The things happening around us are very much rooted in the abundance, or the lack thereof, we feel. What is inside manifests on the outside. Christy Whitman, CEO and founder of Quantum Success, is a believer of this. She sees the unmistakable relationship between success and your vibrations to a higher source. Exploring the source of your abundance, she talks about the Universal Laws when it comes to attracting and creating your own reality, breaking it down with the Law of Attraction, Law of Deliberate Creation, Law of Allowing, Law of Sufficiency and Abundance, Law of Pure Potentiality, Law of Detachment, Law of Polarity. She narrates her journey towards this discovery and brings in some inspiration that marries both business and spirituality.

Universal Laws In Business And Life with Christy Whitman

I want to start the show with several questions. Do you meditate? Do you deliberately tune your vibrations to a higher source on a daily basis? Do you realize that we live in a vibrational universe? I realized that these are not the typical questions you hear me ask on the show, but they are important to your success. Our guest is a person who has trained thousands in the art of allowing and the practice of the Law of Attraction. She has worked with several thought leaders around both business and spiritual studies. We are lucky to have landed her as a guest for what will surely be a powerful, energizing interview. Welcome, Christy Whitman, to the show.

Thank you so much, Mitch. I’m excited to be here with you.

You cover one of my absolute favorite topics and something that I spend time every day studying, which is the Law of Attraction. I would love to find out how you got into all of this.

I followed the guidelines or at least what I was told was going to make me happy. I went to college and got great corporate jobs. I found myself in my early twenties living in the great city of Chicago and I had a great paying job. I was living in a brownstone with my best friend in Wrigleyville. I had money in the bank. I thought if I check the box, everything was going to make me happy. I thought I was going to be fulfilled. I felt more lonely and unfulfilled and lost than ever because it’s like they told me, this was what’s going to make me happy. I started to seek and I was even trying to go back to religions and I was raised Catholic and that wasn’t doing it for me. I happened to start dating a guy who lived in California. I asked my company for a lateral move so that I could move to California and see if this relationship was going to work out.

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Within a month of being there, I found out he was cheating on me. That didn’t work out well. I started gaining weight. I couldn’t do my job anymore. I was depressed. It felt like I had no meaning. I was getting more and more down into a place of desperation and I was hating my life. Everything that I checked the box, all those things my body, my money, my career, my boyfriend and nothing was working. I met a woman who cut hair and she was the one person that I met through the last relationship. When I went and saw her, I got my haircut, she was vibrant. She was joyful. It’s like little bubbles of joy were effervescent coming off of her. I kept looking at her. I was watching her. We’re having this conversation. I finally had to say, “What do you do?” Mitch, do you remember that scene in When Harry Met Sally and they’re in the deli? The woman says, “I’ll have what she’s having.” It was like that. I was like, “What are you doing?”

She started telling me that she started meditating. She works with a meditation teacher. She does this thing called the light body. I was enthralled and she gave me Melanie’s phone number. I was literally dialing her number as I’m literally leaving the salon. I found myself in the next couple of days sitting in front of Melanie. She said something to me that is commonplace, but back then I had never heard this before. When I did, it completely awoken every single cell in me that knew this to be true. She said to me, “You create your own reality.” I didn’t know that. I took a step back and I went, “Why do I know this to be true?” and then she continued. She said, “You are either attracting things to you or repelling things from you based on your mindset and how you’re thinking of being in lack or being in abundance.” She gave me the assignment to watch my thoughts.

That was the first time I became mindful and aware of my thoughts. I was critical and judgmental and negative about myself, about everybody else, about the universe, about God and about everything. I could see why I had created what I created in my life. Even though I had outer markings of success, that I was unfulfilled. Imagine having everything you want but having this constant mind that’s telling you, “You’re not good enough. You didn’t do well enough. You need to do more. They’re doing better.” This constant coming from lack. I started to shift and become aware of my thoughts one by one and started getting thirsty for the information and I started to literally change my life.

Around a few years into gathering up all the components of what I teach about the Seven Essential Laws, I looked at my life and went, “My life is amazing. I’m married. I’ve got money in the bank. I’ve got my ideal body. I’m married to this nice guy, which I typically would date bad boys.” My life was completely the opposite. I downloaded a book through that time. I became an author and a coach. I started speaking even though I was a pharmaceutical rep at the time. I started building my business and found myself still back in the place of not being fulfilled and I left my marriage. I got clear on the person I did want to be with. I had to go through a divorce, but the whole time applying what I learned. Applying to stay and leaving from a place of love to being in abundance.

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Universal Laws: No person, place, or thing is the source of your abundance. You and the divine, the nonphysical, and your connection to and alignment to abundance is.


Many of us have this common experience and the experience that we share is this knowing that it’s not right. Life is not right the way it is and not knowing what to do about it. For me, I became addicted to narcotics at sixteen years old. I had to go through that process of rehab. I was told after eighteen months of rehab, when I was clean and sober and being released back into the world, that all I needed was three things and I would be happy forever. Those three things were a job, a girlfriend and an apartment. I said, “I could do that,” so I went and got the job and I got the girlfriend and I got the apartment. That old rock song, “Is That All There Is?” kept playing in my mind. I realized, “Drugs were better than this. This sucks. I feel empty and lonely and completely out of tune with what I believe is my true self.” Having these thoughts did two things. I attracted more of the same by having those thoughts. During a quiet moment, I must have attracted something else because I sat on a flier in a subway train. Something was rattling under my butt.

I reached under and I grabbed that flyer. It was a course called Silva Mind Control. I said, “It’s expensive.” It’s $197 for four days. Back then, I was making $5.60 an hour so that was a lot of money. I had it. I signed up. That’s when I learned how to meditate. I’ve never turned back. I’ve meditated constantly since that time. That’s why I love so much what you said because we are all on this journey but where’s your flyer, readers? Where is that thing that’s going to rattle under your butt and make you wake up to the fact that, “This can be better and it can be better fairly quickly too.” That’s why Christy is on the show. I’m so happy you’re here, Christy. I want to hear about the journey that you’ve taken from starting a business with virtually zero clients to having tens of thousands of clients now. We like to unpack the lessons and if you wouldn’t mind, I’d love to hear what you’ve learned in taking that journey.

When I was about to quit and go full-time, I had been coaching at night and on weekends and I knew that was something I wanted to build towards. I had already been an author of two different books. I started speaking when I had my vacation time and doing book signings and things like that. I knew I wanted to go full-time, but yet I was making great money. At the time, I was a sales training manager for a biotech company in Philadelphia. I wanted to take that step but I was scared. What allowed me to do it was that I knew because of what I had been practicing and learning and applying all those years, is that no person, place or thing is the source of my abundance. Me and the Divine, me and nonphysical, me and my connection to and alignment to abundance is my source of abundance.

I would tell myself, “I’m making over $100,000 a year at this job and it’s not the job. The job is the avenue through which it comes, but it’s me attracting this. It’s me that has the ability to have the happiness for this. I attracted this. If I could do it here, I could do it in my own business.” Having that confidence, having that knowing was literally the foundational piece. Even in the first few months when I would get a client here, I do a little group coaching program and bring in a couple of thousand dollars, I would hold to that. My abundance is because of me and my connection to the Divine, to the Source, not because of the person, place or thing. Within a year I was making even more money than I did at my corporate job.

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Tell us about the time after you started to get a few clients and the time, maybe weeks or months later when you’re dealing with hundreds of clients. What did you learn about the business element of this?

Being busy is not necessarily being productive. I see a lot of coaches because I certify Law of Attraction coaches and I see a lot of people, even small business owners that do this. They feel they have to do everything. My dad was an entrepreneur and I saw him do everything. He would say he was the chef, the bottle washer. I didn’t want to continue to send out emails and I didn’t want to do the stuff that was taking me away from coaching, from teaching and from writing. Even though I couldn’t “afford” it at the time, I tell people not to say that. Even though that wasn’t in my budget to hire somebody, I hired a virtual assistant that was able to work with me an hour or two a week. Now, she works 40 hours a week. Back then, she would take even an hour or two of busyness stuff that had to be done to follow up with my clients, to give them recordings of group coaching programs, things like that so that I could focus on either marketing. Going out and finding new clients, going out and doing speaking engagements so that I could bring in more clients and then serving the clients. Doing that, letting the busyness of what would be needed to be done in the business but wasn’t necessarily my forte. It became a decision of mine then that the only thing I want to do is show up at which is necessary which is my genius, which is coaching, healing, writing, teaching. The things that are bringing in money to the business, but are things that I love to do. It’s my genius, my gift.

This reminds me of a conversation I had with the now deceased Bill Harris. Bill ran a company called Centerpointe. It was sad to see him go. I used to work for Hale Dwoskin, who was one of the Founders of The Sedona Method. I was his VP of Sales and Marketing. Because of that job, I came into contact with many of the leaders and thought leaders in your business. Bill said to me, “The whole point of what I do at Centerpointe and what they do is they create audio meditations that use subliminal frequencies to change the actual frequency of your brain. The whole idea of moving from one level to another is to cause chaos to reach such a high state that it has to break and then reorganize at a higher level.” I use that with clients because that’s what business is like. That’s what you described. You described having to do all the emails and have to make sure that all the busy work is done. Take care of all the details until finally, you couldn’t take it anymore and you had to break and reorganize at a higher level which was to bring in a VA. I bet if we were to dive deeper, we would find that pattern repeating itself throughout your entire business growth. Would that be right?

FTC 126 | Universal Laws
Quantum Success: 7 Essential Laws for a Thriving, Joyful, and Prosperous Relationship with Work and Money

You are spot on. I went through that. I let go of three people who have been dedicated and committed and loyal to me for ten, eight, six years. It was needed for the growth of the business. It was needed for me to go to my next level. It was needed for them. I call that in my book quantum success pruning. We need to prune and when you think of a garden, the weeds need to be taken out. There are things that need to be cut back so that new growth can generate. Sometimes things need to be restructured in order to make them more efficient.

That is a common trait of great entrepreneurs and not that I put myself in that category. I’ve had my own success, but when I was building Timeslips Corporation, which is the software company I founded many years ago. We reached about $3 million in revenue and I had the realization that the team who got me here can’t get me to $10 million. As painful as it was and as difficult as it was, I did exactly what you did. I fired them all and I went and I brought on top talents who did get us to $10 million and beyond. This is an important lesson. Readers, if you’re in a position now where you’re working with people and you realize that these folks aren’t going to get you to where you got to be. Take responsibility and do the right thing for yourself and for your company and follow Christy’s lead here. It’s important. Christy, the gem of everything you said to me and the thing that I love most is the fact that you had confidence in your connection to source. How do others get that confidence?

It’s a practice because I wasn’t one of those people that were born with that. I didn’t have this connection. I felt I was always in a boxing ring with God. It was true. Whatever my life showed up to be was like I wanted to argue and talk to God about why it needed to be different and how I could do it better. It’s almost like Bruce Almighty where he tried to tell God the better way of doing things as God sits and laughs. My life wasn’t in a space of harmony, peace, alignment, trust or any of those places. I had to cultivate it. One of the things I talk about in my teaching is that anything that we want, I don’t care what it is. If we want to have a better career, success, if we want to serve more clients, have a bigger income, bigger impact. Have the guy, your husband, a wife and kids, whatever we want as human beings as a desire, we’re assigning some feeling to those things. If I make more money, then I’ll feel this way. The key to all of it is that it’s not an outside-in approach. It’s an inside-out approach to life. When you can look at something, be aware of first of all, “What do I want? Why do I want it? There’s a reason I want it. Why do I want it? How is it that I’m expecting to feel when I get it?”

When we can start feeling that way and start bringing in that feeling now, then we’re in a space of abundance, a space of already having it and things get attracted to us much easier. When we’re coming from a desire, almost a wanting, we’re coming from lack and we’re going, “That thing outside of me, that will give me the thing that I’m therefore missing inside,” so we work hard. We struggle, we push and we do all these things to try to get there. All of a sudden we’re like, “I’m there and that didn’t work.” I remember feeling that way when I first became a New York Times bestselling author. I’ve had two books that have hit The New York Times and the first one was such a painful struggle because it was like throwing spaghetti up against the wall and see what would stick. I finally got there. I remember the moment my literary agent called me and she said, “Congratulations, your book hit the New York Times.” I remember I was at the mall with my kids and they were a year-and-a-half and three and I kneeled down to them, they were in a double stroller. I said, “Mommy is a New York Times bestselling author,” and they just looked at me. From that moment on, it felt like that. It was like, “Yeah, so?”

I’d like to clarify one small element of it. A lot of people teach things like affirmations and for me an affirmation, unless it’s a certain way, it’s almost like lying to yourself. It’s like sitting in the mirror and saying, “I am a millionaire, I am a millionaire.” You could say that as many times as you want, but you know you’re not a millionaire. All you’re doing is reinforcing what you’re not, not what you want to be. The key is what you said. The key is to feel what it would be like when you achieve that. That’s not a lie so you’re not lying to yourself. That’s a truth because that is how you’ll feel when you achieve whatever that is that you want to achieve. By moving into those feelings and we could use the word feelings in this case and vibrations almost in the same way. By moving into that vibration, then you begin to resonate with your destined future. What I heard you say and what I’m trying to interpret is that we’re both on the same page. It comes down to becoming resonant with your true self and the source that within all of us always knowing. That source is always there, always providing for us, always offering everything that we’ve wanted all the time as long as we open ourselves up to it. Would you agree?

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100%. It’s almost like an example of the internet. If you have your computer and it’s not hooked up to the internet, you can go and view the emails in your email box that have already been downloaded. You can see the files and the pictures, everything else that’s on your computer but you can’t get into the World Wide Web. You can’t go searching on Google. You can’t have access to the unlimited amount of information that is out there. The minute you get that connection, the world is yours. It’s like you can find and see and connect with anything. That’s how I feel about working with alignment with my Divine, and I write about this in Quantum Success, my book. That who I know myself to be, all my life experiences for almost 48 years of my life. All the programming, all the missteps, all the successes, all the tears, everything that has been my life experience as this woman called Christy Whitman is only 4% of who I really am.

What you’re saying is true. Christy, what are the Seven Essential Laws?

The Law of Attraction, if anybody knows about Universal Laws, they’ve heard of Law of Attraction. I like to think of Law of Attraction as a boomerang, what you send out comes back. If everything in the universe is energy and it’s been proven by science, quantum physics. We are like energy towers sending out a signal all day, every day through our thoughts, through our perceptions, through our beliefs, through the words that we use. Through what we say in the privacy of our own minds, through our emotions, our feelings and even the actions we take. We’re literally energy towers. In all relationships, whether it’s with money, career, other people and our bodies. Everything starts inside of us. We are creating relationships with everything. I don’t care if it’s a tree or a bunny rabbit outside. There are small relationships or larger relationships. All relationship starts inside of us. The wavelengths that we send out go out into the universe and they are matched by energies like it. The Law of Attraction is always mirror reflecting what we are sending out as an energy tower.

That resonates with me because that’s exactly what I focus on and that’s why if you focus on the negative and if you find that you’re constantly thinking of what could go wrong, there’s the boomerang.

FTC 126 | Universal Laws
Universal Laws: When we’re looking for what’s positive in our lives, the gratitude and the appreciation; we are then entering into that door of abundance.


The second law is fun because this is the Law of Deliberate Creation. We are the energy towers and because the only thing that we do have control over is our thoughts, our beliefs, how we feel, what we say or what we do. No matter what circumstances, situations or events are happening in our life. Whatever reality is happening, we get to decide how we want to feel or how we want to express ourselves or how we want to think. It goes back to those questions, “What do I want? Why do I want it? How do I want to feel?” and then we can get into that feeling place before anything in our outer reality changes. Law of Deliberate Creation is cool because we are the human beings that are in control of what vibration we’re sending out and then what Law of Attraction matches that vibration. If we’re doing it by default, we’re going to be getting more of the same thing.

The Law of Allowing is the third law. This law is for every relationship that we have in our lives with ourselves, with others, with things, with people. When we are feeling constricted, when we are feeling negative emotions, we are not allowing. The example I always like to give is if I’m going to hand you a gift I say, “Mitch, I have a gift for you. Are you going to put out your fist or are you going to put out the palm of your hand to receive?” Most people are walking around almost in the picture of a closed fist. We’re constricted, we’re afraid, we’re trying to control. All these things are in the opposition to allowing. The universe, others cannot provide to us, for us, if we’re constricted.

The fourth law is the basis of all of my teachings and the most important law that I feel pulls them all together, is the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. I could talk for hours on this subject. As matter of fact, I have programs on this subject. We’re here in the land of polarity. On one side you have lack and on the other side, you have abundance. The doorway in between to get you from the spectrum of lack and into abundance is satisfaction, is sufficiency. Most of us are trained in lack. There’s not enough time, not enough opportunities, not enough money, not enough good men. You have to fight for your share. You have to compete, all this stuff. All of that goes in the mindset of lack. When we’re coming from looking for what’s positive in our lives, looking for the positive aspects, looking for the gratitude and the appreciation, we are then entering into that door of abundance. If you’re working with all the Universal Laws and they all work together if you’re in abundance you get more abundance. If you’re in lack, you get an abundance of lack because this universe is abundant.

My practice is this. Every morning when I drive to the gym, I never turn on the radio. I go into what I call my appreciation machine and that’s my car. It’s a twenty-minute drive to the gym and from the time I get in the car, all I’m doing is saying thank you for all the gifts that I’ve received every single day. By the time I get to the gym, I’m in such a place of appreciation that anything I do at that point is joyful. Even exercise and I exercise every day, it’s not my favorite thing to do particularly in the wintertime here in Boston. It puts me in a place where anything I do is joyful. For me, appreciation is my pathway to the Law of Sufficiency and Abundance.

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Appreciation is one of the highest vibrations in the universe, next to love and gratitude and enthusiasm.

There’s one more that is important to state here because along with appreciation and in dealing with others comes to another cool word. It’s called admiration. When you are with another person, the way to resonate with that person at the highest level is to be in a place of admiration. Let them know what you admire about them. When you do that, you are inspiring them to live up to your opinion of admiring them in their glory. It goes right along with everything else except we move it from the physical universe to an individual or another person. We have a Law of Attraction, Law of Deliberate Creation, Law of Allowing, Law of Sufficiency and Abundance. What’s next?

The next one is so much fun, the Law of Pure Potentiality. When you can think of something, when you have the giver because we think, “I had an idea.” No, you were a receiver of the idea. Anything creative is coming from the Creator. We get to receive that idea. That idea comes from pure potential. When we get this idea, when we have a desire, it is literally an unmanifested form, incomplete and total pure potentiality. We as a human being may not know exactly how it will manifest or what we have to do, but the idea of it and the potential of it and the energy that exists and already in place with it is there. When you know that, imagine how powerful you feel.

You need to know that and that’s the part that we, as human beings, sometimes struggle with. How can we better know that?

FTC 126 | Universal Laws
Universal Laws: In order to succeed, we have to know the rules of the game. We wouldn’t go out and play a game like baseball and pick up a bat before knowing the rules.


Through meditation, because when you start to connect with the World Wide Web, when you start to connect with the energy that pulsates through you that you know is not you. That’s coming from a bigger, broader perspective that brings in more expansiveness. That’s why all these fit together. When you allow the pure potentiality of the universe to flow through in you, you are connected with abundance. You’re allowing space. You’re the one deliberately putting yourself in the receiving space and the Law of Attraction then shows you more of how much potential there is out there, how much possibility there is. The sixth one is a fun one and a lot of times people will get this mixed up with the Law of Allowing, but it’s the Law of Detachment. When people are like, “Where are our goals in this whole thing of Universal Laws?” For example, for me when I was single after my divorce and I was clear on the man I did want to be with. That relationship, even though it was a beautiful eight-year relationship, I got clear. I didn’t want to be with any man, but I was clear. I loved being in a relationship. Relationships are important to me that I wanted to have one.

I was attached to the idea. I was attached to the type of qualities that I wanted in someone, but I was detached to when he was going to show up. What’s he going to look like? Where’s he going to live? How am I going to meet him? All of that and I completely let go. I remember during that time I had to actively practice the Law at Detachment because I would go into a bar or restaurant and a man would come to talk to me and I’d be like, “Is that him?” I’m like, “Detach, let go,” and come from that space of my own connection and what I’m looking and seeking in a partner in the first place, which was connection and love. I had to give that to myself in order to receive something on the outside. My point is that there are things like goals, visions that we want to hold for our lives, for our business, for our finances, for all these things. Hold that vision but all of the stuff of how, the when, the who, where, all that stuff, we have to detach. Let the pure potentiality of the universe that has a far better view of our lives, that has a bird’s eye view of our lives, show us what our next step is and then take that step.

It reminds me of my experience in a Twelve Step Program several years ago. I was in a program called Al-Anon. One of the most hundred phrases in all of our meetings is the words, “Let go and let God.” That’s as close to the Law of Detachment as you call it that I can imagine. Would you agree?

Absolutely. It’s a surrendering. Sometimes we have to surrender our thoughts. We have to surrender relationships that no longer serve us. Sometimes we have to surrender narcotics and things like too much wine or too much marijuana or whatever the thing is that we want to improve our lives with. We have to let go of those things that don’t serve us. We have to let go of the emotions that don’t serve us. That’s where the detachment comes in, the letting go. The seventh law, this is the one that pulls it all together. It’s the Law of Polarity. We are human beings having a completely spiritual experience. We’re also spiritual beings having a human experience. We are not one or the other, we are both and. With that, as humans, we have this thing called polarity. We have the front of the hand. We have the back of the hand. We have up, down, left, right. These are polar. We know hate, we know love. If we know abundance, we know lack. Everything has a spectrum to it. Each one of us has a spectrum of any given subject. For example, the subject of money. If you are evoking some negative emotion when you think of it, you’re on the pole of lack. If you think of money and you get excited, you’re appreciative, you’re grateful, you feel expanded by it. You’re on the side of abundance.

Appreciation is one of the highest vibrations in the universe next to love, gratitude, and enthusiasm. Click To Tweet

You can tell what side of the pole you’re on based on any given subject and how you feel because on one side lack always feels bad and on the other side, it feels good. We can figure out, “Where am I vibrating? Where am I thinking? What vibrations am I sending out to Law of Attraction that’s going to bring it back to me? What side of the pole am I on?” That’s the fun thing is that you get to then deliberately shift and choose. It goes for weather too. I live near Scottsdale, Arizona and my husband is from Montreal, Canada and we used to do six months and six months. There is extreme heat and there is extreme cold. There’s a nice little place in the center which is Arizona in the winter time.

There’s a balance in all things and one of the other things I have to say about polarity is that there’s the inner and there’s the outer. There’s the metaphysical part of us and there’s the physical part of us. One of the biggest concepts I talk about in my book, Quantum Success, is the way to create massive success, especially in a business, it’s having that metaphysical inner alignment with your visions. Your beliefs, your thoughts, feelings, the essence of what you want and then taking physical action. Creating momentum from that place so that you’re aligned energetically and you’re co-creating by taking the action that only the physical part of you can do.

We’re lucky as human beings to be given this guidance system so beautifully designed so that we know at every moment whether we’re aligned with the source or not. It’s how we feel. If we feel great, we’re aligned with the source. If we’re scared, nervous, upset, angry, any of those negative emotions, those feelings are a gift from the Source to let us know that we’re no longer aligned. This Law of Polarity works well and it’s something that’s natural in all of our lives. Christy, we have had a fantastic discussion. This is my favorite subject in the world and it’s something I care a lot about and I spend time on every day. I have a question for you and it’s the question I like to ask my guests because it helps us figure out a little bit more. It gives us another dimension of who you are. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

It would be Jesus. There are many spiritual masters that walk the planet. In some religions, they think that he’s the only one and they’re still waiting for him. This isn’t about a religious thing. It’s that he was an example of truly being an enlightened master. He understood the Christ consciousness. He was talking about the Law of Attraction all the way back then and he was trying to teach people about it, the faith of a mustard seed. Your faith heals you and all the different teachings that he had. He understood alignment momentum. He understood the connection between the divine and the human. I would love to have a conversation with him for about an hour.

You’d be part of a big fan club. Unfortunately, I sometimes like to think I can arrange that for my guests. I’m afraid this time you’re on your own. He’s been a popular named person on my show. On top of that, I believe everything you’ve said about him to be true as well. Here’s the grand finale, the final question of this show, the change the world question. What is it that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

I feel like I’m already doing it. It’s educating people. Making them aware of the Seven Essential Laws, letting them understand that knowing these Universal Laws is knowing the rules of the game. I always say that we wouldn’t go out and play a game like baseball and pick up a bat before knowing the rules. You imagine someone pitches you the ball, you hit the ball and you go running to third base. You’re out. That’s what I think of the Seven Essential Laws is they are essential because it’s like knowing the rules of the game. I’m grateful that I get to teach people the difference between lack and how to shift out of lack and into abundance. What you believe you will attract and as you believe in abundance and that good things are always working out for you. That you are safe, protected, secure and in full wellbeing and that you are co-creating with all aspects of the divine and that you are a precious daughter or a precious son of the divine universe. When you know all these things, your life literally changes. It changes in ways that you could only begin to imagine.

I came up with another question which makes me a liar because that wasn’t the last question. This is a question that I have a feeling that readers would ask if they had the chance. The question is, “I believe everything you’ve said, Mitch and Christy and I love the way you described it, but how come my life isn’t going that way even though there are times when I do go into meditation? I do go into appreciation. It’s not manifested for me. What is wrong? Maybe this doesn’t work for everybody?” What would you say to that?

I love that you’re asking that question because this is universal. It means it works for every single person. I’ve heard people say after The Secret came out, “Law of Attraction works for that person or Law of Attraction doesn’t work.” No, it’s like gravity. It works every time, all the time. You and I don’t have to sit there and talk about gravity, think about gravity in order for our bodies to stay on the chair. It’s happening and so is the Universal Laws. When we can start to understand that there are things that we need to shift and learn and grow, it’s like most people expect themselves to go to kindergarten and understand what it’s like to have a Master’s degree. It’s an expansion. I’ve been studying, practicing, learning and growing for over many years learning this information, refining and looking at the contrast in my life, switching off the contrast and into the clarity, then vibrating in the place that I want to. It’s an ongoing, ever-evolving process like life is. A lot of times we have places in our life where we got stuck energy or we got blocked, what I like to call bushwhacked. We’re creating from those parts and that’s why healing is important. Being aware of who you are, what your thoughts are and what you want. Stop focusing on what you don’t want and start focusing on what you do want and believing that you are a precious child of the universe. It is your birthright to have what you want. Life is not supposed to be a struggle and pain and full of drama. It’s supposed to be fun and joyful and is supposed to be creative because that’s who we are.

We are human beings having a completely spiritual experience. We're also spiritual beings having a human experience. Click To Tweet

Readers, that’s who you are. Christy, thank you so much for your time. This has been a great experience for me and I hope a great experience for my audience as well. Christy, thanks again and I can’t wait to talk to you again soon.

Thank you so much, Mitch. I appreciate you having me on the show.

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