034: Brian Kurtz On Utilizing Materials You Already Have to Build Your Path

Have you ever heard of The Boardroom Report? Yup, Brian Kurtz helped Marti Edelston grow a 5 million dollar company into a 160 million dollar company. That’s who you are about to hear tell his fascinating story about building someone else’s empire then branching away to start Titans of Marketing, focusing on direct marketing. His book; The Advertising Solution helps others build their own niche and create their marketing plan.

In this episode, we will be discussing:

  • How young entrepreneurs earning a reputation in environments encouraging internal entrepreneurship
  • The stigma around working for someone else as an entrepreneur
  • The importance of focusing on yourself to achieve the goal of independence
  • The measurable response of direct response marketing
  • The “40/40/20 Rule: List/Offer/Messaging”
  • Finding people for your narrow niche
  • How to utilize list-building
  • Recency, frequency, and monetary Value
  • Slowing down to make money
  • Educating one’s self to enhance visibility

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