Getting fired can totally punch you in the gut and leave you reeling, but some will admit that it is a blessing in disguise and the best thing that ever happened in their life. One of the notable people who could definitely relate to this is Michael Altshuler. A business expert who broke into the American Gladiators, Michael walks us through what motivated him to be an entrepreneur at an early age. Starting a copier business at 21 which he later sold to IKON Office Solutions, he reveals how to achieve the entrepreneurial dream of becoming a multimillionaire after building something with your own sweat, equity, and hard work. Learn how being written in Harvey Mackay’s book affected his life and how getting fired can sometimes be a stroke of luck. On top of that, catch the mastermind Michael is putting up for entrepreneurs and his eBook that will help you reach your extraordinary goals in life.

Bouncing Back After Getting Fired with Michael Altshuler

My guest is a business expert who broke into the entertainment industry on the TV show, American Gladiators, and learned all about competition, which later became the blueprint for a very successful career. Having started a company at 21 and later sold it to $1 billion giant, IKON Office Solutions, making himself a multimillionaire and creating thousands of lifetime client relationships. He has found a home on stages all over the world. He is one of the leading peak performance experts and is building a network of high-performance masterminds all over the country. Welcome, Michael Altshuler.

Thank you very much, Mitch. It’s a pleasure to be here.

Michael, what a story and I’m sure we’re going to get to talk about all those things, but the first thing I want to know is how did this all get started for you?

I had the entrepreneurial bug when I was eleven. I’m from New Jersey, started shoveling snow for neighbors for $2, $3 and just hustled. I went to washing and waxing cars in the summer when I was in my teens, worked from sun up to sundown. I learned basically at that age that I love that. I love going out, working hard, understood the value of hard work, making money and creating my own course that I was going on in my life. That started the habit of hard work and hustling. That would lead to my later success or starting a business and my success in the copier business.

That’s interesting because I did exactly the same thing as you. It’s like looking into a mirror. I started by shoveling snow in the wintertime, washing and waxing cars in the summertime. I went door to door, I’m sure just like you did and sold all kinds of crap to my neighbors. They kept buying it so I kept selling it.

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The best business, I have to tell you, it was when I would go around with the little red wagon and I’d have lemonade. I was very young. Lemonade and hotdogs, I would sell them. The beauty of this business model was I took the lemonade and hotdogs out of the freezer in my house. My mom and dad paid for it. It was 100% pure profit. I have not been able to find a model that good. That provides that much profit margin 100% on anything I’ve ever sold. Maybe in the future I will.

We’re entrepreneurs at heart. Our readers are entrepreneurs at heart and I think these stories about how we get started tell about how we’re made. I always looked at my friends. My family was okay, but we lived in a richer neighborhood and all these kids have all these fancy toys and I didn’t. I said, “I’m going to make my own money.” That’s what motivated me at an early age to do that. It was to make my own money. Was that the same for you?

Yes. I enjoyed going out and making a lot of money for what was a young kid at the time. I love being a standout. It was me and I had a partner in my car washing and waxing business, “Shine On Car Care. We make it our duty to preserve your car’s beauty. Over 320 cars experience.” That was on our cards. Literally, we’d stopped cars going down to the beach because there is oxidation. I love the idea of being able to have a lot of cash and the creator of my own destiny. Even at that young age, I love that feeling that I don’t have to depend on anyone else. If I wanted money, if I wanted to buy something, I had the money to do that. I love that feeling.

What did you charge for a car wash back then?

More than you imagine because I created more value. I’m 62, this is going back. I was probably fifteen, sixteen years old. The average car was $25 to $30 back then, probably be over $150 if you look at the cost of money. We did a green Maserati, Dr. Greenwald’s car. We told him it had rusted spokes. It was three layers of spokes on the wheels. We told him that we would do his car, but we couldn’t do a flat fee. We didn’t know how long it would take us. We started in the morning, we told them we charge them per hour. By the time we were done, it was $175 back then. With the toothbrush, we never had done this before but we figured it out. That’s another great lesson. You don’t have to do something. Sometimes you do the best you can, just get started and go. We got a toothbrush and Naval Jelly. We went to the hardware store and so we have rusted spokes, how do we get the rust out? They said Naval Jelly. How do we get to these folks that are all interwoven, we’ve got toothbrushes?

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Getting Fired: Sometimes you just do the best you can, get started, and go.


One spoke at a time, we got every toothbrush and we’ve got clear spray paint to protect and coat them, coat the spikes after we did them. We did the car. The car didn’t take long, but the wheels took forever. They probably cost $300, $400, $500 to replace, so he got a great value. When I went home, got a sheet, covered the car with the sheet until he got home from the hospital because he obviously was a doctor, and my partner said, “I don’t have the guts to tell him how much this is.” He says, “You tell him.” I remember going up to the door, knocking on the door and he answered. I said, “We finished your car. Take a look,” and we pulled the sheet off. It was a great unveiling. I said, “That will be $175.” He did gasp and I said, “Look at your spokes and what would they cost to replace?” I learned the lesson of creating value and knowing what you’re going to say before you say it because in case he said, “That’s a lot.” “It’s certainly less than replacing those spoked wheels.” He said, “You’re right.” We got the check. We took it, made a copy of it. That was the story.

We’re in the same ballpark. I used to charge $20 for a wash and wax. I charged $1.25 for a wash. I’d come by with my bucket, my suds and my towels. I’d go door to door and it would take me probably about 30, 40 minutes to get every car washed and detailed, $1.25. You charged more than me?

Yes, I did. Thank you.

For the wash?

I didn’t do the wash.

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You just did the wax. Good for you. I’m going to send you a blog post where I write up the entire experience of washing and waxing cars. You’ll appreciate it. There you are, you’re a kid, you’re waxing cars and you’re becoming a businessman. Where are you in school right now? Are you a high school student?

A high school student. I went to college at University of Tampa. I dropped out after a year and a half. My dad said the vacation’s over. I got a job working at a department store that’s not very well-known. It’s a regional store called Steinbeck’s and they had a shoe department. They had a cosmetic counter like Macy’s has. I remember a pivotal moment in my life, a significant moment in my life. I was selling shoes, best shoe salesmen they ever had. Someone came in with an odd size shoe, mostly ladies’ shoes. I would say I’ll bring out every pair that I have in that size. I’d come out with both hands piled high with fifteen pairs. I learned to not understand expectations and reach them. Exceed expectations, do more than people want, expect and you’ll create not customers but zealots and raving fans. I learned that early on because I could see the look on people’s faces. They would buy multiple pairs of shoes. It was great, out of reciprocity and they were grateful.

There were a lot of things at play as to why they did that. The pivotal moment though was I said, “It’s time for me to go into selling professionally.” I was 21 years old at the time and I applied for many jobs. There was a local copier company called Schiff-Charney, been around for 80 years, multiple generations. I remember applying for the job and there was a tall woman who worked in the cosmetic center, her name was Brooke. You have to understand, I’m 21 years old, we’re years ago. I remember the conversation. She was taller than me, very tall, Lincoln model. I said, “Brooke, I want you to know if I get this job at Schiff-Charney, this will be the start of the rest of my life. I will commit to this like I’ve never committed to anything.” I actually had tears in my eyes. It was so much in my heart. I was so committed to what I was saying and bought into what I was saying that literally I had tears in my eyes. As the story goes, I have a dream. This is 100% true. It never happened before or after. The guy I interviewed with was the vice president. John Keenan was the president.

The day of when they were going to tell me whether I got the job or not, I had a dream that night that I got the call from Earl and he said, “Mike, it was between you and another guy. The other guy had experience and we decided to go with him.” The moment that dream was over and I felt that sadness, the phone rang and he said, “Mike, this is Earl.” I literally thought, “Why are you calling me back?” I thoroughly believed my dream was real. It never happened before or after. He said, “Mike,” and he goes through the same scenario. Totally, it’s like a déjà vu dream, goes over the same exact thing. He said, “Mike, I want you to know that it was really close between you and this other guy. He had more experience.” I’m thinking, “Why are you telling me this, Earl? You already told me this before.” “Really?” That’s what’s literally going through my head and he said, “Mike, we decided to go with you.” Here’s what he said. I never forget it years ago. He said, “We consider you a diamond in the rough.” Those were the words. I was certainly a diamond in the rough and then the career was launched working for another company. Something very traumatic happened that caused me to launch my own company.

The fact that you had a dream foretold the future, most people would say, “Of course you did. That’s the way life works.” Back then, I’m sure that was not the case. I’m sure people might call you crazy if you were to talk a little bit about it that way. You and I have had many conversations, we’ll have many more. I’ll tell you the story similar to yours of my uncle Steven passing away and then coming to visit me after he died. That wasn’t the best part of the story. The best part of the story is many years later I came to find out that I was not the only one he came to visit that night. When I re-told the story to my mom and my sister, they said exactly the same thing. We compared how he was dressed. That’s something that years ago people wouldn’t believe. You hear stories like that all the time and they’re almost common. The fact that you are so tuned in, that’s the most important thing that I took away. You are tuned in to the universe in such a way that you were able to see things. Granted it wasn’t true, which was great but that was simply your insecurities at the time showing, which I know that you took care of many years later. Tell me a little bit about the story about appearing and Harvey Mackay’s book. I know you were written up in his book. How did that affect your life?

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The story behind that was when I started working at 21 years old for this copier company, I had no professional sales experience whatsoever. You probably have a lot of readers who are starting something new and they’re like, “I’m not good at this.” You get good at it and keep improving. That’s what you do. I’m a big model person, so find the model, the guy who’s the best or the woman who’s the best in the business. Model what they do and fast track your success. What I did was listening to audio tapes and reading books, constantly improving my skill set. The first book I ever read was Zig Ziglar’s book, See You at the Top. Later on, I got to meet him and he became a customer of mine with a product I created. That was a dream. Here I am selling for this company and breaking all types of records, the manufacturer’s Savin at the time, we took on Xerox and started the major breakdown of Xerox Corporation in terms of they never had competition in the copier business.

Savin was the first one to take them on head on and start winning. Savin had a newsletter called The Great Vine and they had written me up because I was selling so many machines and that was all due to the part of my work ethic and I constantly improve my skill. I think that’s the apex of success. Keep getting better at what you do. Whoever you have to talk to, whatever you have to watch, whatever you have to listen to, redo that every day, get incrementally better and call one more prospect. That’s the equation. I was doing all that. Within a year, they gave me my own branch office at 22 years old in a very remote area called Bridgeton, New Jersey, Vineland, New Jersey. It was very rural but they said, “Here you’ve got these counties, make it work.” They gave me a service manager who worked with me, Jim Morlan. Very long story short, I found out through my reading, which I was always doing, about what’s happening in the industry. What do I have to do to improve skill wise, that guys that were selling what I was selling in terms of the number of units, we’re making $70,000 on average?

In this one report, this one article, they said, “If you’re good at copier sales and you sell this many units a month, you’re going to make $25,000 a year. If you’re a really good, you’re going to make $50,000. If you’re excellent, top shelf, you’re going to make $75,000 or over.” While I was selling the number of units that were top producers, but I was being paid like I was the bottom producer. What I did was I started calling around other copier companies to see how they paid, not to leave but to be armed with the right ammunition to talk to my boss and say, “I want to be fairly compensated. I love what I’m doing, love the company, love the opportunity,” and what happened is the service manager saw the notes on my desk that I was talking to other copier companies. The president, vice president and service director set me up on a Friday and said, “We have a big deal in your territory on Monday. We’re all coming up to go on this appointment with you,” and they came up and they fired me.

They stole my briefcase. I pin the president against the wall, his name was John. I don’t curse but I did curse then. I said, “Give me back my attaché case,” and the state police were in the same office complex that we’re in. They came in and they took the briefcase as evidence and took it away. They thought I was going to steal all my commission claim vouchers, take those leads and sell them with this other company, which I had no intention to. They fired me. I went around with my dad, who was a great mentor of mine and we called other copier companies to say, “We want to partner with you. We’ll sell your equipment. I’ll be a business broker,” and that’s how I started.

This terrible event of being fired, accused of stealing leads and maybe using them with another company, the tragedy of that, the way you must have felt, the way your parents must have felt, became the blessing of your life at the time, didn’t it?

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Yeah. It’s interesting you said that clicked in my mind, the fire became the desire. When I got fired, I got the desire to go out and do it for myself. To answer your original question, that’s Harvey Mackay’s book, We Got Fired! and it’s the best thing that ever happened to us. There were tons of famous people in that book, the founder of Home Depot, Donald Trump was in the book and Bloomberg. All the people that got fired that rose from the ashes, tragedy to triumph, however you want to look at it, became super successful as a result of being fired. Harvey, we became friendly and he said, “I want to make you famous. I’m going to put you in this book with these other famous people because I love your story of getting fired and how you turned that into something really positive.” Like you said, it’s a blessing.

Harvey Mackay was one of my early teachers as well. I didn’t know him but I studied his books and I loved everything he talked about. I was in sales at the time that I was studying his materials and while he was selling envelopes, I was selling semiconductors. I was such a good student back then I would literally copy out of the book with a long hand with a pen and paper. I literally repeat the closing comments and the way he structured to close word for word. I made it work in my own world. He was a very big teacher for me. There’s another guy named Tom Peters, but that’s another story. Tell us the story of you, Michael, having this great company. For readers, I know that all of us are in a position where we want to start companies or we have started companies, but you know that the real reward for starting is selling the company. The entrepreneurial dream is to become that multimillionaire after building something with your own sweat equity and hard work, to finally turn into millions of dollars. Tell us how that happened for you.

My claim to fame was Donald Trump was my largest client. I sold millions and millions of dollars to Donald. I know we’ll probably be talking about this, but I was on the TV show, American Gladiators, and there were rumors for years. Every casino he had, the Taj Mahal, which was the biggest, most expensive casino in the world during that time, Trump Plaza, Trump Castle and Trump Regency. Four of their casinos were our clients. We did over $1 million a year years ago. At the end of the day, there were rumors going around that he was going to file bankruptcy. I got selected to be on this TV show, which is a re-spun dream. I’m out there competing, living my dream and the rumors become a reality. He files bankruptcy. I closed the week before the Taj Mahal deal for $379,000 in cash. I couldn’t get the paper approved.

The leasing company would accept to buy the paper. I had to fund it myself and gave him terms. If it went into bankruptcy, I would only get $0.10. Being a small company at the time, that would just bury me. I had to craft a letter to Donald and all of his executive team in a way that wouldn’t allow them to say no to my offer. There are some egos there and you can’t tell them what to do. You have to lead them. I said, “I’m the only exclusive Sharp dealer and all your casinos use my equipment. If I don’t get paid in full, I won’t be able to service all your equipment. I don’t know how we’re going to handle that.” I got paid dollar for dollar. That was big. It was during the sale of the company. Companies were being acquired by two major entities.

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We Got Fired!: . . . And It’s the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Us

There were more but two major ones, Danka Industries, which was a British company but headquartered in the US outside of Tampa, and then Outgrow Standard, which became IKON Office Solutions. It’s the second line and that was a multibillion dollar a year company. What I did was I positioned both companies against each other in a professional way, not in a negative way but in a way to raise the stakes. Both of them wanted my company and the stakes kept getting higher. Eventually, Outgrow Standard become as IKON, bought my company. I did what you have to do, Mitch. When you sell your company in February in New Jersey, there’s a law that says you must move to Florida and I’m not one to break the law.

It was a smart move on both parts. You must have been what they call unconscious confidence. You had the ability to read people and set up the situation to create that auction, where you are able to get the best price. I admire you for that. I actually did something very similar when I sold my company too. What’s amazing about all of this is that you did it in the harshest environment possible and one of the most competitive businesses back then. The copy industry was such a cutthroat business. It’s competitive that you were able to do that and create a company that others wanted to pay multiple millions of dollars to buy. That is extraordinary and congratulations on that.

I appreciate that. Thank you.

How did you end up as a contestant on American Gladiators?

I’m happy that I lived to tell the story. In fact, when I do keynotes around the world, they would tee it up with, “Mike looks a little familiar. Maybe it’s because you saw him on the nationally televised show, American Gladiators.” I notice he didn’t say how we did. I’d come up on stage and I say, “The number one question I get is, how did I do? Before I answer that, can I see by a show of hands how many of you are familiar with the show, American Gladiators?” Pretty much everyone raises their hand. I say, “This last question I’m going to ask you before I tell you how I did is, how many of you remember seeing me compete on the show?” I say, “Look around. No one’s raising their hand. In that case, that’s easy. I won the national championship.” The truth of the matter is I got my butt kicked. Here’s the interesting thing. We look back and we reflect on our lives of lessons that we learned that we didn’t understand at the time.

It was 7:00 at night. I was working late as I typically did in my office. My general manager was right by my side as he typically was. His name was David Greenspan. David pokes his head in my office and said, “Are you busy?” I said, “No.” I was sitting at my desk. I came across my office and sat in the couch. He sat in a chair and we just started talking. We had one of those after 7:00 conversations that you do let your hair down, pull your tie down and talk about life. I started talking about life and we started talking about dreams. My dream as a child was to be a professional athlete. I adore sports. I adore the competitive nature of sports, everything about it. I love to win, hate to lose, all those things. I tell people I would have been a professional football player had I been faster, stronger, more agile and tougher, but other than that, I was perfect. We talked, I told him my dream, he told me about his and he left. Three weeks later, he comes to my office with a video cassette.

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It was a video cassette of a new TV show called American Gladiators. He said, “Mike, you told me what your dream was. I think you can re-spin your dream and still live it out by being on this competitive athletic show. It’s total athleticism, it’s competition and six million viewers. It’s everything you want. Re-spun a dream that you could still live out at 36 years old. Let’s go in the back to the service department where we have that all-in-one VCR TV and let’s watch what American Gladiators is all about. You’ve got to see this show.” He turns it on and I’m watching these huge 300-pound behemoth crush these unsuspecting contestants. He looks at me. He says, “Mike, that could be you.” Should I be excited about that? Maybe I didn’t give him a raise or a promotion that he thought he deserved or something. I remember two things I felt at that moment. I think everyone feels this way, when they’re thinking about stepping into the unknown. It’s something that they want to do but they’re fearful of doing.

That’s exactly what I felt at that moment. I was so exhilarated. I was so excited. I was so pumped that I can actually be on this show and then I got scared to death. No way I could do that. I would embarrass myself. How can I climb the wall? How can I compete? I was 36 at the time. All these contestants are in their twenties. I started pounding away in my head and I said, “No way I can do this.” That self-talk couldn’t have been more damaging at that moment. Literally, that moment killed my dream and because of that, I came up with every excuse in the world. There were tryouts throughout the country. I told him, “David, I can’t try out. I’m busy that day.” I came up with every excuse in the world. I told him I couldn’t do it. Here’s the end of the story. The following year, who comes back in my office with another video cassette? David Greenspan. It says, “Season two.”

This year, the tryouts are not someplace we have to fly to. They’re in New York. “We can make a weekend trip, you, me and Frank,” who was my sales manager, “and we can go up there. It was at the coliseum. Five thousand people tried out. Only two made it. Let’s go there and let’s do this. Let’s have some fun. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Let’s have a little party, a little fun.” What was crazy about this was he was chasing my dream for me. I thought that my success was all mine my entire life. I realized that’s not true. There are always people who step into your life. They support, encourage, breathe confidence into you when you don’t have it. They’ll push you, pull you, prod you and grovel with you to do something that they know will fill you up when you’re not even sure about it yourself, but they know that you want it and they’ll help you get it.

They believe in you. That’s the key piece here. If he didn’t believe in you, he would have never been bringing video cassettes in to show you. You’ve got on the show. That’s amazing too, to have even qualified is amazing.

It wasn’t luck. I would bet money that I’d be on the show, not in a cocky way but in a way that as an enterprise sales expert, I applied the same principles that I teach and I coach on. How to increase the chances when you’re one in ten vendors, how to put 90%, 80%, 70% of the likelihood of you getting the business at certainly good solid margins without dropping your drawers price-wise. How do you do that? I applied those same principles to get on the TV show.

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Getting Fired: It’s frightening sometimes when you’re in business for yourself. You do it all but you don’t have all the answers.


Michael, you talked a lot about having started a company at 21, selling it and becoming a multimillionaire, then getting on American Gladiator a little bit later in your life. The agony in defeat and the courage to do that. That’s amazing. Even to get on and lose. What did you get from that more than anything else? You’ve got the chance to tell the story and prove to yourself that you could do it, which is what all of us are all about. Every single day, the challenge that we must overcome is getting over our fears and our concerns that we’re not good enough or that we can’t get done what we need to or want to. There are so many of us who live a life of dreaming of where we could be or want to be and don’t take that next step. Michael, you did. I applaud you for that.

Thank you so much. It was tough. When I was out there, I said, “What am I doing?” Sometimes you just have to jump in. If you live to tell the story, it’s a story worth telling. I’m certainly glad I did it.

You’re doing something that I would call innovative and valuable. From what I understand from our previous conversations, you’ve started to put together a network of masterminds all over the country. Readers, if you don’t know what a mastermind is, it’s probably one of the powerful business tools I’ve ever discovered. It was a part of Napoleon Hill’s book when he wrote Think and Grow Rich. On top of that, they are very expensive. Joe Polish has his fantastic mastermind. It costs $25,000 a year for three or four meetings a year. What Michael has done is he has brought the price down to the point that everybody can afford them. He is specializing in individual categories for different types of professions. You want to tell us a little bit more about this?

Thank you for bringing that up. We think it’s a game changer. As a solopreneur, we were like silos. It’s frightening sometimes when you’re in business for yourself. We hear the saying that you’re a chief cook and bottle washer, we do it all but we don’t have all the answers. We misstep because we don’t know where to get the answers. Because of cashflow, we can’t afford a coach or a consultant to come in at $2,000, $3,000 or $5,000 a month necessarily, but we still need answers. I said, “How can I help small business owners that want answers from experts? People who have walked in their shoes and had challenges like they’ve had, to avoid the potholes of life, to step over around them.”

That’s what these masterminds are about. There are two groups. There are sales professionals and that could include real estate agents, insurance agents, financial planners, advisers and anyone that sells anything would be in that group. They all share similar challenges as well as opportunities. How do you get to that next level? You have the C-level executives. They share a different set of challenges and different goals. They may have certain processes and systems within the organization that aren’t working. They may have a trouble with social media. Whatever their unique challenges are at the C-level, those peer to peer groups help them solve, avoid problems that would be very costly in terms of time and also money.

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Michael, we’re at the point where we get to every single guest and I like to ask a couple of very special questions. The purpose of this next question I’m going to ask you is to help us as readers understand who you are, what you care about and what your vision is. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

I would say Abraham Lincoln.

Tell me why.

A few reasons. He was probably, in my opinion, the greatest president that ever lived. He was able to move people with their heart. He was strong and yet sensitive. He was an incredible communicator. The Emancipation Proclamation, one of the shortest, yet most compelling documents ever written, that he could say something so powerfully in so few words is remarkable. As speakers and writers, we know that’s always the goal. He cared deeply about people and that’s who I am. That’s why I relate to him. A lot of people know but some people don’t know that his story was a story of failure to eventually become president. He failed all the way up.

He had major guts and depression’s not him but people, his wife and his career has had been spotted with failure after failure for political office. He literally failed his way to success to the highest office in the world. When he was there, he did things that literally changed the shape of America. He did it with honesty, he did it with integrity and he did it with great leadership. He did it with sensitivity and he did it in a short period of time. To me, all those things are admirable. I would love to get inside his heart and his head and find out what guided him through those decisions and through the vision that he had for America.

Michael, if I can arrange that meeting, I’d like to take a stroll with both of you and just be a fly on the wall listening. The next question is what I call the grand finale question. It’s the change the world question. What is it that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

I’m glad you asked and we have talked about this a little bit. We had a coffee at Starbucks, not even knowing this question was going to be asked. I was invited by a very successful entrepreneur. His name is Mack Anderson. Many companies he bought and started and sold, and he invited me up to Nashville, Tennessee. He started a company within a large company. The large company was Northwestern. The company he started within one of the Northwestern companies is called Inspired Kindness. What I would like to do as a big part of my life moving forward is be part of that where I can be a catalyst of inspiring kindness, making the world a kinder place one intentional act of kindness at a time, not random act of kindness. By helping people become intentional about paying someone a sincere compliment, about buying someone’s dinner, about opening the door for someone that’s maybe fifteen feet away and staying there until they get there.

Maybe helping an elderly person put the groceries in their trunk, being aware of these things and doing these things. Constantly practicing random acts and intentional acts of kindness where it’s top of mind. It’s part of our to-do list. 9/11, we caught a glimpse of that. It’s both tragic and hopeful that we would have to be brought to our knees with an event like 9/11, be stripped down of everything that we have in terms of ego, money, fame, fortune. Nothing mattered except we were frail human beings and we’re all about loving kindness right after 9/11. We get away from that. The world dictates who we are after that. We lose sight of the fact that we’re human beings here co-existing on a planet. I want to be a catalyst in creating a firestorm of awareness, action, doing kind acts and having people follow suit.

Readers, if this resonates with you at any level at all, I’d like you to get a hold of Michael. I’d like you to reach out to him and tell him that you’d like to help. I know he will appreciate it, number one. Number two, this moment in time when you read Michael describe this might be the moment that changes your life. Thank you very much, Michael. We promised readers a free gift. I understand that you have a very special eBook. Can you tell us a little bit about it?

Everything happens. Thank you for bringing that up. Thank you for having me on this show, for having people what’s in my heart with this kindness initiative and this kindness mission that I’m on. I would love people to call and say, “How can I help create a kinder world for themselves and for their children and grandchildren?” The book. Nothing happens without a dream and a dream doesn’t happen without goals. It’s 7.5 Steps to Achieving Extraordinary Goals. Not just ordinary, extraordinary. Goals beyond what you think you can do because you can do it. You’re only limited your self-limiting beliefs, the limits that you put on yourself. I created what I think is the shortest and most comprehensive guide eBook that will help people get super clear on what they need to do, step by step to reaching their goals that are extraordinary, that will change their lives and the lives of others. That’s a free download on my website, Mitch.

Michael, thank you so much for the time we spent together. Not only did I enjoy it, I learned something as I always do. I can’t wait until we get a chance to talk again soon.

Thank you, Mitch. I love it and I hope your audience got something very valuable from it as well.

I’m sure they did.

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