007: Len Schwartz Says Start With Your Thinking To Be Successful

Dr. Len Schwartz started as a chiropractor and built one of the largest practices in the Philadelphia area. Now he’s a marketing expert for doctors, financial advisers, and other professional services. Plus he’s a serial entrepreneur and created companies like Market Domination Services, Pro-2-Pro Network, and Squeaky Clean Reputation. Now he generates hundreds of leads a day for his clients using his proprietary LinkedIn marketing system and strategies.

In this episode, Len Schwartz and I discuss:

  • Starting his business
  • Marketing
  • Technology as the key to success
  • Motivation
  • Getting more clients
  • Doing referral programs the right way
  • Biggest mistakes he did in the beginning
  • The big turning point
  • The importance of great systems
  • Email marketing and LinkedIn as important mediums
  • Changing your mindset and beliefs
  • If you want to change the world, start with changing one person

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