031: Jon Benson on the Importance of (Non)Human Interaction to Better Business

Jon Benson is well-recognized as one of the top sales copy strategists in the world. Jon left his secure future behind, gaining unconventional roots in copywriting, now prospering as CEO of DigitalPublisher.com and JBFHEALTH as well as the creator of a video sales letter for web selling that is revolutionizing customer care effectiveness for small companies and big businesses alike.

In this episode, we will be discussing:

  • How rebellion and uncertainty started Jon’s journey to becoming a successful copywriter
  • Jon’s work ethic and how he prospered after leaving behind a secure future
  • Finding and engaging clients with a product of any caliber
  • Leapfrogging the copywriting field by the creation of a borderline AI software
  • The importance of user interaction to establish a “voice” in E-mail Copy Pro
  • Understanding “sales language” to empower business to client relationships
  • Erasing fear to enhance a business
  • How everyday people are able to accomplish copywriting by utilizing a formula
  • How personal interaction with your business betters sales
  • Thomas Jefferson and historic documents influencing Jon Benson
  • Jon’s trickle-down theory to changing the world

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