In the middle of the election, you see one of these fine people say, “Kreskin, the election is a year from now, November, who’s going to win?” I said, “I don’t want to get involved. I’ve performed in his home many times and it’s going to be a noisy election and so forth. That’s the way it is.” It was obvious that I was talking about Donald Trump. A year later, I was on a news broadcast the day after election day and they say, “We’re going to play something for you.” I have no memory of ever saying it because I don’t talk like that.

You show me someone who has 200 friends on the internet and I will show you a very lonely person. Click To Tweet

My psychologist said it was my unconscious coming through when I had said one year ahead of time who’s going to win. The secret of all that is I have equipment that I worked with in all my performances. It’s nothing on the stage. My audience is an extension of what I do. They are not there to watch a show. I may be telling people as a famous story that happened at the Riviera in Vegas one night. I said, “Someone’s thinking of these two people,” and I mentioned two names. This gentleman stood up and he said, “How do you know this, Mr. Kreskin? We don’t live here. My wife and I live in the northern part. We came to see you perform. They are not our friends. They are our pet dogs.” I say, “I love animals, but you also said to your wife, ‘I wonder if he could tell me my army serial number?’”

I wish we had a camera on that show. Everyone was at these small tables. There are hundreds of people in the theater at the nightclub at the Riviera. He slams his fist down and says, “That’s two hours ago. We were eating at another place.” I said, “I wonder if Kreskin could tell me my army number?” For the people reading this, you ask any friend or relative, man or woman who was in the service, they’ve never forgotten their numbers. As he said to me, “I’ve never talked to anybody about it.” Nobody ever tells anyone because there’s no reason to. If he didn’t know it and I had a crystal ball, I wouldn’t have ended up with an interesting experience, a dramatic headache. They give me headaches to look at. I said to him, “Think of each number one at a time” and I gave him his only serial number and he was in World War II.

I have to tell the audience a little story about our history and you don’t know this. I’m going to tax your memory to remember. What you described is I was fifteen years old and I was up in upstate New York at a summer camp in the Catskills. Back then, the Catskills was a thriving place. There were people showing up at all of the big resorts and performing. You were somehow involved in maybe going from camp to camp and doing these performances. I was a waiter at the camp. I was a staff. The manager calls me up and says, “We have this guy, he’s going to be performing but he has a weird request.” I said, “What is it?” He goes, “He wants us to hide his check. I want you to go and put his checks somewhere. You don’t tell me and you don’t tell anybody. You and these two guys go hide the check.” My friends and I go out and we go into the woods. We find a tree in a rock. We put your check under a rock and then we forgot about it. It was daylight when we did this.

Then you go on and I will tell you a story that is like the one you told me. You asked me because you may have seen me. I was in the audience and I raised my hand and you chose me. You told me to pull out a dollar bill and think of the serial numbers one at a time. As I’m doing this, it’s freaking me out because you’re getting everyone right. I stopped and thought of a wrong number to confuse you and you said, “I’m getting one number but I’m seeing another.” I couldn’t believe it. It freaks me out. The show is amazing. You did this stuff and you blew everyone away. We were just kids. Maybe we’re not hard to impress but nonetheless, we had so much fun with you that night. The most amazing thing happened is you walked right over to where that check was. You picked up the rock, put it in your pocket, turn to us and said, “Thank you,” and walked away.

That’s become a signature in my life. Maybe people would like to know how things started with me. When I was five years old, I didn’t read. I was visiting my relatives in Bensalem in Allentown, Pennsylvania, the Polish side of my family. I’m Polish Italian. A young man gave me a comic book. When I come home my mother used to sit and read to me the comics. This comic had a legendary comic by Lee Falk called Mandrake the Magician. He was a famous comic. In the Second World War, it was in every newspaper and on the weekends in the color section. That was as a regular comic book that Lee Falk wrote. He wasn’t a magician. He had hypnotic abilities. He had telepathic abilities and he fights crime and what have you. My mother read that and that became my model when I played cops and robbers. We didn’t have cell phones. We made up equipment with our imagination. We didn’t have any toy guns. We use our fingers and play gun. I was nine years old and I’m seeing this young lady a couple of weeks from now, which is odd because you brought the story up.

Jane Hamilton, who I haven’t seen for years, lives in Pennsylvania. She’s going to come to my home to visit. She was in my class all through grade and high school. The teacher says, “It’s raining outside. We’re going to send you outside and I’m going to teach you all a game.” She sends Jane Hamilton out into the hallway at Lincoln School where we are in New Jersey and we hide a beanbag. I remember we put a cloth bag and we put on someone’s desk. She brings Jane back in and said, “Jane, walk around. Your classmates hid something. You will say, you’re getting warmer if you knew and you’re cold, if you’re not near, if you’re close to it, you’re hot. She finally found it mentally. I was obsessed with this game. I’m walking home. I was absolutely obsessed. My brother was three years younger. He was already home from early grade school and my mother was out shopping. My father was at work.

FTC 149 | The Amazing Kreskin
The Amazing Kreskin: The unseen hand of the universe comes into play when our desires are so strong.


I said, “Let’s go over to grandma and grandpa’s house.” They were from Sicily. They didn’t speak English. I loved them passionately. I walked over to the house ten minutes from where we live. He had built the house with his own hands. They rented the downstairs to make ends meet. I said, “Hide a penny upstairs in grandma and grandpa’s house.” He goes upstairs, grandpa’s working and grandma doesn’t know what’s going on. He hides it somewhere. He calls me. I go upstairs. My brother is standing in the kitchen. My grandmother is sitting there. She was a chef for royalty in Sicily, but now we lived in New Jersey. I’m walking through an old-fashioned, large kitchen. I walked up to my uncle’s bedroom who’s at work. I come up on a chair, found myself reaching behind the curtain rod and felt the penny.

I realized I had never told them to talk to me. If I got around the family and private gatherings, similar things happen. In fourth and sixth grade, my teacher Ms. Galloway set aside during show and tell by attempting to read the thoughts of my audience. By the time I was outside of sixth grade and junior high, I was already doing performances. I was getting big money in those days, $5 an appearance. In ninth grade, I did a performance to raise funds for the school. It was two and one-half hours and my career was already moving on. I found out, and this is a message for all of you who perhaps support others and have had it in other people’s lives. I did not know this two years later after I got my degree in psychology and seen all. I was performing everywhere. Unbeknownst to me, from when I left sixth grade, my sixth-grade teacher quietly sent letters to my teachers all through the years of high school saying in the letter, “We don’t understand what he does, but you must support him.” Isn’t that something?

What you’re talking about is the unseen hand of the universe coming into play when our desires are so strong that only support can be given. That’s a beautiful story. You’re talking about something that’s very interesting. You’re talking about natural ability.

That’s a key story in the whole interview. All through the years in all my concerts, I turn my check over to the audience while I’m out of the building and they hide my check. I don’t ask any questions, as you can verify. They will hide it and concentrate. If I failed to find it, that money goes to the company that booked me or where I went the most. People say, “Have I ever failed?” Yes, I failed eleven times. That’s not many out of over 3,000. The most famous failure took place in New Zealand. I’ve been back there many times but the second night at this theater, I failed. There was a press conference of over 100 reporters the next day and that night I lost in one night, $51,000.

They don’t think this is rigged. One of my most famous searches is at a university in the Midwest. I’d come back in this university and they’re wild when they hide things as a teenager you knew when you hid it in a rock piece. It’s a gymnasium and it’s over almost 2,000 or 3,000 students. It was a family weekend. They are sitting on the top floor. They’re sitting in the bleachers. I could hardly walk. I come to a man and I said, “I don’t know how to ask you this, but can you open your mouth?” I felt like a jackass. There was no check. I walked away and I apologized. I took one of the other people who hid the check. I said, “Think of what I’m going to do, just concentrate.” I’m walking through and hardly tripping over people. I turn around and I’m facing the same person. I stood there and I said, “If I embarrass you, just sit down in the next 30 seconds.” I’ve lost my check. I said, “When you open your mouth, there was no check.” I said, “Does this have something to do with the root of your mouth?” One of the legendary stories in my life which I will never forget, he reaches in his mouth, took out his upper plates and handed me my check.

That is an amazing story and the fact that you only missed eleven times out of over 3,000. Let’s do a little diagnostic here because I am interested and I know our audience will be too. I read your book. I know that this is not only a natural ability, but it’s also something that you worked on very hard. Describe how much of this is natural. Do we all have this ability? How much of it can an average person create through practice and through structured learning?

The ability in all of us to sense other people's thinking in itself is much more widespread than we understand. Click To Tweet

I talk about it more and more now. A lot of younger people who are coming out of college and high school are curious because they don’t know something like this. The ability in all of us to sense other people’s thinking is much more widespread than we understand. We have to understand that you have it less and less happening now because you have all kinds of electronics that are almost taking the place of our conversation. They may be taking the place of our conversation, but they’re not taking place the one thing, which is one of the greatest gifts that we have. Arthur Godfrey had it. Many people I can’t talk about that I meet in broadcasting and we’re not on the stage, but because of their work I can sense it when I’m talking to them. When we talked to someone, we’re not seeing things because sometimes in that silence, you could almost hear more than you realize.

I’m sorry we can’t spend all our lives sitting at a restaurant with a cell phone sitting on the table. That’s already giving them a sign that our communication whether it’s a lover, a businessperson, the person we just met, we can’t say, “That’s going to possibly interrupt our thinking because that’s not what life is all about.” There’s a gift called empathy. It’s the ability to feel the way someone else feels. That’s a disappearing gift because some people don’t even have a concept of what it is. When you meet someone and talk to them, there’s another tool taken. I’ve given seminars all over the place. A lot of them are from law enforcement groups or what have you.

Now, businessmen are doing more and more than I’ve worked with. When you come home, whether it’s a meeting or a day at work or when you close the office, close that door. JFK, when he had a meeting with the heads of state or the military or something to do with economics, when they went to his office, he closed the door. Her secretary knew this. If he didn’t close the door, she shuts the door and he was not to be interrupted for some ten minutes so he could reflect on what he heard. What did he do? He didn’t just sit there and reflect on what he heard. He picked up trash magazines and read some of the crummiest magazines and then threw them on the floor to get his mind off what he consciously heard so that when he threw things his side, his unconscious came through with things he hadn’t been consciously registering. That’s one of the keys and people have written notes to me saying, “I teach people that more because I’ve learned from myself as much as people around me.”

I’ve never heard of anything like that before.

What did Einstein do? He was one of the greatest minds of all time. He was one of the great geniuses. What did he do with all the advice and all the learning? Many a day he shut everything down, walked to the edge of a pond and had a lake near where he was. Einstein canoed and went to the middle of the lake and when the canoe got to the middle of the lake, he pulled the oars in and sat there and let the canoe drift. We need to spend time with ourselves.

Yes, so true and with nature, just as he did.

FTC 149 | The Amazing Kreskin
The Amazing Kreskin: If you turn the pages of a newspaper, you will see a story you never thought you’d be interested in because you are not looking for something.


That’s right, with nature or as JFK did, listening to his inner thoughts. This is one of his secrets. As I perform more and more, I jog every day. I run without any earphones on because it’s not that I don’t want to hear music. I played with the Philharmonic as a concert pianist. I played the piano since I was five years old. When I jog, I need to listen to myself, so the earphones are not there.

I feel like I could talk to you for hours and hours about this, but I want to take a different direction because this is the nature of what the show’s about. You did something that others have done, but not to the quite the extent that you have. You did it in a time when there were only television, radio and newspapers. You became a worldwide phenomenon. Everyone knew your name. When I was growing up in the ‘60s and the ‘70s, everyone knew your name. How did you do that?

Many times people say to me, “Kreskin, you’ve got the internet. It’s instantaneous communication.” It’s a very interesting thing that you mentioned. I’m going to announce something, which is one of the greatest thrills of my life. I’ve got to share it with you right here. I have a service, not when I’m on the air, whether it’s in Saudi Arabia or Japan or here England, but whenever my name is mentioned in a conversation, I got a copy within minutes or sometimes hours. The company does it mainly with England, the United States and Canada. We get scores mentioned constantly day-after-day, mainly in political conversations, sports coverages, then a lot of the soap operas, they will say, “What do you think, I am Kreskin?” In the last election, he’s been controversial, Bill O’Reilly in one interview he said to Trump, “You’re running for office. You’re not Kreskin though.” On CNN, they had a group of five people that said, “Trump thinks he’s Kreskin.” My name keeps coming up as part of our knowledge.

Some of the dictionaries, my name was mentioned because I’ve worked with people from all walks of life. I did 88 Carson shows. It’s 61 but NBC had erased the first two years in the days when they didn’t think holding on the shows was that important. I did far more shows than anyone in the history of the series. When Jimmy Fallon, when I’m on with him, off the show he says, “You’ve got to talk to me about Carson.” The man was a legend and to show you, I will give you a hint. I read four books a night. Howard Stern would answer the people who say, “It can’t be because the reading expert was on two years ago and I was with Stern. The guy says,” “That can’t be done.” Reading a novel takes me fifteen to 22 minutes. I don’t mean skimming, I just happened to be able to do this. I’ve been on talk shows that run five hours, and the officers did not know that we’re on an hour each of the shows.

The gentleman who does the show will tell you I sit twenty minutes before and read every one of the books they wrote. They said, “When did you get time week or so ago?” My library which was added to my house is now 8,000 books. I want to give all of you a hint. If you want to learn more of what’s going on in the world, just go to NBC and go to Fox and walk in the news department. With all the electronic equipment they have, there are piles of newspaper. You ought to stop once a while and turn the pages and read the written word. If you turn the pages of a newspaper, you will see a story you never thought you’d be interested in because you are not looking for something. You’re seeing it out of nowhere. If you knew how many companies now have that as a rule, every day, turn the pages because you will see something you hadn’t thought about.

When Steve Allen left the show and went on, Carson had his own show. I was with Carson, it was in the ‘60s and I wasn’t that well-known. Steve Allen call me back to LA and says, “We’ve got a young man who has an unusual gift for all interested in the ESP, welcome, Kreskin.” I didn’t have the name Amazing. They gave me that name. In LA I walk out, the lights are bright in those days and like a stupid fool who’s supposed to know it all and I didn’t, I’m walking towards Steve Allen and he was on the desk in the stage and the lights are brighter and brighter and I’m looking at the camera. By the time I got to him, I was blinded. I tripped over the desk. I fell flat on my face. He says, “Are you all right, young man?” We went on with my half hour with him.

When you are successful, the feeling of having helped is overwhelmingly beautiful and so fulfilling. Click To Tweet

My family has thought that the flaw was the highlight of my career. My dad was watching. Every night when he got home from New York, he was watching the Tonight’s Show with Johnny Carson with his wife watching. He sees this incident and watches me walk across tripping over the desk. Seven or eight weeks later, Carson created a character on a show called Carnac the Magnificent. That’s me falling over the desk. The last show I did with Johnny, I said, “Johnny, you’ve been so special to me all these years by the public that tells stories.” He says, “The Mighty Carnac,” because he made me part of the fabric. My career’s been an adventure. I’ve been called in on 87 crime cases. We’ve been able to help a third of them, but we have to give something back in our lives. My work with law enforcement has not been a business career. It’s doing what I can do.

When you are successful, the feeling of having helped is overwhelmingly beautiful and so fulfilling, I’m sure.

I’ve got to announce this because it’s one of the most exciting things I can say in my life. A motion picture is being written on my life story. It’s a motion picture, not for the documentary. They’re asking me, “Who do you think should play?” I don’t want to say but the man has done an incredible job of researching. What a dream.

Once again, we get back to the point of this not happening by accident. There’s a force in the world and the universe, call it God, call it spirit, call it whatever you want that allows it and provides the way for us to have the life that we have. All we have to do is walk forward toward it as opposed to being afraid and walk backwards. Many of us as entrepreneurs are starting businesses. One of the things that we need desperately is for people to know about us. What you were doing, people wanted to know about you because you were unusual. You were doing things no one else could do. What advice would you give to a young entrepreneur who’s building a business now on how to create an audience of people who want to know about you?

Let me give you one of the secrets and I haven’t told you how many entrepreneurs have the questioned you said. If you read the life of entrepreneurs and if you read the life of people who I would hire, here’s what I’m about to tell you. We often learn more from failures than successes. Things don’t work out and when things break down, we find ways of overcoming it. That’s the real success. I’m not interested in people who have a sense of entitlement and so forth because that’s not what life is all about. You show me a list of people who’ve made it and that’s very common in show business itself. People don’t think that these are fair. They somehow think this is a way of getting your ass off of it or taking advantage and making it part of your life. I lost my check a number of times. I learned in some of those experiences what was wrong. I picked a committee who all knew each other and in one or two cases they decided to think of the wrong place and conspiring in that way. When you have strangers with each other, there’s a sense of, “That’s not honest what you just did.”

In fact, one university where I lost my check, I got almost 1,000 handwritten notes from the students at the university apologizing for what happened. We learn from mistakes and we build on them and don’t think of them as negative. Bob Hope told me that this is the best advice he had ever heard in his life. I’ll share this with those of you who want to go into movies, show business, the broadcasting, and what have you. This is the advice I gave and as Hope said, “If you have a tremendous amount of talent and you have a tremendous amount of ambition. You have a great spirit for what you’re doing. You take advantage of all the opportunities you have whether you pay for them or not, and you have a great deal of look, then you have a minuscule chance of ever making it in show business.” Hope said, “The real entrepreneur, whether they make it or not, will reveal and think that way because if they have the spirit of showbiz, they will fight to do it for the rest of their life. That’s the spirit of our life.”

FTC 149 | The Amazing Kreskin
The Amazing Kreskin: If we don’t handle mass communication the right way, it can confuse and damage our response.


The other characteristic that you told us of earlier is empathy. If they can have empathy for the people that they work for and work with, then everything comes together.

Remember, you don’t have to quickly answer everything that someone is saying. Sometimes you need to pause and let them fill in with something that came to them as a further remark because they may embellish it more and add to it a praise they hadn’t thought of before. One of the greatest gifts is a sense of humor. For God’s sake, in spite of what you see in the news, don’t ever lose your sense of humor. You have to kid about something. I can remember as a kid seeing Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the newsreels laughing and Bob Hope is kidding about something. The great device of fighting some of the worst things in life is with a touch of humor. It’s a tremendous tool.

That’s very true and great advice as well. We’re on with the gentleman whose actual name is the Amazing Kreskin.

I didn’t want that. Carson, I kept being told when I was getting off of airplanes, “How are you, Amazing?” because I legalized my name to Kreskin. It was George Kresge. I’m Polish. It was a Polish name. They were saying, “Hi, Amazing.” I was sitting in my room and I go, “That’s nice.” They found a routine and Ed McMahon had it with Carson for years and a lot of times I didn’t see the show when I’m traveling the night before. The night before or Friday before, Johnny would say, “Ed, Kreskin was on the last month. He’s going to be on Monday. He was at 92% Amazing.” McMahon would say, “No, Johnny, that was 95%.” They made a routine in that. I don’t even know that’s where it was coming from.

I remind my audience throughout the show where they are, “You are with the Amazing Kreskin.” There’s something special that’s about to come up, which I’m not going to hint. I promised I wouldn’t, so I won’t hint about it.

A thousand is special. An airline industry announced a few years ago that point in my career, I’ve flown in a little over 3.5 million miles.

We often learn more from failures than successes. Click To Tweet

Has anybody else ever match that?

I was on a United flight. I used to sit with all the pilots in the cockpit and we’d talk, but because of the security it’s understandable, we can’t talk more. We’re about to take off and the steward comes over. She said, “Kreskin, you’ve got to come to the cockpit for a moment.” I walk over and they thank me, “Kreskin, good to see you.”

Do you at least get anything free, like free coffee or anything because of all those miles?

I can tell you about the adventures of what happened when I was flying. There was one flight, my unconscious mind made me miss. I will not go and do it. I overslept. I don’t oversleep. I decided to drive to the airport the wrong way and I missed the flight. I’ve got to take another flight and get to New York and my clothes didn’t show up, so I was about to go onstage. The police came to the dressing room and they said, “We need to see Kreskin.” I walked in. They had my luggage. It was on the flight that I didn’t get to because I was signing up when they took my luggage and put it on. They said, “It’s a good thing you didn’t crash.” I said, “What do you mean?” “That flight crashed in New York state. We saw your luggage on that flight and brought it here.” True story.

We are at the point in the show where I have a question for you. I want you to understand that I have guests on this show that are in their early twenties sometimes. They have been very successful. When I asked this question of them, their life has been so short that the perspective that they bring sometimes is a little disappointing. When I ask you this next question, I absolutely am sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for the answer. Here it is. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy walking in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

That’s a very interesting question which I thought about many times throughout the years. One of the two or three people I would have in mind is Dr. Seuss who was a tremendous writer. He had tremendous imagination. My imagination is one of the gifts of my life because some of the things I’ve done, people didn’t even imagine doing before that. There are a couple of other people I would have liked to have known. I want to know the last years of his life. I would have liked to know and walked his park where he had elephants and giraffes because people and heads of countries send them as a gift in Virginia. That was Arthur Godfrey who changed the history of broadcasting.

FTC 149 | The Amazing Kreskin
In Real Time: The Amazing Kreskin breaks his silence about your future and the future of our world

People don’t realize it. Those days when people went and broadcast, they wore Tuxedos, tailcoats and evening gowns even though they didn’t see. When Godfrey took over, he said, “People are listening to me. They just washed their clothes and done the dishes.” He talks to them like he’s talking through a window and it changed the history of the way we talk in public broadcast. Those people are powerful figures. I would have also liked to have met JFK because he had a dynamic look at the people in public life. Don’t misunderstand me, I have nothing against, generally speaking, politicians. I just wished that most of them have been on the Titanic.

You are the only guest I’ve ever allowed to give three answers to that question.

You have to understand why because it’s different areas of life. My webpage is AmazingKreskin.com. Can you imagine the dream of a motion picture? I’m so thrilled because some of the scenes and some of the experiences I’ve had in one case in which fighting crime and attempt was made to murder me. I don’t mean this negatively because of the stories and how I overcame it, as the psychologist said, “You tell that because it’s never been written in a psychology textbook.” My life has been an adventure.

For our audience, when the movie comes out, I want you to remember this interview. I want you to come back to it again after you watch the movie because it will only make what we’ve been talking about even more valuable. This is the grand finale question. It’s called the change the world question. What is it that you’re doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

It’s interesting you asked that questions. It’s very ironic because the movie has been rewritten. They feel that I need to be one of the people to come forward to want to change the world. I am not joking. This was discussed by the person who wrote the movie. I don’t know what all. I know very little about anything and next to nothing about anything else. I learned from my audiences and what have you. I feel that in my work, in my entertainment, but also offstage and my other public work, I’ve got to communicate with the world on how we have to handle mass communication, which is a tool we will never get rid of, it will stay with us.

If we don’t handle it in the right way, it can confuse and damage our response as you and I hinted with the people that mean much to us and the people we touch in life. Every time we shake someone’s hand, we should realize something. It’s the only time in our life we can touch them for the first time. I swear to God as my judge, and my religion is very important in my life. I’m not pushing people to religions, but the good Lord has been very good to me. It’s interesting you bring up something. I swear to you, it’s now even in the outline of the movie. They want me to and I want to tell you something. In spite of what he says, Mitch is not a mentalist and I promise you I’m on the air with him again. I dare not read his thought. I’m only joking.

The great devices of fighting some of the worst things in life are with a touch of humor. Click To Tweet

There’s no way I’m going to hide to check on you, so I forget about it.

That was early and you were in the early part of my career.

It’s because you had told us you had already done it hundreds of times.

Now it’s thousands. Mitch, we may be in contact with you because the gentleman writing my life story wants to talk to people like you as part of these early experiences. He will value talking to you.

It was 50 years ago and I remember it clearly, almost detail to detail. That’s what an impression you made on me. Talk about changing the world. Think about all the people you’ve touched over the years. You’ve opened up a doorway for every single person who’s ever known you to understand that a human being can do things that many people don’t think they can. That’s what I loved so much about the book you wrote because you made it accessible to everybody. You basically said, “Yes, I can do this but you can too if you work at it.”

You can change, whether it’s the people you live with, whether it’s the people you are growing up with, whether it’s your classroom and self-work. There are ways that you will discover it. First of all, with individuals on a larger scale of touching other people and we do touch people. We all touch people that were within some way.

We certainly do and that is part of what I learned from seeing you that night. I learned that there was a world beyond the five senses. I learned that if someone can do this, others can too.

The other thing is this. Listen to how we can touch people and Mitch has been so wise to bring up electronic devices and all the activity on the machinery and what have you. Just remember this. There’s a difference because when you order a meal, as most of the restaurant now in New York Airport have, there’s no waiter or waitress. You’re putting on a machine and you type it in and what have you. Think of the difference with the taste that that meal has, and entrepreneurs and heads of corporations agree with me. When you order a meal and you’re talking to someone about the food and the taste, that adds to what you eat later on and you can’t get that from a machine.

I did ask you if there was something that you had from my audience. Would you like to tell us what that is?

I wanted to mention that movie, but I will have a new book coming out. It’s my 21st book, but the current one you can get on Kindle. It’s called Kreskin in Real Time. It’s my twentieth book. My books are not fiction books. They are experiences I’ve had because I travel so endlessly. I try to share some of the calamities, the crises and what have you so that maybe people are not going to imitate but they can learn from how I navigated some of the crises.

Thank you so much again. It’s been such a pleasure chatting with you. When I say this, I sincerely mean it. I do hope there is a way for you and me to maintain this beginning of a friendship and connection because I would love to meet you live in person. If you ever come to Florida where I am, I’d like to buy you lunch and talk for hours.

I want to say this, and I often close this way because I had six years of television that I’m coming in at the end, but we will see each other. I foresee and predict that. In the spirit of broadcasting, I’m not going to say goodbye, let’s just say to be continued.

Thank you again so much for your time. It was my pleasure.

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