129: Building Your Email List with Navid Moazzez


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Navid Moazzez started out as a low-level bank employee. After stumbling across personal development and entrepreneurship, he realized there had to be a better way. He took the winding road until he hit upon his big idea. He is the CEO of Virtual Summit Mastery now with thousands of students who generate hundreds of thousands of email subscribers every month. Navid teaches how you could grow your business by building your email list.

Building Your Email List with Navid Moazzez

You’re about to meet a very special gentleman. He started out as a low-level bank employee and realized there had to be a better way. He took the winding road until he hit upon his big idea. He is the CEO of Virtual Summit Mastery with thousands of students who generate hundreds of thousands of email subscribers every month. He’s going to help us learn exactly how we could do that too. Welcome, Navid Moazzez, to the show.

Thanks so much for having me. It’s a pleasure being on

Tell us a little bit about how you got started in all of this.

I started as a low-level bank employee. I was in law school first after I graduated from high school. I got right into law school and then I got a part-time job at a bank. I was able to get by. A few years into my law school journey, I thought I was going to become this hotshot lawyer. That’s what I was expected to do. My dad is from Iran and my mom is from Sweden. From an Iranian dad’s perspective, I was expected to become either a lawyer, a doctor, a dentist or an engineer. I didn’t get into some of these other professions. I got into becoming a lawyer in law school. A few years in I didn’t want to do this anymore. I stumble across personal development, entrepreneurship and all of that. I’ve read The 4-Hour Workweek. That was one of my first ways into this world and that was a few years back. Took me some time and I procrastinated a lot. I started my site after my younger brother, unfortunately, passed away. That was years ago and then a few months after that, I decided to start my website, NavidMoazzez.com, which leads me to what I’m doing. It was a lot of ups and downs to get that point.

Like all of us, you don’t know what you’re going to end up doing until you get started doing something. Being attracted to personal development, particularly how long ago was that?

An expert is just someone who knows a little bit more than someone else. Click To Tweet

Maybe in 2010 even, I got into some of the personal development. I was not even so sure I was going to do entrepreneurship. I didn’t think I was in line to do this. I don’t come from a family where entrepreneurship is very common or anything like that. My dad is a doctor. He’s from Iran. My mom is a teacher, so I was not meant to do this. I decided to go this unconventional route. I’m very happy I decided to pursue it despite all the ups and downs I had to face along the way.

Navid, you were meant to do this and so is everybody reading this blog. There is something you are meant to do and until it feels right to you, keep looking and keep experimenting. Like Navid and myself, it will eventually become your passion. Navid, I know this is your passion. Tell us a little bit more about what happened when you made that decision.

First, we think we might not be meant to do something. As I said, my younger brother unfortunately suddenly passed away and that was a big shock to both me and my family. I had to make something work. I made this commitment to both myself, my family, and my brother. I would do this no matter what, even if it takes me years. We are in May 2013 at that time and I just made a commitment. Eventually, I did start my website, and it took me another month or two. In June 2013, I started my website. I didn’t have any experience. I decided just to document my journey. In the beginning, I did some interviews. I reached out to Pat Flynn and that was my first ever interview. It was just my website, it was not even a podcast at a time or anything like that. I continued to blog, I continued to do some podcasts, built relationships, which was important for me. I connected with a lot of entrepreneurs. I built it up from zero, so to speak.

I started eventually a podcast for this website and interviewed some more people. I saw the pain point for me. I wasn’t growing my business that much or my email list. I decided to look in other ways. I only had a few hundred subscribers from doing this. I wanted to see what else I could be doing. I saw other people doing these virtual summits in the health space. That’s what I stumbled across. They are growing their email list so quickly by having these free online events featuring multiple experts, twenty to 30 speakers on those events over a few days. I was like, “I can do this on the topic I was interested in.” At the time, I was talking a lot about personal branding. I did the summit on that topic. From there, my business took off and I figured out how to do this.

FTC 129 | Building Your Email List
The 4-Hour Workweek

From my perspective, you are still experimenting. You are still trying to find your way. You hit upon something that is very hard and that’s personal branding. You decided that you would build the business around something that I don’t think most people would want to start. Probably they don’t even have a personal brand. Did you have a personal brand when you started this?

I had some personal brand. I was helping some people. An expert from my perspective is just someone who knows a little bit more than someone else. I could help people, but I honestly didn’t want to position myself as someone. I hadn’t been doing it for years so I couldn’t say I’m this super expert or super authority on something I wasn’t. That’s why I was drawn to featuring experts who had the expertise. I could interview them and pull out their secrets and stuff like that and share with my audience. Some of these experts then promoted my online event, my virtual summit to their audience. I was able to grow. Before that summit, I only have probably 900 to 1,000 email subscribers that came after eighteen months of blogging, podcasting, posting on social media, and stuff like that. There were a lot of traditional methods I was using, which still is fine. I like podcasting. I like all of this. It was just not the best list builder for me at the time. I decided to host this summit. That grew over a few days. It was able to generate that 3,000 email subscribers and $20,000 in profit. I quit my job there as well and moved abroad too. I’m from Sweden originally, but I live in London now and lived all over the world.

The banking community must have been shocked to find out that they lost you.

I was not the best employee, I must admit here. Hopefully, they’re not listening to this but honestly, I don’t think they missed me so much. They were more jealous because I got some flowers, things like that when I quit, which was a little surprise. They probably don’t miss me too much, but they are more maybe jealous of what I was able to do with my life and business.

Now they’re going to come looking for a job from you so be careful there. You started experimenting with this whole personal summit thing. What is your prime business today?

We have different revenue streams. One of them is we host virtual summits ourselves. We’re not just only teaching it then helping our clients and students. We have done tens of thousands of email subscribers and generating well over $1 million just from hosting our summits. That’s not only from selling the all-access pass when people all sign up for free. We also have this summit as a product, that’s one revenue stream. We also have a back-end beyond that that resell my Virtual Summit Mastery Program, which is more of a premium implementation program. We also have smaller programs here and there which are lower-priced which we generate money from. We also have high-level coaching and stuff like that and affiliate marketing. I make each year six figures from just affiliate marketing, promoting tools and sometimes relevant products to my audience. That’s also the very good revenue stream. That comes from having a very engaged email list of buyers. I build those lists primarily for my summits and that have a very long lifetime value so to speak.

It doesn't really matter what tool you use. Being comfortable with the tool is the most important thing. Click To Tweet

Since you mentioned it, let’s touch on affiliate marketing. Many of us have the opportunity to do it. I’m probably speaking just for myself, sometimes I feel embarrassed promoting something with an affiliate link. I’m wondering if other people feel the same way. What advice would you have for me and for others who decided not to do it because it feels a little weird?

That’s a great question because I pride myself with this. I know there are some other people in the space, but a lot of people also sometimes just promote things because they make money. I’m not that way. I promote things that I have some personal experience or some results with. I tend to even write epic reviews on tools. Let’s say I’m using ActiveCampaign in my business for my marketing email automation. Then I might write an epic review on this. Another tool I did was RightMessage. I don’t know if you know about this tool, but it can personalize your website. We started using that and we wrote a review on the tool. That doesn’t feel spammy when you’re sending this to people, “Check out my epic review if you’re interested, you can get a 30-day trial.”

I build relationships with these founders. I also sometimes get better deals for my audience and my students. I do the same with courses and programs that I’d take from let’s say other influencers like Ask Method of Ryan Levesque. I’ve taken that program before, then I might promote that. I’m one of the best affiliates for that program. That’s the way I do it. I always share my personal experience. I don’t just send any Swipe. They provide that for launches. I don’t do that. You might get a ton of emails sometimes for these launches. I try to customize, so it’s based on my experience. That’s very important for succeeding with affiliate marketing when it’s very competitive and everyone just tries to make some money from it.

In my other life, I do this all the time. I’m an award-winning landscape photographer. I travel over the world. I immerse myself in other cultures and then photograph for weeks at a time. When I come back, I write blog posts about my travels, which can be found at MitchRussoTravels.com. Interestingly, I love to write reviews of photo software. There are no Swipe files involved. There’s none of the real heavy-duty promotion stuff. I just love to immerse myself in the software, write a review and put my affiliate links directly in the review itself. Since you talked about it that way, it has changed my perspective. I’m glad we had this conversation.

One other thing I forgot to mention is that these launches and stuff like that you might see from my affiliate promotion, they’re great for some. If you have a good list, you can definitely promote stuff like that. I like the evergreen stuff. If I write a review about a tool or even a course or product, that can generate money ongoing. This year I wasn’t even sending an email for one I want to launch and I still finished as one of the top affiliates for that promotion. I just had one video out there on YouTube which ranks high and then I have one written review. It ranks as one of the top on Google. That was it and the other people they send like five, six, ten emails. I was sitting there sending zero emails for that promotion. I still cashed in on it. That was pretty fun. That was cool to see.

FTC 129 | Building Your Email List
Building Your Email List: If you have a good email list, you can definitely promote launches and stuff like that.


There are so many different ways to get the word out there. The traditional ways, not always the best as you’ve just proven. Thank you, Navid, for mentioning that. Let’s talk a little bit about how our audience can build their email list. Where would they start?

There are a ton of different ways. Some conventional ways might be to include content upgrades in your blog posts and even do a webinar which we are using too. If you want to accelerate your list growth quickly and also build a very engaged email list of buyers, which you all want not just a random stranger on the list, they want to buy from you too, hosting a virtual summit is one of the best ways to go about it. My students have generated hundreds of thousands of email subscribers and millions of dollars in revenue. It works in any market. It works at any stage of business to do this. I can get into more how to do it because this show is about that. Personally, I build my list up with this and getting my first thousand customers from implementing this strategy in my business.

For those of us who don’t know what a virtual summit is, why don’t you start by telling us exactly what is a virtual summit?

Think about an offline conference. You have multiple speakers probably at a conference like that. You have multiple sessions, that might be over a few days. The summits we do, they are over five days. You have twenty, 30 speakers on there. They’re available during the summit for a limited time, usually 24 to 48 hours. You also have an all-access pass option, which includes the recordings of the summit. Plus, it includes some bonuses and you just make the offer irresistible. It can work well to sell. It depends on the market but it’s the $67 to $97 price point. I do have some students who sell at a lower price. I do have some students who sell at a higher price point. That’s the gist of how it works. For example, if someone signs up from the registration page for the summit, you get an opt-in when they sign in. You can upgrade them to an all-access pass there. It’s typically a good percentage of people, a good percentage of around 6% to 10% will upgrade to an all-access pass there. That’s how you build your list of buyers pretty fast. Over time, even more people will turn into customers for your other offerings. If you have a backend, you promote affiliate offers and so on. That’s how this funnel works.

The thing that I want to be clear on is that the virtual summit model is all about people who tune in for free to listen to these experts. If they’re not there live when the expert is on, then they have to buy the all-access pass, which is the recordings of that and all the other experts at the same time.

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A lot of people upgrade instantly even without checking out the sessions because they see the offer is so good. They want to dive in immediately. They can pre-record the session, you can mix in some live sessions too. A lot of my students, they start with pre-recorded because it’s easier to schedule us with a podcast. It’s much easier than doing all live sessions that would take a lot longer time.

What is it that people charge for the all-access pass typically?

It depends on the market, but $67 is our one-time offer. That’s right when they hit that offer page after they sign up for the summit. They get presented an offer for $67. After a certain period of time, we have tested a few different times there, but we do it after fifteen minutes, it goes up to $97. This pricing is very strategic. It depends on your top market, your topic, and how you positioned the summit. This has worked very well for us and some other markets we have worked with.

When you charge $67 or $97, does any of that money go to the speakers who were on the summit directly?

Only if they make sales. Let’s say this speaker promotes the summit to their email list or on social media for example, and they have an affiliate link to do that. You need an affiliate. You have an affiliate platform to provide them with a link and then they promote it. If they get a sale, then you have to pay them a 50% commission. That’s how it works. We have also done that for the backend. Let’s say we have a product that we are selling after the summit too, which is more expensive then they can provide the speakers even more incentives for doing that. Let’s say paying them 40% commission or promoting a backend product. Without even promoting it, they just promote the summit but then they are cookied or tracked with this affiliate link. You can pay them afterwards if they happen to drive the sale.

FTC 129 | Building Your Email List
Building Your Email List: We actually take one summit and turn them into many pieces of content.


Once again, what I’m hearing is that people who come and are guests on summits do it for free. They want the exposure, I would assume, the chance to potentially sign up a new client. If they promote your summit to their list and someone on their list buys a virtual all-access pass, then they get half of the money because it came from their list. Is that right?

Exactly. As you said, we don’t pay the speakers. There might be some exceptions if you wanted like a celebrity speaker. We had very high-level influencers on our summits. We don’t pay them, but we try to make it a win for them to participate. That’s very important. We try to give them exposure. They can provide their lead magnet for this virtual summit. We intend to automate even the summit sometimes and turn them evergreen or even repurpose all of that content. We have something called the BSM multiplier methods. We take one summit and turn them into many pieces of content. Some clients are implementing this and churning out a lot of content from just one summit they’ve hosted.

Every time somebody does a summit, it seems to be a little bit different. There’s another woman who teaches this and she has a very specific formula. It’s a five-day marketing formula and it takes people through the entire process in her training, which I liked. It made a lot of sense. What I like about what you’re saying is that you have all of the pieces worked out. Tell us about automation. What automation do you use to make sure that there’s this little manual work as possible?

We use email automation, ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign. I personally use ActiveCampaign because it’s a little more advanced. A lot of students use ConvertKit. We can automate the entire summit even for our students. We give them all the automation and everything they need to do this. You can just import with these tools. You can just click a button and you can import a full automation there. We personally use WordPress for our site with Thrive Architect and our pages are built there. We even have templates design and stuff like that. Some students use ClickFunnels. That doesn’t matter what tool you use. Being comfortable with the tool is the most important. We make sure that everything is as automated as it can be. Another great tool we use for increasing the conversions is called Deadline Funnel. It just ensures that when people hit that one-time offer page, it expires after let’s say fifteen minutes to an hour, whatever you set there. It expires, then it goes to the $97 offer instead. They only have fifteen minutes to purchase after they opt-in. We had a six-figure summit before we even got into starting the summit by just implementing that little change. I thought I was losing revenue by doing this but I made a lot more by making that change and having the lower price point of $67 on that offer page after people opt-in.

Navid, I have always struggled with building an email list. This might be the solution that I’m going to choose as well. Navid, let’s go through the steps. Step one is I decided to have a summit. Step two, I’m going to guess is I put together a list of all the people I’d like to have on my summit. What’s step three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten?

If you want to position yourself as the go-to expert, you need to go as narrow as you need to go. Click To Tweet

You mentioned the free gifts, so in one of them there up in downloads you can see the seven steps. I can get into them now. The first thing as you said is to decide to do it. You need to define your profitable virtual summit topic or theme. Make sure it’s specific. That’s one of the biggest mistake people make. They go too broad and they’re not specific enough. You need to position your summit, come up with the unique code for your summit. Some industries have more summits than others. Even for anything like podcasts and stuff like that, you need to make sure you position it. Step two, as you alluded to, that’s with connecting and partnering with influencers. That’s your influence strategy. You’re just going to start identifying who you want to have on this summit.

It’s important you’re going for the right speakers and not only the biggest names in your industry. If you only go for these people, most likely especially as you’re starting out here, then you’re not going to get that many opt-ins because these people are very busy. You might not have the relationship figured out. You can get to that stage, but having a good mix of the A-listers, B-listers, and C-listers, even celebrity influencers, trusted authorities, and up and comers, as I like to call them too. Then it’s going to be a lot easier. Trusted authorities and up and comers, they are much more likely to be more involved in or summit. They’re going to be more likely to share it out. It’s easier for you to add a lot of value to them too, as they come to your summit. Therefore, you can maybe even get on a call with them. Build that relationship up a little bit for your summit so you can get them to potentially share that.

A lot of opt-ins from a summit or a lot of email subscribers comes from the speakers. Especially, if you don’t have much of an audience yet, there are a lot of resources to do other things. That’s step two with the influencer strategy. Step three is to build your summit website and funnel. That going to have all the pages that go in as quite involved, but just use a tool like we use, for example, Thrive Architect. For WordPress, you can use Click Funnels too for building the pages out. It’s important to get the structure right there so they convert very well. You might have seen one. I can even link up a student’s a summit if you want to that’s live, whatever you want me to go and get into here.

If you feel that those details are important to lay out the steps, I would love to hear them. I’m all ears.

I’ll go a little quickly through the steps. They’re also detailed. I have a non-opt-in gift as I said. It’s like a full 16,000-plus word guide on how to do a summit. You can definitely check that out. You can sit down and drink your coffee with your friends and rad that. We’re going through the steps. Step three is to build a website and funnel. Step four is to record your sessions and get your studio set up. Use a webcam like Logitech C920, a simple microphone like Audio Technica ATR 2100 is a solid choice for that. You can use Zoom, you can use Skype, you can use Google Hangouts on-air or YouTube live for recording the sessions. These are all solid choices. Just pick one you like and it the video for a summit needs to be of a little bit higher value. You can also repurpose it in more ways if it’s video. You also build a better connection with that speaker. You have it on there and your audience can also check it out there. That’s how the way we do summits are different, they’re not just audio.

FTC 129 | Building Your Email List
Building Your Email List: You need to figure out what your 80/20 is and where you want to put your leverage for your promotion.


Step five is the delivery of your summit to the emails and the automation. All of that goes in there. You might need something like ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign to automate this setting up the emails you need. The welcome email for your summit, the purchase emails for the shopping cart and affiliate system. I use ThriveCart and that’s fantastic. I love it, I’ve used it for over a year myself and that’s what we use for that. It’s super simple to set that up. For the membership platform, you can use WordPress for that if you want to with a membership plugin. Otherwise, Teachable or Thinkific, they’re all solid choices for just membership. We separate the free summit from the paid one. That’s very important, otherwise, you’re going to have a lot of people trying to log in to a membership site for a free summit and then you got to lose viewership. You’re not going to add as much value through your speakers, so that’s why it’s good to separate. Also, if you want to turn it evergreen later is very beneficial.

Then we come into step six, which is exciting. How do you promote it? How do you launch your summit? Here’s the important to go into the 80/20 of what vehicle should you use to promote your summit to get the maximum results. We had an email list. We decided to leverage my own email list. We leveraged our speakers and we leverage a little bit of Facebook ads for a summit that I hosted, that generated over 26,000 email subscribers and 2,100 customers in 30 days. That’s all three. We didn’t do publicity. We didn’t do a full podcast outreach campaign. We didn’t do so many other things than this, but you need to figure out what your 80/20 is and where you want to put your leverage for your promotion.

You mentioned that you’re leveraging the email list of your guests. You’re talking about a little bit different way of bringing people to the summit. You talked briefly about Facebook ads. How much money do you allocate towards spending advertising dollars on your summit?

Honestly, you don’t need to allocate a lot. If you’re starting out, then I would just focus mainly on the speakers. We spent a few thousand dollars for a summit that generated close to 30,000 opt-ins and multiple six-figures of revenue directly during the summit, during this 30-day period when we were running the promotion. I didn’t spend a ton on this. Most bang for the buck with Facebook ads for summits is the retargeting. Let’s say someone opt-ins to your summit but they don’t purchase, then you retarget those people who didn’t purchase. They are still in your warm audience, and that’s going to lead to a lot cheaper conversions. Facebook ads, they are getting more expensive and stuff like that. It’s harder to make cold leads for us. Some might work unless you have a back-end offer, selling something in the $1,000, $2,000 price range afterwards. You know your numbers a little better. Otherwise, you’re going to be struggling a little bit in most markets for Facebook ads. That’s for anything. It’s not just for this. You need to have something higher priced if you’re going to make Facebook ads to the cold audience for it to work. It’s a lot easier with warm audiences, I would say.

Would you say that having a summit with a very general theme is better than having a summit with a very specific theme?

Going into sub-topics is a lot easier than just going for the broader markets. Click To Tweet

Specific wins, hands down. I can give you some examples from this. For example, instead of just hosting a health summit or a fitness summit, one of my students didn’t even just host a strength summit but she hosted the women’s strength summit. You can hear on the name that was not for men, it was just for women by women hosting the summit. That’s pretty much what works better and just diving a little bit deeper. You have maybe your niche but then going into a sub-niche. Maybe even a niche of that, a sub-niche so that works a lot better than just going broad and general. That’s what I’ve seen for sure.

That’s valuable information, Navid. I just wanted to ask, if you are going to host a virtual summit for companies that promote software products to lawyers, would that be specific enough or would you need to break it down even further?

That’s pretty specific, but mainly you can break it. I don’t know what the software for the lawyers would do here. Imagine there are many different lawyers. If this software could help all the lawyers and there’s no competition out there, it could happen if it’s a new software, then I would definitely go for this. If there are a lot of things happening around the topic, then you might have to go further down. One example of this is one of my students he hosted a summit for insurance agents. At that time, there were no online summits for insurance agents. There were probably offline conferences, but he wanted to bring it online. He hosted a general one, insurance agent summit. It’s still specific for the industry but he had many different topics on that summit. As you can see, if there’s not much noise in the industry, then it’s easier also for you. If you want to position yourself as the go-to expert, you need to go as narrow as you need to go here, like depending on the industry, depending on the competition and so on.

The reason I brought up lawyers is that it’s a vertical market. The reason I brought up legal software is that it’s exploding. There are so many great new products out there for lawyers. I built a software company around lawyers. My niche was a time and billing software. You don’t want to have a time and billing software summit because frankly, only one person is going to be interested in only one product. It’s better to have a broader topic. In this way, I have lawyers who are interested in document assembly software, litigation software, even R&D research software, time and billing, accounting. There are so many different types of software. The reason I’m using that as an example again is that in every profession, it’s the same way. The top category, in this case, might be law firms or legal, or health or wellness. The next step down from what I’m hearing sounds like it could be something more specific. Again, when it comes to health and wellness, a ketogenic diet summit. Is that makes sense?

That’s exactly how you would go about the topics and all this. That’s why we have a full process for just that. We noticed a lot of students and a lot of people coming into our world. Let’s say I want it to even get into the online business summit. We could do it but it’s broad. There are a lot of things to cover there. It’s a lot better to go into other sub-topics. Maybe you hosted one on list building. It did well. We are going to host several more in 2019 and beyond. We’re hosting several every year on those topics. We hosted one on event marketing with a partnership I did. We’ve got a host on marketing automation, going into sub-topics. That’s a lot easier than just going for the broader markets for sure.

FTC 129 | Building Your Email List
Building Your Email List: You can actually use the summit to leverage the momentum and grow further.


Are there any other steps that you didn’t cover?

You’re talking about how did I track. One of the summits, we got 26,000 email subscribers and thousands of customers from it. The majority of people came in from our speakers, so that was how he got them to promote our summits. I did have some calls with speakers. We call them pre-call before, as I had reached out to them with my outreach. It’s getting them excited to be on that summit. Beyond that, you also need to potentially educate them on how to promote your thing. In this case was a virtual summit. I needed to educate them on how they can best promote it. I provided them with a Swipe copy, I provided them with the graphics and all of that stuff. The promotional calendar, stuff like that. I almost entered the emails into their email service provider. Almost like that, not literally but it’s teaching them more about how to do this well.

That drew a ton of sales and ton of opt-ins for our summit. A lot of my students are implementing this and doing well with their summits. Even if they’re starting from ground zero, we have anywhere from 3,000 opt-ins from a first summit to all the way up to tens of thousands. Sometimes depending on the industry, depending on the leverage they have as they get started, it’s not impossible to start out from zero and go to three to 5,000 opt-ins. Let’s say $20,000 to $40,000 in revenue from a summit, it’s not impossible. We have seen it time and time again in many different industries and stages of business.

This sounds like something I want to do myself. I know you have some free gifts for my audience. Tell us a little bit about what the free gifts are. I’ll explain how the audience can access them.

Before we do, there’s one more step to this process. It’s not for doing the summit itself, it’s more how you can grow beyond the summit. Even when I hosted my first summit back in the day, that’s summit generated a $20,000 in profit from just the all-access pass. The month afterwards, I generated $40,000. That was in 2014. That shows how you can use the summit, leverage the momentum, and grow further. There are many ways there. As I said, we do mention a lot more in a Cheat Sheet. We also have a guide to how I got 26,000 plus email subscribers and 2,100 customers. That’s good on how I grew my email list with the help of a virtual summit and with the speakers and all of this. What I did there, that’s like a case study I would say. Then we also have a full guide on how to host a wildly successful summit. That’s an in-depth guide on how to do it. We have Virtual Summit Mastery and all this if you want to take it further later on.

I have a question for you. This is the type of question I asked very special people to understand more about who they are. We got a great idea of what you do. This will help us understand a little bit more about you. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

As I saw this question, I was thinking who I would pick. I’m a big Apple fan so I would pick Steve Jobs to do this if I could. He’s not alive anymore but I would definitely pick him if I could. It’s fascinating what he came up with and building this massive brand, Apple. Apple products are all over the place here. If I could pick a person who’s alive now, I’ve been a big fan of for years it would be Zlatan Ibrahimovic, which is a big soccer star. We could have a fascinating interview if I could ever reach him. That was one of my goals to reach him eventually for an interview. That would be someone I would definitely want to connect with who’s alive currently.

Steve Jobs is mentioned several times when I asked this question. Steve is popular because he is so iconic. He is so defining of what entrepreneurial actions and CEOs alike. I’m glad you brought him up again. For years I had his famous quote about the crazy ones on my website. I live by that. I love it so much. Here’s the grand question. This is what we call the change the world question. Navid, what is it that you were doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

I believe the more people I help with what I do, maybe helping hundreds of people a year, growing their email lists, online businesses with summits and other vehicles, it enables them to live their ultimate dream. Some people are quitting their jobs. Some people are able to go from zero to multiple, six figures, even seven-figure businesses so they can give back. From what I’m doing, I might impact one million people. From all our students and their lives, they’re impacting, it’s going to be 100 million plus people over the time when I’m done here on this planet Earth. That’s what I’m excited about. That’s a good idea for a business in this world.

It’s a great mission. I’m here to help you and support you in any way I can. Once again, Navid, thank you so much for your time. I enjoyed the conversation. I felt like I got a great education on doing virtual summits. I would love to get one started soon.

Thanks so much.

Thank you.

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