Living a life of integrity as an affiliate marketer, Chris Miles learned that making more value meant making more money, which lead to an early retirement at the age of 28. As a financial advisor, Chris decided to stop hustling and not drive away the results that he wanted. Money ripples once you find out what your mindset is lacking and stop wallowing on scarcity and depression.

When my next guest was a commission-only financial advisor, who struggled to make it work, he knew that he was destined to break out and succeed. Four years later, he had generated so much in commissions, he could retire at the age of 28. That’s when he realized his true gift and he’s here today to share with us.

Money Ripples Through Integrity with Chris Miles

Welcome to the show, Chris Miles.

Thanks, Mitch. It’s an honor.

I’m really interested in your story. For a guy to make enough money to retire in four years or so, it means that you must have done some extraordinary things. Why don’t you walk us through how you ended up in that job, what led you there and tell us a little bit about what you did.

Initially, my whole goal was to become a consultant of sorts. I wanted to become a business consultant. I figured if I was going to do that I should have a real life business experience. The first opportunity that came along that intrigued me was actually becoming a financial advisor. Back in 2002, that’s what I did. I dropped out of college and became a financial advisor. My plan was just to take a year off of college and then go back and finish up. I ended up not ever going back and stayed in the business world because I realized there was way more power in business, way more potential. I don’t want somebody to put control on me or tell me how much I can make or what schedule I had to work by. I wanted to have my own freedom, my own life, to control my own destiny. That’s why I started doing that. That’s what got me into that profession and I ended up liking it. I actually ended up really liking helping people with money and stuff.

It turns out that you’re in good company. There’s quite a number of entrepreneurs who have never finished college, who have dropped out of school, and built very, very successful large enterprises. From that perspective, I’m one of them. I dropped out of college myself. I dropped out of the electrical engineering program to become an electrical engineer believe it or not. I didn’t need my degree. When I finally did finish up and I was two-thirds or three-quarters of the way through college, I ended up earning more money than I would have if I would have graduated. I think you have to see your future clearly and then take action which is what you did. You dropped out of college, became a financial advisor. What was that like?

It was interesting because I had my own full-time job on the side. I was working full-time and trying to be a financial advisor. Eventually, I backed off my job hours to 30 hours a week. I would work from 8 AM to 2 PM and then from 2 PM on, I was a financial advisor. It was rough. It was okay early on. I was newly married at that point but then kids started to enter the picture. I remember 2004, that was interesting time because I had my first son at that point. Right then, I started to see and maybe a lot of you can relate to this too I started to realize and I said, “For the amount of time I’m spending doing what I’m doing as a financial advisor and the money I’m making or could be making, I should probably quit my job.” I made the error of jumping out without any real preparation. I just jumped in. I didn’t even jump in with my feet first. I jumped in with head first. I went right in. I remember it was September of 2004, I quit my job. I was there for five years. They gave me a little watch as a thank you like my retirement gift. It was a $20 watch. Then, I was on my own. I was living the dream. But then also within about a month, the dream became a nightmare. I started to realize, “All this pressure is on me. I’ve got to make all this money for my family. There’s no more steady paycheck.” I remember all the business I had in place, all of a sudden, it was on the line. I started to get desperate and that desperate energy whether you know it or not, people feel your desperate energy. It started driving business away. All the business I had in place that would have paid for probably almost a year’s worth of my employment salary that I had, was disappearing. I found myself in a conundrum.

I can certainly relate to that. What did you do? There you were. You were basically without a job and you were full-time financial advisor. Did you notice your emotions getting out of hand at that point?

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Money Ripples: I didn’t understand how to control my mindset at the time and my emotions. I was sabotaging my own success.

I did, about a month or so in. The first month, I was living the dream like I was on cloud nine, nothing can stop me. Then when I started to realize, “People are delaying on saying yes or closing on the business and things like that,” then the fear has crept in of, “What if they don’t? What if this? What if that?” I didn’t understand how to control my mindset at the time and my emotions. I was scared. I was sabotaging my own success. All the business I had, I was sabotaging. Some still closed. It’s not like I ruined everything but it was way less than I was expecting.

You’re at this point in your career where you’re basically without a lifeboat. What are you doing now? Are you working harder? Are you feeling like giving up? What are you going through emotionally at this point?

I remember the lowest time for me, the time that really shifted things for me was that’s when I knew I was in trouble. It was a few months in after I had quit my job. I remember thinking, “I’m working my tail off.” I was working a lot of hours. I was working sun up to sun down basically and then some. I remember it was the middle of winter. It was just after Thanksgiving and I realized, “I’m out of money. I got to make money. Can I make money while people are sleeping?” I came up with this crazy idea. I said, “I’m going to go out and make money while people sleep.” I set my alarm for midnight. I drove out. It was about 20 degrees, 25 degrees outside. It was freezing cold and I remember thinking, “Where can I find money?” Drive-thru windows. I started hitting every drive-thru window, every bank drive thru, every fast food joint and I started looking for change that people have dropped.

You were desperate.

I was desperate, bad. It got to a point where I got home, I think it was 3 and I drove back home. I was frozen. My fingernails were hurting because I was digging into tar basically trying to get money that was run over. I was in pain. I got and I counted out all the change and it was about $4. I thought like Napoleon Dynamite saying, “That’s like a dollar an hour.” It’s crazy. I was ducking under windows. I realized the window is open until 2 AM which made it very uncomfortable. I was trying to duck under the window to pick up the change. I realized in that moment I said, “I could have made more money just working one hour in that drive-thru window than I did trying to find change for the last three hours.” That was a moment I said that things have got to change. I was like, “This is ridiculous.” Right before the weekend, the next week I went and I got a telemarketing job. I was like, “What’s the easy job I know I can get?” They always hire for telemarketing. I got a telemarketing job, working same thing from 7 AM until about 3 PM, trying to get a paycheck. I actually went to another company few weeks later. The crazy thing is that telemarketing job, the second one, it wasn’t like I was calling people cold turkey. These are people who are already customers. I was just trying to renew their subscriptions. I’ll tell you it was such a hard time for me. I was having nightmares. I’d have nightmares that I would be working that job, wake up relieved, “It was just nightmare,” only to realize I woke up to my alarm for that job, that went off at 6 AM. I remember even one of those mornings I woke up, went outside and realized my car is missing. I freaked out and thought somebody had stolen my car only to realize, because I had a carport at that time, I realized, “No. It got repoed.” I actually had my car repoed at that time while I was doing it because I wasn’t making that much money doing telemarketing. I was so much in scarcity, so much in fear that it was hard for me even to focus and to close business. My income dropped as a financial advisor when I went through those desperate times.

I got to tell you, Chris. That’s an incredible story. There are going to be people listening to this show that will relate to what you just said. I will say though, honestly, I don’t. I never got that desperate. I always found a way to keep my lights on, if you will. The only time I felt that kind of fear that you felt and had the types of things happen that you did was when I had already built a company and we couldn’t make payroll. We had to pull out credit cards. We had to do just about everything you could think of. Literally putting everything I own and my future on the line to make payroll. I can relate to the fear. I can’t relate to the specifics of what you went through but I know listeners can. Tell me what happened next.

When you hit rock bottom, you started to realize you probably can’t go anywhere but up. I remember for a few weeks I actually had to drive my neighbor’s 1984 Laser. I remember I had to pin up the upholstery on the ceiling because it kept hitting me in the head. I thought it was spider in my head the whole time. It was horrible. I got to a point where I remember one of neighbors he said, “I know you’re a financial advisor and I know you teach. You may not have a whole lot of experience trading the stock market but I know our company is going to start hiring people that are stock coaches. Would you be interested?” I said, “Yeah. I would.” He said, “We’re not ready yet but we’ll let you know.” It was interesting. It was just that one little thing. It gave me hope. I think that what’s key is that you got to hold on to hope. You got to realize that there are no accidents in your life. That everything happens for a reason. Even if it’s just for your own growth or even for other’s growth, other’s benefit. Even like right now in this moment for me. My pain can become other people’s gain. I held on to that hope. Even though I went to work that job, even though I hated it, still is that hope of, “This could get better. This could be better.”

It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t great but at least I was like, “We can make this. It can be better.” It was still stressful. I was still tight for a few months but it was holding onto that faith of, “What are they going to take away? You can’t take away my life. You could take away my car. You could take away a lot of things, my things, but you can’t take me away.” I kept holding on and then finally by that next spring, job opening opened up. They willingly admitted, they said, “You don’t have a ton of experience but we do like the fact that you’re a great teacher. We can train you the way we want you to train anyways.” They did and that helped alleviate the pressure, the financial pressure a little bit because it pay way better than telemarketing. They actually made me a contract to work from home too. It got me to a better place financially. Here’s what’s crazy. When I got in a better place financially, my money and my business started going up too. My income increased there as well. Once the pressure was off, then I relaxed enough to be able to do business and think clearly and be effective.

Chris, help me out here. What’s the lesson? What actually happened that shifted inside of you? Was it just simply that you felt more comfortable or was there something else going on?

You would think from outside perspective and even at that time, I probably thought the same thing was, “It’s because I don’t have the money stress that now I don’t have a money problem.” The truth is that you rarely ever have a money problem, it’s usually a mindset problem that goes with it. There’s a value problem or value creation problem or mindset problem. My problem was I didn’t understand scarcity drives money away. That if you’re in the place of fear, doubt, worry or even place that you think would be abundance but it’s not like greed or impatience, even being impatient in hustling too much, can actually drive results away from you. What I learned even when I went through other challenging times, I’ve been through way worse financial times than that, but that to me felt huge because it was my first experience of that.

Whenever I had challenges again I realized, “My mindset, the way my emotions feel and everything controlling that, that emotional intelligence as Donald Trump would call it, that is the key to getting through any kind of challenge.” For me, when I realize, “There’s a whole mindset piece here.” When you start thinking more abundantly, you start to realize, “Even if crap is happening, what’s the one good thing I can hold on to? Within those twenty negative things, can I find one good thing?” Even if it’s simple as, “I’m breathing today.” Some days were like that where that’s all I could find but it was something. Hold on to that. Find that gratitude. Realizing that there are no accidents. That there’s a benefit in everything and that things can be better. That attitude in just realizing that, “There’s always a solution even if I don’t know what it is yet. There’s still a solution.” Even if there are collectors calling you. Even I had to reframe. When collectors would call me, I started calling them I love you calls because I realized I said, “When I’m going through hard times financially, friends tend to disappear sometimes.” It’s like, “He’s got his crap going on.” Those collectors, they call me faithfully way more than my friends or family did.

After a while it’s like, “These guys are calling to check up on me. They want to know how I’m doing. What good friends these guys are?” They call me and said, “We’re calling to collect on a debt.” I’m like, “Yeah, how you doing?” “Good, can you pay us?” “No, but I will.” That attitude, it really helped get through them faster. I think when the more you wallow in that scarcity, in that pity and the depression and despair and everything, hopelessness, when you wallow in that, it lasts longer. You want to get out of it fast. The best thing you do is to turn on the gas and actually come from a place of gratitude, relax a little bit and just realize that, “There are things that work. There are things happening that are aligning up for me that are going to give me opportunities. I just have to have my eyes open and stop being so desperate and freaking out just to be able to see the opportunities when they show up.” They’re always there.

You’re so right, Chris. I have to tell you, you were lucky to have found that solution and a lot of people don’t. I know for me, it’s all about gratitude. I looked down at my glass of water this morning and I said, “Thank you for having fresh, clean water for me to drink today.” I actually must have thought of a hundred things to be thankful for today before noon. I live in a place of gratitude. I got that way because I purposely decided that I had to shift my mindset. What you did is unbelievable. It’s fantastic that you found that. For people listening, I want to recommend the book and if you’ve been a fan of the show you may have heard me mentioned it before. It’s a book called You Too Can Be Prosperous. This is a little book. It’s probably $7 or $8 on Amazon. It’s not available as a Kindle version which is good. Get the paperback version. The first lesson in the book is to say out loud the term, “I am prosperity,” hundred times. Even in that tiny little gesture, what you’re doing is you’re stating I am. You’re stating who and what you are and when you are. By doing that, you’re setting up the field around you for prosperity to enter. Chris, thank you for sharing that. That was just fantastic. Now, you got to this point where you are getting your I love you calls and you’re enjoying your new set of friends. What happened next?

Eventually, I started slowly but surely paying off those bills. I was starting to stock coach. That relief helped a big ton and so I started to think back out. That’s really where things started to lighten up a little bit. Again, I didn’t understand mindset. I wish I did. I’m just glad that I experienced it when I did and it helped me see the pattern. But then I saw another level ago though, “I wasn’t done yet.” Then again, who is? We’re never done. In this particular experience, I wasn’t done yet. Now, we’re already in 2005. We’re getting to end of 2005 and I remember I was driving between being a stock coach and my office as a financial advisor. I was driving through rush hour traffic. I was going up over a hill and start to come down. I remember looking down at my gauges, I look up and all of a sudden, there’s brake lights in front of me. I slammed on my breaks. I’m sliding down the hill.

I crashed in the back of the car who then crashed in the back of the other car because we’re right at toll standstill and ended up causing a three-car accident. I remember talking to the officer. Officer said, “Sorry, it doesn’t matter if you rear ended somebody. It’s a ticket so here you go. Merry Christmas.” By that point, I had already missed the meeting at my office. I remember getting in my office, I was sick to my stomach. I had another meeting. I just didn’t go to it. They’re doing a training in the other room. I was like, “I’m just going to sit here and vomit almost.” I remember thinking to that moment I thought, “Why am I doing this? Why am I rushing?” Because now things were getting better but now I’m like what people refer to in today’s term is hustling. I’m going back and forth. I’m hustling. I’m doing whatever it takes. I’m driving sometimes several states away to go meet with people that sometimes don’t even want to meet with me. I’m going back and forth. For what purpose? For what benefit?

YFTC 049 | Money Ripples
Money Ripples: I’m doing whatever it takes. For what purpose? For what benefit?

At that moment, I made up new rules and I said, “I’m changing the way I’m doing business from now on.” Even then, I was still struggling as a financial advisor a little bit. I was making the bills now but it wasn’t like I was prosperous. I said, “First and foremost, I’m going to stop pounding people and calling people up every single week or every couple of days to get them to meet with me in my office. If I’m going to call people, I’m going to call because I want to be a friend. I’m going to call them just because I want to be.” That was one rule. I was like, “I’m going to stop pounding people.” Number two, “From now on, when I’m done with work, I’m done with work and I go home.” No more sitting in my office, “Can I do more? Should I do more?” Then, you’re sitting there until 10:00 at night and then your family is growing up without you. “No more of that.”

Number three, “No more me driving around risking my life every day in my car. What don’t I have them come to my office? Now, they’re going to come to my office.” Those were the rules I set. What was fascinating is that I have the impression to call people. Instead of just calling people down the list of people to follow up on, I would actually just think, “Who do I need to talk to? Who haven’t I connected with for a while?” I didn’t call so and so and so I did call them. Then, we’d have a conversation and at the end of the conversation as I’m about to say goodbye, they’d say, “Chris, wait. Do you still do financial advising? Do you still do this or that?” In my own thinking, “I called you for three months straight. How did you not know this? Because I’ve been calling you and you didn’t call me back for that reason.” I was like, “I do.” They said, “We need to talk. Can I come into your office?”

Here’s what’s fascinating. First off, they’re inviting me. Secondly, they of their freewill said they want to come into my office. Not me going and driving to their dinner tables wherever they live. Once I made that rule, that intention, it’s funny how those people follow that intention without me telling them. It’s that power of intention. When you decide and commit to something, it’s amazing how the world and everything in the universe wants to conspire to work in your favor. That started happening. What was crazy is that they would come in and then it wasn’t even a sale. I was like, “What do you need? I’ll help you get that.” Then, they do business. There is no force. There is no coercing or persuading or having to be a fancy salesman, I just gave them what they needed. I created value.

You shifted your perspective from selling to helping people. That’s what I hear.

I once had that perspective but when you felt you needed the money, it’s hard to keep that pure, isn’t it?

It is. It’s very hard because like you said you’re in hustle mode. What I hear is exactly what the truth is. If you see your life right now as nothing but a struggle, then you’re telling the universe that my life is a struggle and please keep it this way. But if you start to change your perspective and you see your life as an unfolding, beautiful event of learning and growing then that’s what it can be and that’s what will happen if you keep focusing in that direction. Here you had this perspective shift. You made up the new rules and now people started to be attracted to you basically as oppose to being repelled by you, right?


Now, what happened?

It’s when the student is ready, the teacher appears. Now, I started attracting different people. Not just clients but different people altogether. For example, I had a guy I actually trained to be a financial advisor had quit earlier that year. He told me, he said, “Chris, I’m going to quit doing this. I’m actually going to do real estate investing with my dad.” I said, “I’ve heard that before. Good luck. Real estate is risky.” In my mind I’m thinking, “He’ll come back once he realized he’s not going to make any money.” One of those people I decided to call up. It was right after Christmas right before New Year’s I thought, “I want to wish this guy a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year’s. He’s a good friend. I want to at least just connect with him again and see how he’s doing.” I did and I said, “How are things going?” He said, “It’s great. It’s amazing. My dad is a professor at a local university but I got him to double his income with real estate.” I was like, “Yeah, right. Come on. Seriously.” He said, “No, seriously. It’s awesome. We’re doing great right now.”

I remember we got in this debate. What’s better stocks or real estate? Obviously, it got to the point where he finally just stopped me and said, “Chris, tell me. What principles are you teaching your clients?” “What do you mean by principles?” He’s like, “That’s part of the problem. Two, how many of your clients are truly financially free from the investment stuff that you’re giving them, the advice you’re giving them?” I’m thinking I’m like, “Even that retired doctor, she still watches CNN every day. That causes stress on anyone. None of them are really free. They’re still stressing about money even if they have it.” He’s like, “That’s good job, Chris. Way to go.” Then the third one was the nail in the coffin he said, “Chris, if anybody who’s got the stuff figured out it would be you, right? How many of you as financial advisors and even anybody else you know are truly financially free, not off the commissions, but off the investing you’ve been doing?” I thought I was like, “None. Maybe one guy,” and I found out that guy later one wasn’t either. After he got fired from that company, he was right back to scrimmage trying to find work again.

He said, “There’s your problem.” “What’s the answer?” He’s like, “You’re too stubborn. You wouldn’t even want to know the answer.” I’m like, “Tell me the answer. I’m going to break your kneecaps.” He finally said, “If you’re serious, there are these millionaire guys that do this radio show here locally every morning at 9 AM. Check that show out and go get this book by Robert Kiyosaki called Who Took My Money which basically rips on mutual funds.” I did. I actually got the book. To his surprise, I was very coachable. I got the audio book, listened to it in three hours and then started listening to radio show. I realized they talk about scarcity and abundance and all these principles and they didn’t event talk about strategies. It drove me nuts at first. I’m like, “Where are the strategies? Where’s the stuff to get me rich?” That’s when I learned that those words, the principles were the strategies. That was the meat. The strategy was just the gravy but the real meat were the principles, to understand those real principles that work.

Things like, you had mentioned earlier, creating value, like dollars follow value. If you want to make more money, create more value in the world. Stop asking how to make more money but how to create more value and that kind of stuff. They thought things like that. They even talk about politics. They talk about their cars or whatever else. Their radio show was huge in my life. I would listen to it every single morning. I move my whole schedule around so I could listen to them two hours a day. It didn’t happen immediately at first but pretty soon things started to shift. In fact there even got one point they put on a seminar. I went to the seminar, realized that being a financial advisor didn’t work so I quit that weekend at the height of my business. Even though my business was taking off, I quit. I said, “I will never teach about money again.” Because everything that they’re teaching me, everything that millionaires do, people that actually understand money including entrepreneurs, if you have the entrepreneur mindset, you realize that the whole financial mindset of spend nothing, save everything, sacrifice and suffer and suck your entire life away to be cheap, that does not work in business.

When I saw that new perspective, everything was shifting. I realized I couldn’t go to the office and be in integrity anymore. I couldn’t teach the stuff, that same kind of crap all the time. It left me in this weird limbo place. That was March of 2006. What happens because I focused on the whole dollars follow value, I realized the opportunities came in. You said earlier, how was I able to retire? I actually retired outside of being a financial advisor. My business shifted in a way and it was unintentional. It was actually accidental at first where people still came to me for financial advice but because I felt I was a liar and deceiver, I was like, “I can’t tell you the stuff that I used to teach but here’s what I’m learning.” I started teaching that. I started teaching more of those principles and even a few strategies. The financial strategies that would go align with that like how do they create leverage and create cashflow now and things like that.

People loved it because it was different. It wasn’t like typical put your money in an IRA or 401(k) or some RRSP if you’re a Canadian and let it sit there forever. It was like, “You could actually be leveraging the very money you don’t even realize you’re sitting on and make money with it right now.” That got people excited. Seriously, it was weird because people would ask me, “What do you do?” I’m like, “I sell drugs. I don’t know. I’m not doing what I used to do.” People just keep asking me questions. I’m giving them answers and then I would connect them with people that I just knew could help them do those things, whether it’d be a mortgage guy or life insurance guy or investment guy or even whoever. I just realized I started becoming really good affiliate marketer.

Now what we refer is affiliate, I was just referring people. When one of my friends who was a millionaire said, “Have you ever considered getting a kickback? Like a commission or referral fee from this people?” I said, “No. I hadn’t.” I had considered it in the past but in my mind, because of that scarcity I thought, “I can’t share money.” Even when I was financial advisor, it was like, “I could split a deal with a guy and have him do a lot of the work for me but I don’t want to do it.” Pretty soon in an abundance mentality, that became brilliant. It’s like, “I get them to do paperwork that I hate to do. That would be great.” I still had license as a financial advisor. Some of those guys, you have to have a license to get paid on. I would say, “Go talk to this guy. This guy is great. I would trust him.” They would talk to him and then that guy would cut me in on the deal.

What’s happening here is that just by making the decision to be more in line with your own integrity, you started connecting with people who brought you jewels, gold, information that led you to a place where now you’re meeting higher level people, smarter people, you start to become a connector and you start generating affiliate fees for being the connector that you are. Is that right?

YFTC 049 | Money Ripples
Money Ripples: I started the change, I started the shift, I changed the whole world around me.

Exactly. That internal shift that happened first, that was the key. It wasn’t just because I just reached out to people and say, “I want to make money off you.” It wasn’t like that. Because I started the change, I started the shift, I changed the whole world around me just like in The Matrix, “There is no spoon.” It’s not the spoon events. It was your mind. When I started to change that whole thing, everything started changing. Even the way that people responded. People kept reaching out to me saying, “What are you doing?” They were curious because they saw a change in me. They couldn’t put their finger on what it was but they saw something shifting in me first before the money showed up. The money came as a result. It was cause and effect. The cause was following true principles and living accordingly and changing and shifting it to a place of abundance. The effect was eventually the money. That’s what happens is that because I started creating those relationships by July of 2006, four months after I quit being a financial advisor ironically enough, by July I was actually in a place where I could retire. I didn’t have to keep doing stock coaching or anything else anymore because of those affiliate relationships I was creating and I didn’t do advertising.

When you say four months later you were able to retire, just to be clear, not that you didn’t have to ever earn money again, but that you no longer had to be either a coach or an advisor. Now, you just enjoyed your life as an affiliate marketer connecting people and earning if you’ll say a commission on all of the things that you did. Is that what you meant?

Exactly. I work maybe a couple hours a week at most. The whole 4-Hour Workweek that Tim Ferriss talks about, I was living it before the book came out. It was just simply because I would give them a little bit of education, send them on their way and then people would do the work and I would get a certain percentage. Even if it was 5% from a jeweler for example for somebody buying jewelry, things like that. It was weird. Again, I didn’t do any advertising. It was all purely people, word of mouth. One of my friends even started to call me Mr. Hookup. He’s like, “If I need to find anybody, I just ask Chris because he knows somebody that can do something.”

Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of this. I think it’s intriguing to have done what you’ve done but we want to see systems. We want to see processes. We want to see what it really takes to do what you do. Let’s start at least from the ground up. Now, at this point, are you looking for deals to promote? Are you trying to connect with people who you know in the back of your mind are going to need clients and that you potentially could work with them?

I don’t have to look for those people. They find me. It’s that whole law of attraction thing. I stay in my space of that place of abundance and focusing on my integrity, my own life and doing the right things. I tend to attract those very same kind of people. If I’m ever getting into a place and that’s happened very rarely but the times I have, I’ve gone to a place of either ego or pride or a place of living a lie, usually I’ll attract those very people to me, the same kind of people. If you know a certain people in your life, it’s probably because you’re that way too.

Chris, I get that and I realized that you could sit there and meditate all day long and be a magnet and attract people. But it doesn’t work that way for most people. It’s great that it does for you, but my listeners want to know how you get there. I realize the mindset stuff we talked about that and I love that. What are you doing to find clients? There’s got to be something behind this. Once you find those clients, do you have a way of keeping track of things? Do you build a database of affiliates? Tell me a little bit more about the backend of this so that people can duplicate it.

It’s not as complex as you might think. It’s actually way simpler. I guess that’s the point I’m trying to make here is that really you don’t have to get out there and hustle. You don’t have to create massive systems. Mine’s a very simple system. It wasn’t back then too. In fact, more recently have I got my business back to what it was in 2006 because I went away from that model and started doing more coaching and stuff. I still do that but I’ve got affiliate things back in place. My biggest thing is, how do I get to teach? It’s going to be different for every person because everybody has different gifts. Everybody has different things that they do really well. You want to focus there. For me, I’m great with education. I’m also really good at connection. For me, my main thing right now for example is podcasting where I’m doing my own podcast show. There I teach, I educate and I keep a very firm intention in my mind of who I’m trying to attract, the people I want to serve if I want to spend personal time with them. I keep that very solid in my mind. I know clearly who they are. What’s crazy is I call them out. They will reach out to me. Now, here’s the key thing. I didn’t just mean I sat there meditating like you were talking about. Obviously, I’m doing the podcast but secondly, I do invite. I do say, “If you’re like this, reach out to me.” I do say that but I don’t say that in every single podcast. I do invite often and then I leave it to them and then they reach out to me. I get people emailing me all the time saying, “Chris, I’ve been following you for a while. I think you’re the guy for me.” It’s not really a sales job. I think that’s key. Wherever business you’re in, that’s important.

My affiliate, the way my affiliate works here is that if I have common questions or common things, I know I’m not the expert at everything, so if people ask for a certain problem to be solved rather than saying, “That sucks.” You should probably get an answer to that. Instead I’ll be like, “Who do I know that does that?” If it’s somebody I do refer to often, that’s usually when I’ll reach out to them, especially if I had been normally referring to them a lot. I’d be like, “Do you have an affiliate program? Do you have a referral commission fee or something like that?” which almost everybody does. As long as it’s legal because there are certain professions you can’t do that. I can’t refer to an attorney and then suddenly I get paid for. I can’t get paid from certain types of people like that with licenses and what not. Those people, great. I’ll refer them anyways and I just know that karma comes back regardless. It might be just very simple. Be it just like, “Here’s a simple little document. You send me business, 10%” or whatever the percentage is or a flat fee if there’s a certain dollar amount. I’m very careful about who I refer to. I keep that network small. I don’t prostitute myself so to speak, go to the entire world. I look for people that I think are high integrity. That deliver good quality. That are good at what they do. Then, if it’s a right fit then I refer them.

Chris, is it a cross section of just about anything? What types of people are you solving problems for? What type of problems are you solving by making these introductions? Could it be anything from a dentist to a homebuilder or do you seem to be focused in a more specific area?

Usually, it’s more of an area than it’s the type of person. Although, I do attract a lot of business owners and what not, I even have the same amount of people that are employees. That are high paid, usually make six-figure type professionals. Usually, it’s in the areas of business or finance that I have connections. For example, I get connections with certain people where they look for a business coach, I can do a certain amount of business coaching myself but I just had a guy today asking me said, “I’m looking for this specific thing.” “This guy or this woman, this would be perfect for you to connect with. Reach out to them.” So they do. There are things from that. I also monetize my podcast show. I have sponsors for that. I get paid every month from that. That one’s just more of an advertising type of thing but it’s a different type of income. In the financial world, there are certain people that will pay me. Some that require me having licenses, others that don’t. I get paid from, it can be like an insurance guy for example or I get payment from different people that do different types of savings programs or whatever it might be. A lot of time it’s just again referring.

I used to have a mortgage license. I don’t have one anymore but I remember when I had a mortgage license I would refer that on, had them do the paperwork and everything. I’d just say, “It’s all ready for you. They want this kind of loan. Help them get it.” I remember that guy used to pay me 50%. The reason being he was a nerdy kind of guy. I found my strength. My strength was attracting people and talking and teaching. His strength was doing the nitty-gritty details in the backend. His strength was not in marketing himself. He was one of those nerdy guys that’s really good at what he does but horrible at promoting himself. I was always the good answer for the people that are better promoting themselves to make that connection as long as they can do it well, do good quality work. It was crazy because I remember I referred it to him and yet he paid me 50% of that, but the people are super happy and they would refer other friends. Sometimes, I wouldn’t have to refer him. They just say, “You’re great. Can I refer my brother in law to you? They need a mortgage too.” They would do that. The thing is even if I only got one person in a month, I usually get paid at least $1,000 to $1,500 for every time they did that, with that kind of business, that kind of transaction. That’s why. It’s pretty cool.

Now I’m getting the big picture here. Here’s what I’m hearing. This guy named Chris Miles figured out what his mindset was lacking and corrected it. You changed, Chris, to be an attractor. You brought people to you and you discovered your strength. Your strength as a teacher, an advisor and a referral partner and you decided that you would focus only on your strength. By doing so, it brought you what you started out looking for when you first began. Let me tell you, Chris. I think you’ve done a great job. You have an interesting life. I love what you do. Tell me what the name of your podcast is.

My podcast is called The Chris Miles Money Show.

Chris, I have a question for you. Who, in all of space and time, would you like to have one hour to enjoy a walk in the park, a quick lunch or an intense conversation with?

I think if I could bring him back to life, it would be Steve Jobs.

Tell me why.

He might be a little bit crazier in lots of different times but the thing is that the guy was brilliant. The guy was a great visionary. He learned a lot through pain and experience as well. It’s one of those guys I’d like to hear his perspective more about his life or about his experiences.

I admire Steve so much. He is one of those people who suffered and had unbelievable creativity and unbelievable suffering at the same time. He built some incredible companies that to this day are monuments to his success, his power, and his creativity. Great choice. Here is the grand finale, the big question, the change the world question, Chris. What is it that you are doing or would like to do that truly has the potential to literally change the world?

I think the show has the key to that at least in pieces. I think the thing that could really change the world is that realizing that prosperity, abundance, even financial prosperity is so much easier to attain than people realize. If they would stop listening to the majority of the world to how they view money and saw it in a different light and especially with business. What would it be like if the entire world would stop being in this place of scarcity, of hustle and bustle and being busy and desperate and everything else just trying to make ends meet? Just trying to live in their businesses wherever it might be and even burning bridges and burning relationships because their desperation comes off as being a jerk or being just money-driven.

YFTC 049 | Money Ripples
Money Ripples: Come to a place of service, realize that you have amazing gifts and talents and passions you have to bring the world.

If you could have shift that out of that place and come to a place of service, realizing that you have amazing gifts and talents and passions you have to bring the world, like “I’m leaving massive footprint in peoples’ lives.” That’s the kind of thing that I’d like to stand for myself is that you don’t have to kill yourself. You don’t have to work 100 hour weeks. You can actually do what you love and make money and use your gifts and your strengths that people need, really to be able to waking people to that I think is the kind of the thing that keeps me going. Even though I can retire, I just keep going. I don’t want stop because I know that there are people out there that more lives can shift and change. When their lives shift and change, that creates a ripple effect to their families, their communities, the country and across the world, which really inspired me to create the name of my company Money Ripples because of that ripple effect. I wanted to see that worldwide ripple of prosperity and freedom. That’s really where I stand for.

Chris, that’s a great place to come from and a great place listeners to get started on your own journey. Chris, is your website

It is.

Listeners, it’s Go there, sign up, listen to Chris’ podcast and enjoy and grow and find your own strength. Do it from a place of abundance. Chris, thank you for being with me today. I enjoyed our time together and I hope our listeners did too. Talk to you again soon.

Talk to you again. Thank you.

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