008: Mark SA Smith Changes Selling By Focusing On VALUE

Mark SA Smith is an electrical engineer, author, speaker, and customer acquisition guru. He’s co-authored three books in the legendary Guerrilla Marketing series and 10 other business books. His clients are Fortune 500 high-tech firms and entrepreneurial companies that need to scale rapidly. His area of expertise is product launches and sales force development. And he loves to figure out how to get customers buying.

In this episode, Mark S.A. Smith and I discuss:

  • Background and filling in the gaps
  • The big change after graduating college
  • On becoming a successful salesperson
  • What education-based selling is all about
  • Importance of providing value first
  • Dream-based selling versus pain-based selling
  • Dealing with challenges and hardships
  • Going from being an employee to a boss
  • How your small business can compete with a big business
  • On choosing the right tribe

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