035: Chris Martenson On Data and the Human Condition

Chris Martenson is a trained scientist who uses his knowledge of data to predict the outcome of the economy. People from all over the world know Chris for The Crash Course, a seminal video seminar that elaborated on a then prediction of the 2008 housing market crash.

In this episode, we will be discussing:

  • Chris Martenson predicting the future of market crashes through data
  • Trusting data over feeling
  • Adopting and adapting strategies in trading
  • Chris’s seminar that he uploaded online predicting the market crash
  • Utilizing your knowledge to gather information in a “too much information” age
  • The ability of quality content to become widespread
  • Building a business around helping others understand intricate ideas
  • The connection between authenticity, vulnerability, and success
  • Permanence in online and offline presence
  • Today’s stock market and where Trump is taking its future
  • Eliminating hope from strategy
  • Learning about your business through the work you put into it

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