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116: Move Beyond The Average Algorithm with Ryan Stewman

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Persuading his way into the success that he is in now, Ryan Stewman has got an incredible and inspiring story that will push you to continue with your goals. He started behind bars and eventually moved his way out from the jailhouse to the penthouse by his desire to change his life. Now, he is a sales and marketing expert helping people work on their mindset first towards the path of success. Ryan gives the four areas that we have to focus on to move beyond the average algorithm the society wants us to be: faith, family, finances, and fitness. He gives some great advises on how to do sales right and offers a great gift that simplifies internet marketing.

Move Beyond The Average Algorithm with Ryan Stewman

My guest is a business expert who has the interesting start to his professional life, one that started behind bars. With his desire to change his life, he went from the jailhouse to the penthouse using the power of persuasion. He will not take no for an answer and he trains others to do the same. He’s doggedly persistent, annoyingly optimistic, and rather take action than sit around and talk about it. When he does sit around and talk, it’s more about his clients’ windfall profits, private jets and expensive homes than it is about himself. What’s his game you ask? He’s all about closing the deal and that’s why they call Ryan Stewman, The Hardcore Closer. Ryan, welcome to the show.

Thanks for having me, Mitch. I appreciate you having me on.

It’s not often I get to speak to guys with this interesting background as you and I have. Tell me, how did this all come about? How did you end up behind bars? Give us all the details.

I didn’t come from a family with the silver spoon or an Ivy League education or anything like that. One of the first business opportunities I was ever presented within the entrepreneurial world was selling drugs. I was working at a car wash selling car washes. Somebody would come in for a $10-wash and I would sell them a $12-wash or whatever the case may be. One of the customers offered me a better way to make money and I was tired of the grind and he made it seem all fancy. You watch movies on TV and see all these people in rap videos and everything, making money from drugs. I thought, “It can’t be that hard. These guys seem like morons. I’ll try it.” I worked my way up the “corporate ladder” in that industry. I didn’t use drugs.

The first time that I used cocaine, a woman talked me into it. The first time that that happened I overdosed and died and because of that, the fire department was called, the police arrived. It was Friday, so I was pretty much sold out by the time all this happened. Luckily, they didn’t catch me with a lot of drugs. They caught me with about $200 worth of drugs and a gun. Bottom line, I woke up after they revived me from the OD chained to a hospital bed. A police officer came in, read me my rights, tried to get me to snitch, all that stuff. I’m just not that kind of person. The people that were selling me the drugs didn’t make the mistake that I did. Me being a young broke person that nobody in the drug world would touch because they all knew that I was out on bond and everything else, I didn’t get out on bond at first. I stayed in jail for a couple of months before my grandmother could raise the money to get me out. They had me on $25,000 bond.

Long story short, I got out and I have no way to make money. All I knew was washing cars and drugs and that wasn’t going to pay for a lawyer. I had a public defender type of dude. He offered me what seemed like the deal of a lifetime. He said, “You have a felony one, which carries 5 to 99. They’re probably going to give you twenty. You can take twenty years’ probation.” At this time, I wasn’t even twenty years old yet. I knew there was no way I was going to be able to be probation and he said, “You can go to two years in prison but since it’s your first strike, you will probably make parole on the first turnaround. You may not leave the county jail, you’ll do three or four months in the county jail and then they’ll let you out.”

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I’m like, “I had already done a couple months in county jail. This should be pretty easy.” I was blindingly deceived because eighteen months later I’m still stuck in prison and some of the worst prisons in the United States. Everybody knows that Texas and California house more prisoners than anybody else. They’re known for having the worst prison systems in America, specifically Texas. I went through a lot of them. I was in ten or so different prisons from different transits. If I get in a fight, I get moved around. I refused to join a gang, so I ended up getting locked up and put away. It was rough, but when I got out I decided that that life was not for me. I went back to washing cars. When I was washing cars, I just told myself, “If I stay broke the rest of my life, that’s just the way that it goes and I just become the best car washer I possibly can.”

One day, one of the customers came in there and offered me a job in finance. I was like, “I don’t know anything about finance. I am a convicted felon. I don’t even have a car payment or credit card, any of that good stuff. I don’t know what to tell you, lady. I’m probably not your guy.” She’s like, “No, you’ll do a great job. I know it. I can see it in you.” She said, “You have what it takes, if you’ll work half as hard in my office as you do here at this carwash lot, you’ll make millions of dollars.” I said, “They’ll always hire me back at the car wash,” and I had proved that coming in and out of prison and going back to there. I took a chance. Within the first month, I made about $8,600.

Within the second month, I was sitting on about $23,000. I became addicted to it. I went all in and in 2005, I made $1 million. The police they thought I was selling drugs again so they raided my house. I’m not selling drugs. I lived in a smaller town and they don’t have shit to do. They didn’t find any drugs, but what they found with some firearms, and there are some weird snafu laws in Texas with felons and firearms in their primary residence like marijuana is in California. Marijuana is legal in California, but if the DEA catches you with it, it’s still federally illegal. In Texas, if you’re a convicted felon, you can have a gun in your primary residence, but the ATF doesn’t recognize the State’s right to surpass that.

I beat the county on the State case. Then the ATF picked the case up and long story short, I ended up going back to prison for fifteen months and that was in 2008. I walked into prison pretty close to being a millionaire, if not a millionaire. I had a bunch of rental properties and I was married and everything else. A couple months after being in there, I got one of those Dear John Letters and she had left me for somebody else, taking my money. I literally walked out of Federal prison with $25 to my name and not even a pair of socks or boxers. I went and applied for a job. In 2008, the mortgage market was falling apart. I had a lot of ground to make up for.

I went and applied for a job with the largest mortgage banking company in Texas that was privately held. It was about a four-hour interview. They must have told me no a million times, and I needed that job. I had to make it work. They were the only ones that would even interview me. Finally they said, “If you’ll work our leads half as hard as you work this interview.” I was like, “I’ll work on twice as hard.” They gave me a job. A couple of months I was top producer there. In 2009, I made $300,000 on my W-2. In 2010 by March, I’d made about $70,000 or $75,000 somewhere in that nature. Obama passed a law called the Dodd-Frank Act and it said that if you are a convicted felon, you couldn’t have a mortgage license because part of the Dodd-Frank was taking licenses away from the state and putting them in the hands of Federal regulators. That’s like a reoccurring theme.

FTC 116 | Average Algorithm
Average Algorithm: You’ve broken all these records and prospered in a down economy. Why don’t you just teach people how to do that?


I keep beating the State and then the damn Feds picked the cases on me. I’m out of a job and I’m out of the only other thing I know how to do besides selling drugs, which I’m not going to do or wash cars, which I wouldn’t go in back to that either because it didn’t pay good enough. I got accustomed to the good life. I talked to one of my real estate friends and I said, “I want to come work for you, making sales and appointments on the phone, what can you pay me?” He says, “Let me ask you, why you don’t just start teaching loan officers to do these amazing things that you’ve done? You’ve broken all these records, you prosper even coming out of prison in a down economy. Why don’t you just teach people how to do that?”

I was like, “Nobody wants to learn from me.” I felt down on myself and he’s like, “You should try it.” He goes, “You won’t have a boss and you won’t need a license. You can do the stuff through the internet. I’ll show you how to do it.” He helped me out and got me started. As internet marketers, a lot of people think it’s like an overnight success. You immediately make money and everything else. It wasn’t the case for me. It’s been eight-long grueling years to get where I’m at. I stuck with it even though I wanted to quit, jump off the ledge of the penthouse a few times and everything else. I had all the struggles that any other small business owner, whether they’re an online marketer or brick and mortar operation.

Through that, I live in a million-dollar home and have about $3 million in the real estate investment portfolio and seven figures in the stock market. I drive a Rolls Royce. I have several exotic race cars like McLaren’s. I’ve got three beautiful kids, a beautiful wife that actually loves me and supports me no matter what I do. I have eight thriving companies that do multiple millions per company each year. I have a very decent net worth in a very short period of time just because I’ve helped a lot of people beat the things that I’ve been through.

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A lot of people that work in sales or own a business are unemployable. They go into sales because they weren’t born with a silver spoon. They didn’t get an MBA in business. A lot of business owners are the same way. A lot of us are damaged goods. We have a background. I think you even mentioned that you’ve had some struggles in your past as well. I helped people beat that mindset. At first, I thought it was about business. If I just help these people make more money, I realized that it was a mindset thing and if I didn’t and help their mind then it wouldn’t matter. When I was making money, my mind wasn’t right either and that’s why I was blowing it and doing all these other things.

We have some things in common. We both had the same employer in high school, the guy pushing the white powder stuff. I didn’t last very long with my employer either. As you may know, I had my problems with narcotics in general growing up. I somehow never crossed paths with the police. I did become very sick and I needed to go in for rehab. I did come out of rehab strong and healthy. That’s when I started my true adult life.

I don’t know if I could have survived what you went through with prison the way you did. What’s so important, at least for me to unpack and show folks if it’s not glaringly obvious, is that you just never gave up. You absolutely decided that you are going to be successful and you knew you would and you didn’t give up. I think that is such a gift and it’s a gift that you can teach others. I know that’s what you’re doing. Thanks for that amazing story. We celebrate your success right alongside you. The next question is how can you teach me to do that too? That’s what this show is all about. Let’s start sales 101. You have the floor. This is a classroom. You have an audience. There are thousands of people that are going to hear you speak. Tell us where we can start to improve selling.

There’s more to it than that. Before we get into this sales stuff, I think that there’s something else that everybody has to understand because we all know that salespeople make money on a Friday and then they’re broke again on a Monday. They’re like construction workers. We’re notorious for spending every dollar that we get because we know that we can continually get it. I’ve been in situations in my life where I’ve had it not had it, had it not had it and I don’t like not having it. Being alone with my thoughts for years in prison and trying to figure out how in the world I got where I was and how I could keep it from happening again, I’ve been divorced a couple times. I just gave you the cliff notes of my life because we could talk for hours about all the crap that I’ve been through.

The real thing is I know that there’s this algorithm on the planet like Newton’s Universal Law is for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction. If you are going to go up and level up in life, then there’s going to be gravitational pull trying to pull you back and that’s what will continually happen. I made $1 million. The cops kick in my door and I ended up going back to prison. I get out. I make $300,000, the Federal Government takes that. All these things, I could sit around and I could play the victim role and say, “Why me? Why does this stuff keep happening to me? I’m a good dude. I never ripped anybody off. I never killed anybody. I never did anything. I was doing mortgages. I had a legit pencil pushing job.” I’ve thought about that a lot, but not from a victim standpoint, but how can I beat this thing? How can I beat this force of average on this planet?

I realized that there are four areas of life that we have to focus on. The force of average, what it’s trying to do is distract you. I’m making money, then it distracts me with prison. I’m making money, again it distracts me with federal regulation. We face 4,000 advertising distractions every single day as Americans. A lot of us that are business owners, we have people in and out of our office distracting us. We everything else. I know that the most powerful thing that we are endowed with on this planet as human beings is the focus. I know it’s powerful because ever since we’re young, people tell us like our teachers, “You can’t focus, you can’t pay attention. You have ADD, you need Adderall, you need Norpramin, you need Ritalin,” and all these things and none of that’s true.

We can all focus because even the person with the most “severe case of ADD,” if you put them in front of something, they’re actually interested in a sports game or a TV show, a video game, a movie, there will be an intense focus. What happens is that people tell us that we can’t focus and we have this focus deficiency, but the truth is we’re just not wired to do everything that the teachers want us to do or do everything that society wants us to do. Society plays a big role in this force of average trying to get us to conform to its standards, whether it’s the government, our friends, our family or whatever the case may be. Once I discovered that focus was the biggest tool that I’ve been endowed with as a human being, I had to figure out how to make focus my mission in life.

FTC 116 | Average Algorithm
The Secret

I refuse to lose, but I refuse to lose focus. We can read the book, The Secret, and it tells you, “If you just focus on what you want, you’ll get it, but focus without work is futile. It doesn’t do you any good.” I’ve learned to focus on four areas of my life on a daily basis. That’s allowed me to beat this force of average algorithm and it’s allowed me to win at life consistently without losing it for the last six years. The way that I’ve done that is there are four areas. This is nothing new. There’s faith, family, finances and fitness. You have to take care of your body because if you make all the money in the world, the force of average will make you sick, then you’ll have to spend it all. If you make all the money in the world you get on drugs, you’ll have to spend it all on rehab. Maybe you get diabetes or whatever the case may be.

I know you have to focus on your fitness. You have to eat right, you have to be healthy, you have to hit the gym, you have to focus on your finances. You have to go to work and make sure that while you’re at work, you’re actually focused on doing the things that make you money and move your company or your sales team or your commission checks for. A lot of us, we see people that say, “I’m so busy.” If you ask them what they’re busy at, they’re like, “I don’t know, I’m just waiting around for busy things.”

The truth is only 3% of the world can multitask and chances are none of us are in that 3% because those people belong to Mensa and everything else. I had to learn to focus on work. I had to learn to focus on my fitness, on my finances. Then the faith, oftentimes we look for God or Allah or whatever it is that we believe in, and that’s absolutely awesome. I commend people that are religious, but I know that without internal faith in yourself, you’ll never do the things that you are coded to do on this planet. If you rely on God to help you, and there’s nothing wrong with that, except you’ve got to rely on the confidence within yourself to make that possible for God to even help you in the first place. If you don’t believe in yourself, it doesn’t do you any good to believe in God. I don’t say that to disrespect anybody. I just know that if I didn’t believe in myself, God could have been helping me all along and it wouldn’t have mattered because I wouldn’t have believed that I deserve those things. Your family is huge too.

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Here’s how I live every single day. I wake up first thing in the morning and I drink a concoction with pink Himalayan salt and lemon water and that light gets my body up and running. I read my core values out loud to myself. Our core values, a lot of times people think those are affirmations or whatever, but they should define who you are as a human being. I’m always adding more to it. I’m always adding more stuff but I focus on supporters, not reporters. I am impossible to distract. I’m only focused on winning, therefore it’s impossible for me to lose. These are my core values. I hold people accountable. I’m accountable for my actions and words. If it’s not done with integrity, I don’t do it. I read these out loud every day because you have to say what you see so you can hear what you say. That’s how you program your brain with who you are. That’s how your subconscious gets programmed, is by doing things in that fashion. Then I hit the gym. I don’t like the gym. I’m in great shape but I don’t like the gym. I do it because I know it’s essential. I focus on getting good, at working out and being flexible and all those things that we need to do. Especially I’m almost 40 years old, especially as you get up there in age, things don’t fall off of you in the size of weight as easy as they did when you’re in your early 30s and 20s. It doesn’t get any better because the force of average is stronger as you get older.

When I’m at home with my family, I’m focused on them. I spend time. A lot of people say, “I’m working for my family,” and then they don’t show up for them. They sit on the couch looking on their phone and trying to do things on their phone and they’re not in the actual room with their family. They are inside the phone or the internet or whatever it is. I know that every day doing those things when I’m at work, I’m 100% focus. I live and die by a schedule. When I get home, I’m 100% focused on my family and my kids know the difference. My wife knows the difference. If I work from home one day they don’t just come barging in my office because they’re like, “Dad is in there focused. Do not ruin his focus or he will ruin your day.”

Due to that, understand that if I just break these down into these four areas every single day, what gets measured gets improved and I know that I’m covering the areas in my life to beat this force of average and hack this algorithm to where it’s impossible to strip away from me what I have. I believe I deserve it, I’m working to deserve it. I’m sharing it with the people that I love who deserve it. Then I’m taking care of my physical health to where I can continue to push myself to get the things that I deserve and I’m working for in the first place.

We have something in common. I have a morning routine that’s very similar to yours. I drink that similar cocktail that you do in the morning and I sit down and I read from books that are typically older than printing presses. I extract from those books some wisdom and I journaled them, and I write them in my journal. At that point, what I do is I get up and I go to the gym just like you do seven days a week. My day does not start until 11 AM because I must take care of myself first, my health and my mental state. I call my car the gratitude machine because the moment I get into my car, all I do is reflect on everything I’m grateful for that day, that morning, that week, that year. I don’t stop until I get to the gym. I think we have that similar belief, but I wanted to get to one thing you said that was important.

FTC 116 | Average Algorithm
You Too Can Be Prosperous

I know that there are folks out there who have great ambition but they don’t believe in themselves or they feel as if prosperity is for others and not for them. Maybe it’s because of where they were born or what type of apparent they had. It doesn’t matter. There’s a book that I recommended on the show several times. It’s called You, Too, Can Be Prosperous by Robert Russell. That book is what I believe is the basis for the Law of Attraction’s state of mind and I feel as if you don’t read that book three or four times, you’re never going to grok the true message of that book, which is a lot about what you were talking about. How would someone get that faith in themselves before they launch into doing everything that you described?

You have to rewire your brain for success because between the ages of three to seven, it shapes who we are and how we think for the rest of our lives. Most people don’t mature in their thinking and rationalization past the age of seven. Some people that are in our age haven’t ever changed the way that they see the world since they were seven years old. It’s almost like the old story about the baby elephant. You can tie a baby elephant to a spike and it will pull and jerk and do everything it can to move that spike out of the ground. It decides that it can’t. It quits and it gives up. The elephant grows into this huge beast and it can easily lift that spike out of the ground, but it never tries because it doesn’t know what’s possible because it was wired that way from a young age.

A lot of us humans have that bondage from a young age too. One of my core values I’m only focused on winning. What I do every day at the end of the day, at 7 PM an alarm goes off on my phone and it says, “Write down your daily wins.” It’s like the journal for me. I just make quick bullet points, “I made this amount of money, talked to these amazing people, did this amazing interview, spent this time with my family, made this PR the gym.” I’m winning every day. Anytime that I’m having a down day where I’m feeling bad about myself or a customer complaints and employee quits, all these things that happened from the force of average that put us in the struggle and distract us. What I do is I go back and I look at those daily wins, which I have hundreds of days where I’ve been doing this, soon to be thousands of days that I’ve been doing this.

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I remind myself, “You win every day. You’re a winner. You were born to win.” God designed us on this planet to win, but yet we were shaped at a young age when our teachers call us losers. The kids in the neighborhood called us losers. When our family told us we were going to be losers, and they meant it in the best way possible to try to reshape us into doing the things that turn us into winners. Oftentimes it ingrains in our subconscious and makes us think that we were just born to lose. You have to rewire that by reminding yourself daily that you’re winning in all four areas of your life.

What you said is reminding yourself that you’re winning every day in life. If you’re just starting out with something like this, those wins can be simple. Those wins can be, “I got up this morning and I am in perfect health.” That’s what I call my gratitude. You’re doing the same thing that I do, but with a different name. In the morning, I start my gratitude by thanking God for all the things I got the day before. It’s so important to stay focused on truly what your values are and why you are important. I like your formula and it’s perfect and I hope that a lot of people adopt it.

Let’s go one step further. You’ve got your day pretty much set up. You get back from the gym just like me, you’re ready to work. You work until 7:00, which can seem like me. Let’s talk about selling. Let’s talk about closing. When you work with people for the first time and let’s say they’re somewhat broken closers, they’ve had some luck, they’ve had some failures, they’re not sure themselves, they’d like to get better. Where do you start with guys like that?

We live in different times. I’m not mocking any of these people because they were great legends that raised me up. Guys like Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy, these are guys that knocked doors and cold called. The advent of social media didn’t exist. The internet wasn’t around in the ‘70s when Zig was writing books and all that stuff. The methods may vary, principles never do, methods are many, but principles are few. The way that the consumer thinks and buy things these days is completely different and salespeople always think they can talk their way into a sale, but there’s a greater chance you’ll talk your way out of a sale than talking your way into a sale. What I do is a consultative approach, almost like a therapist and we do inbound leads only.

I do a lot of lead gen through social media and through advertisements, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google and all that stuff. My website, everything’s designed. We generate about 3,000 leads every single month in my company, Break Free Academy, which is the main company that I run and focus most of my time on. When I get on the phone, my sales staff gets on the phone, the number one rule in our company is he who speaks the least earns the most. People these days, they’re not listened to by their boss. They’re not listened to by their employees. They’re not listened to by their manager, they’re not listened to by their spouse, their kids, their friends, and even if you get on Facebook, it’s a whole bunch of, “Look at me, look at who I am, look what I did. Look what I eat for lunch, look at where I’m hanging out with.”

I do the exact opposite. I’m always giving to the public. I don’t ever want to be the Ryan Stewman show. It accidentally happened that way, but what I want to do is I want to give back. I want to inspire them. I’m inside my prospect’s mind. First thing in the morning when I post on Facebook about 6:30 in the morning, I’m just giving them some inspiration. I’m not selling them anything, but because of the amount of value that I give people reach out to me and they’re like, “I listen to your wisdom and I think that you can help me.” I simply asked questions and shut up and listen to them and if you’ll just listen to people, they’ll tell you what their problem is.

The main thing that we’re trying to do with salespeople is to identify a problem and provide a solution. We have this picture in our mind of this guy. I lived down the street from Zig Ziglar before he passed away. We went to the same church and everything else and I was fortunate enough to meet him several times throughout my life. I even hired his company as my first mentor. I didn’t work directly with him because he was a little older at that time, but it was a gentleman named Brian Flanagan there that worked for him at the time. We think that these suited up fast-talking, good motivational, Southern Baptist-sounding salespeople are the picture that we have of what works in sales, and it’s not that way. Everybody can do reviews, they can do research, they can find out all this information on your product before they even speak to you.

If they’re reaching out to you, they’ve got a problem, they know they’ve got a problem. They have a pretty damn good idea that your company or your product might solve that problem. It’s your job to ask questions to get them to answer those questions so that you can identify what the actual problem is. I’ll give you an example. In mortgages, I understood early on in the game that nobody wanted a mortgage. Nobody ever rolls over in the middle of the night, sit with their spouse and goes, “If we can just get a 6.5% interest rate with $1,500 in fees on a 30-year mortgage, our life will be changed.” What they do instead is they look at their spouse in the middle of the night and they go, “If we could just get that house that we want, it would make things a lot better. We’d have more room for our kids. We’re able to save money.”

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I always look at what is the core need of this. When someone buys my lead generation software, I know that it’s not leads that they want, it’s the sales from those leads. It’s not even that, it’s the money they make from those sales to be able to fulfill their dreams of having nicer things and sending their kids to college. These are the deep questions that I’m asking and most people won’t go that deep with them and they’re like, “This guy gets me. He actually cares. He actually listens and ask questions about what my problem might be and wants to help solve that problem.” It has always made me stand out. Everybody always thinks I’m this good talker and I’m good on video and I’m good at writing and all this other stuff. I’m decent on needs these interviews and everything, but when I’m on the sales calls, I try not to talk at all.

As a matter of fact, I stream live sales calls in our sales talk with sales pros group on Facebook. I run the largest sales professional group on Facebook. It’s about 80,000 members and I stream live sales calls in there from time to time. Often the new people that are in the group are the people who don’t know me because even though there are 80,000 members, it’s my group. It’s not the Ryan Stewman Show. It’s everybody’s group. They will be like, “This guy is doing a terrible job of selling you, Ryan.” They don’t realize that I’m actually selling him, he’s selling me. They ended up taking his money and solving his problem. That’s why he’s talking so much. I realized that that just shows people you care and what closes the sales is empathy, “I understand your situation.” Then providing the solution pointing towards your product, which means you’ve got to be able to put the deal together and present it to them in a way that it says, “This is the answer to my prayers and problems.”

FTC 116 | Average Algorithm
Average Algorithm: Sales evolves down to one thing: focus.


To sum up what I just heard because this is the core lesson of working with another person to close them is to first have empathy. Listen deeply to what their problems are. Second, once you feel as if you understand that and they feel that you understand their problem, offer to solve their problem and listen carefully for the answers to the questions that you continuously ask. I think that’s brilliant. I think that is simple. It’s straightforward. It’s something that we can all do at any level with any type of selling that we do. The most recent show that was released from on my show, it was my interview with Tom Hopkins by the way. Tom has become a friend. He is an amazing individual and he changed my life in the 1980s when I was building my first software company and I became his disciple. I followed him around the country and listened to him and bought a book for everyone on my staff, everyone in sales anyway. I thought his stuff was amazing. That was a great lesson, Ryan. I want to thank you for that. That is simple and so powerful.

One thing I want to say, I’m a huge Tom Hopkins fan too. I’ve read all his books and everything. I’d never met him. One day, I surely will, hopefully before it’s too late. One thing I want to say about everything that I just told you about sales is it all evolves down to one thing, focus. When you’re on the phone with the prospect focus on the prospect. I see people making sales calls and scrolling Facebook at the same time. Checking their email at the same time and then they say, “What did you say, Mitch? Please repeat that,” because they’re not paying attention.

While we’re on this podcast, there are no windows up on my computer. I’m 100% in the room with you and your audience. I’m the same way on sales calls. The clients are smart, their intuition is smart, and the client is not the average idiot. The client is your wife, your mom, somebody like them that you’re trying to solve a problem for. They can tell if you’re not focused on them and if you don’t care. That’s a lot of ways how to garner empathy as well, is just by being focused on them. It’s like, “While we’re on this call, I want you to know I’m 100% focused on helping you. Whether it’s through my product or referral, I can send you somewhere else. I just want you to know that I’m not distracted and I’m here with you so you can tell me anything.”

I understand that you have prepared a gift from my audience. Can you tell us a little bit about that gift?

I watched the internet marketing world for forever and sales funnels are crucial to lead gen these days. Sales funnels are a way that you can write an offer, get in front of an audience and capture a lead obviously. There are lots of technologies out there that are wonderful. We use them, but they’re very confusing in the average business owner, the average salesperson doesn’t have time to learn and technology. When I started all this, I spent months, if not years and still to this day. It’s definitely been years, the better part of a decade mastering software that was very complicated and kept getting harder and heavier and tougher. If someone logs into some of these programs today, they become completely inundated and then they give up on lead gen, which is the biggest part without leads, you have nobody to talk to.

I live in Texas, you knock on somebody’s door and they might answer with a gun if you’re not invited over. If you cold call people, 99% of phone calls don’t even go answered when it’s your family because you might be in the middle of an interview or you might be doing something else. Phone calls aren’t answered the way that they used to be. You have to have a lead gen mechanism that’s working online for you 24/7 that’s a lot more efficient than walking the neighborhood or calling a bunch of numbers that don’t answer. People get scared of technology because it’s so difficult. I created a program where you can actually build these sales funnels from a mobile device without downloading an app or anything like that. It’s just filling in the blank and it creates a website for you that captures information and it’s a very effective website.

It’s not like your typical internet marketing where you have a bunch of countdown timers and a bunch of obsolete things. Sales funnels have become a lot like Myspace. You log onto a sales funnel, starts blasting Nickelback and your mouse cursor turns into a unicorn with glitter everywhere. That’s just too much. People left Myspace because it was overwhelming for Facebook, which was very simple. The Navy says, “Keep it simple, stupid.” I say, “Keep it simple, sales.” It does because the easier and simpler something is, the easier it is for the prospect to make a decision. You can use it from your desktop too but you could be sitting in the prospect’s front yard about to go into a face to face appointment, especially if you’re a real estate agent or whatever the case and already have a website built to help them market their business, or you could build your own website for your own business within a matter of minutes, even if you have zero tech skills, even if you’ve never attempted to build a website before.

Just in 100 days that we launched this program, we’ve got 3,100 users. They’ve created 6,500 funnels. They’ve generated over 25,000 leads and it’s been an amazing breakthrough. Every day I get messages from people saying, “This software changed my life forever. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get this technology piece down and because of what you’ve created, I’m actually able to make funnels quick. I’m actually able to get leads quick and use it on social media and run ads to it and everything else.” The reason why I invented it in all reality is that I see a problem in the marketplace and I want to solve it and make things easier for people because I wish things would have been easier for me. When I first built my first sales funnel and to learn how to code a WordPress site, that was difficult. Then other software came out and they were easy at first and then they got difficult. I’ve pledged to keep my company and my software super easy, super understandable, super direct and super-efficient. It’s changing people’s lives every day and we’re growing fast enough to prove that.

People get scared of technology because it's so difficult. Click To Tweet

I did take a look at your demo video. I watched the whole thing. I can attest it’s about as easy to do as filling out a form for anything at all. It’s very straightforward, very simple. I’m going to try it myself, but I also know that you had mentioned that you have bonuses and training set aside for my audience. Can you briefly describe what those bonuses and training are?

We give you sales training. We give you interviews that I’ve done with major influencers like Marshall Sylver, Frank Kern and Garrett J. White, guys that are very motivational and inspirational to training on how to build sales funnels on how to run Facebook ads. All the stuff that you need to be absolutely successful with a lead gen tool. We give away $8,100 worth of stuff and we’re not asking you to buy anything. We’re just asking you to try the product for free for seven days. If you convert, fine. We love it. We love to help you. We’ve got a support group and everything else and a great support team. We have a support group on Facebook. At the same time, even if it’s not for you, I still want to endow you with those bonuses just for learning the stuff that is in there. Even if you don’t even sign up for the free trial, you’ll learn enough from the training to get yourself up and running and off with a new mindset, a new way of thinking.

Thank you very much for that, Ryan. I know that a lot of people are going to take advantage of that. Probably some people are going right over to the site to check it out. It’s there waiting for you, guys. Just go over and grab it. I’ve got a question for you. This is a question I ask every single person who joins me here on the show. The reason I ask is that I believe it helps us get to know you a little bit better. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

I would have to say, Steve Jobs. He had a business that took off, then he got put out of business. He was kicked out by his own people. They realized that he was right. He came back and he changed the way. For decades, everybody had Microsoft computer and everybody has an iPhone and an Apple computer. He branded the world, built one of the first trillion-dollar empires and was taken from us way entirely too early. He was a very peculiar fellow and a very different fellow, which I think I am as well, but he was very brilliant. I believe the things that I could learn from him if I was to get that hour with him come back from the dead, I would want to ask him things like, “What do you wish you would have done more of? What do you wish you could have changed more before you prematurely died?”

I think he would give me some of the wisdom that I’ve been looking for in some of the wisest response ever because he was a different fellow. He was very intelligent, very determined and he left an imprint on the world that will last forever. Whether we have another software system besides the macOS that people eventually switched to, he changed the world with the things that he invented. He was just an amazing man. He’s one of my all-time biggest heroes.

He would have been my answer and he was my answer when I heard that question for the first time. Here’s the grand finale question, the change the world question. What is it that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

I want to rewire people’s minds for success so that they realize that they can be fulfilled by their purpose here and win everything that they want to win at. I know how to do it. I reach people every day, we reach hundreds of thousands of people every single day through our platforms and my podcast, my website. My software, the groups that we have, Facebook, Instagram. I’m doing it. I’m on a mission to show people that they can win even though they think they were born loser. I’m going to do it. It’s not a thing of whether it will or will not happen, it will happen.

You are doing it. I’ve been through your sites. I’ve seen your books. Ryan has a series of books out there that seem to be very highly recommended, very well-received on Amazon and I highly recommend you go over to Amazon. Type Ryan Stewman into the search bar and a pick up a couple of his books, get into what he has to say. I learned a lot, spending my time with you. I hope my audience has too.

One thing I’ll say if you’ll notice when you go over to Amazon and look up my name, I’ve helped a lot of other people write books too and you’ll see evidence of that and because I believe that everybody has a gift. There are two things on this planet. You can ask people that they’ll most likely tell you, yes. You can say, “Have you ever thought about writing a book?” Almost everybody would say yes. The other one would be, “Have you ever thought about real estate?” I think that not only me spreading the word, but helping other people write books so that they can get their message out there and inspire, educate, entertain, and teach people as well is super important. Thanks for having me on here, Mitch. It was great talking to you and you are stellar and an amazing interviewer. I’m appreciative of you giving me some exposure in front of your audience.

My pleasure, Ryan. I absolutely cannot wait until we get a chance to talk again.

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