004: Arthur Tubman is The Social Media Dominator; He Shows Us How

Arthur DOMINATES SOCIAL MEDIA – He’s cracked the code on generating huge results online. He’s going to show you exactly how he does this so you can too. Arthur launched a Tech startup, Free Blog Factory and co-founded Social Spin. He’s an entrepreneur with a passion for training, coaching, and inspiring growth in others. He’d landed several speaking engagements all over the world and got the “the Twitter Kid of Fort Lauderdale” by a local business magazine.

He started his own painting company at the age of 19. Then, within two years,  became one of the top franchises in the country. But that’s just the beginning. You see, after moving on from his painting, he helped create a multi-billion dollar pipeline in a matter of months. And then, of course, 2007 happened. As a financial market started to crash, he began evaluating other opportunities. That’s when it all exploded!

In this episode, Arthur Tubman and I discuss:

  • Journey to startup
  • 2007 “big burst” in economy and business transition
  • D4Y Brand Builder quick history
  • Business passion
  • Consistency is the KEY
  • Good Business Habits
  • Failing vs Success
  • Creating a system and showing customers love
  • Outsourcing and freelancing
  • Community building vs brand building
  • Tips on how to get started
  • Personal advocacies

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